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Event #22 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout (1,000 player max)

Day 1
Buy-in: $1,500
Players: 999
Prize pool: $1,363,635 to the top 100

You know that this one will be hot! Just looking at the field is enough to make a poker aficionado salivate. Some of the players battling it out were blind player Hal Lubarsky, Mike Sexton, Ivan Demidov, Lee Watkinson, Phil Ivey, Hevad Khan, Humberto Brenes, Shannon Elizabeth, Andy Bloch, Dennis Phillips, Doug Lee, Alexander Kostritsyn, Paul "X-22" Magriel, Jonathan Little and many more. Everyone gets 4,500 chips, 1 winner take all per table having 10 chairs each.

Quick getaways were made by the following players after losing their chips, Chad Brown, Shawn Deeb, Lika Gerasimova, Allen Kessler, Lars Bonding and Matt Keikoan. After lunch busts include Michael Mizrachi, Evelyn Ng, Scott Fischman, Issac Haxton, David "Devilfish" Ulliott, Antonio Esfandiari, Jean-Robert Bellande, Barny Boatman, Phil Ivey and Erick Lindgren.

Some of the hot names that made the cut are Joseph Beevers, Nicholas Binger, Aleksandr Bolotin, Tony Cousineau, Quinn Do, Scott Davis, Thomas Fuller, Jared Hamby, Eugene Katchalov, Christopher Moore, John Racener and Barry Shulman. Theo Tran was hot today and everyone knew it, especially when he raked in a super pot after hitting quad Kings during one hand. The most determined award has to go to Paul Keesey who won his table after four hours of heads up action.

Normally we put out the top 9 players, but with 100 names that is a little difficult. But we can tell you that each player going to Day 2 had 45,000 chips and will see some cash for their efforts. Come back and we will tell you who the new champion is.

Day 2

Well we are now down to the top 10 in the shootout competition. Here is what these players will earn:

  1. $313,673
  2. $194,004
  3. $124,158
  4. $82,322
  5. $56,440
  6. $39,968
  7. $29,195
  8. $21,981
  9. $17,045
  10. $13,609
The intensity goes up a notch for the 100 who are here today. And at 2:00 PM, the holsters emptied as the shootout continues. Initial play was pretty tight as players waited for weakness in others or strength to come their way. J.C. Alvarado hit a straight flush and quad, but got no action due to field tightness. But for the record, first one out was Paul Keesey who could not overcome the pocket Kings of Thomas Braband.

Players were sent to the rail, but table winners did not start materializing until 9:30 PM. One of the first was Joseph Cutler. On a flop of 10 7 J, his opponent Peter Jelinek went all-in and Cutler called. Cutler turned over pocket J's and Jelinek produced K 9. Turn card was a 4 and river a 7, giving Cutler a full house (J's/7's) to move to the final table. Mike Shannon was also an advancer when after a flop of 2 6 7, he moved all in with 9 7 and was called by Nick Binger with 4 6. Next two cards were J 3, allowing Shannon to win the hand and take one step forward. Jason Somerville won with a King high flush against Chris Klodnicki to advance and Andrew Margolis paired his King card, passing up the pocket 6's of Jan Skampa to win his table and take a chance at the big money and the gold bracelet.

It was 10 names who came out of the dust and tumbleweeds, and they will come together tomorrow to see who becomes the winner. Come back to see who is champion!
  1. Jason Somerville -- 450,000 chips
  2. Christopher Moore -- 450,000 chips
  3. Joseph Cutler -- 450,000 chips
  4. Jeffrey Carris -- 450,000 chips
  5. Michael Mcneil -- 450,000 chips
  6. Joshua Tieman -- 450,000 chips
  7. Eugene Katchalov -- 450,000 chips
  8. Ralph Shannon -- 450,000 chips
  9. Andrew Margolis -- 450,000 chips
  10. Brandon Wong -- 450,000 chips

Day 3 -- Final Table

The last finale showdown for the gold bracelet and title of champion started at 2:00 PM. Action continued with blinds at 3000/6000 and a 1000 ante. After an hour and 30 minutes, Mike Shannon busted out in 10th place, not able to overcome the pocket K's of Jeffrey Carris. Jason Somerville turned his pocket 10's into two pair (10's and 8's), eliminating Joshua Tieman in 9th place. Finishing in 8th place was Michael Mcneil who just could not get the motor running, eventually falling to the set of 6's belonging to Andrew Margolis. Then Eugene Katchalov picked up the money for a 7th place finish when his pocket Q's were overcome by the King high straight of Jeffrey Carris.

After dinner break it was Brandon Wong ending his bracelet quest in 6th place. Andrew Margolis managed to make two pair (A's and 7's) to win, forcing Wong out of the tournament. Next on the Margolis hit list was Joseph Cutler finishing 5th, after Margolis made another two pair (A's and 3's) by the river. Christopher Moore all the way from the United Kingdom, claimed 4th place winnings after a great performance. Moore unfortunately lost to the Ace high flush made by Jeffrey Carris. Andrew Margolis was busted in 3rd a few minutes later when Carris managed to pair his Ace card.

The heads up had begun with Jeffrey Carris having 3.4 million chips verses Jason Somerville 1.1 million on his side. And this battle only took 20 minutes until the final hand was played. Somerville went allin with Q 6 and Carris responded with K 5 preflop. None of the cards dealt helped either player, so Jeffrey Carris became the latest new champion to receive the big money and gold bracelet.

Jeffrey Carris

  1. Jeffrey Carris -- $313,673
  2. Jason Somerville -- $194,004
  3. Andrew Margolis -- $124,158
  4. Christopher Moore -- $82,322
  5. Joseph Cutler -- $56,440
  6. Brandon Wong -- $39,968
  7. Eugene Katchalov -- $29,195
  8. Michael Mcneil -- $21,981
  9. Joshua Tieman -- $17,045
  10. Mike Shannon -- $13,609