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Event #1 Casino Employee No Limit Hold'Em

Day 1
Buy-in: $500
Players: 721
Prize pool: $324,450 going to the top 72

Tournament director Jack Effel allowed the casino employees in the field to give the order to "Shuffle up and deal!" which kicked off the World Series of Poker here in Las Vegas. Some of the casino employees in the field were Rachel Davis from the Bellagio, tournament director Jack McClelland who also is from the Bellagio and 2009 winner Andrew Cohen. Many others from casinos around the world were at the tables. Andrew Cohen who was there for a repeat win, was busted early on as it took less than 1 hour for his demise to come in the form of quad Queens. Others followed Cohen to the sidelines as the field narrowed down to the money position. Bubble boy status was placed onto Dan Miller who pushed his pocket K's to the middle after a flop of J 7 K, giving him a set. He was snap called by Patrick Silvey with pocket A's who made the Ace card he needed to bust Miller on the river in position 73.

Jack McClelland made the cut for Day 2 along with 53 players, having just 15K in chips in front of him. Current chip leader is Kent Washington with around 150,000 to continue his fight with. They will continue tomorrow at 2:30 PM.

Day 2

It took just over 10 hours to pare the field to the 9 for the final table which unfortunately did not include McClelland. The first to bust in 9th, Yuta Motoyama, went out in a bad way. Motoyama took pocket A's and called a preflop all-in move by Patrick Silvey. Silvey had K Q suited. A Queen came on the flop...and a King on the river, sending Motoyama to the cashier's cage. Next in 8th was Jeffrey Bennett who was dominated by the A K suited all the way to the river by another player. A couple of hands later in 7th was David Villegas who had his pocket 8's crushed by the pocket K's of Christopher Reider. Kent Washington who was yesterday's chip leader, lost to the two pair (8's and 7's) belonging to Reider and ended up in 6th. On the next hand Silvey finished in 5th when Arther Vea made a set of 8's on the flop that could not be overcome. Vea made another set of 6's which was good enough to take out Matthew Hollinger in 4th. 'Set' on taking out another player on the way to the bracelet, Vea took his pocket Q's and received another Queen on the turn to dismiss Reider in 3rd.

The final hand of Event #1 came when Pham was dealt Ac Ad. Vea was dealt 4s 4c. After the flop came Qh 7d 2c, Pham moved all-in and Vea made the call after deliberating for a few minutes. The turn and river cards were 5d and 6c, giving Pham the victory and the bracelet with pocket aces. In all, the heads up lasted just 15 minutes.

Event #1 Champion -- Hoai Pham
Event #1 Champion -- Hoai Pham

  1. Hoai Pham -- $71,424
  2. Arthur Vea -- $44,079
  3. Christopher Reider -- $28,655
  4. Matthew Hollinger -- $21,047
  5. Patrick Silvey -- $15,677
  6. Kent Washington -- $11,829
  7. David Villegas -- $9,029
  8. Jeffrey Bennett -- $6,969
  9. Yuta Motoyama -- $5,434