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Event #17 No-Limit Hold'em

Day 1
Buy-in: $5,000
Players: 792
Prize pool: $3,722,400 for the top 72

Event #17 No-Limit Hold'em had the tables filled with big name players. Seen taking seats were James Akenhead, Steve Billirakis, Brandon Adams, Praz Bansi, Cory Carroll, Joe Cada, WeiKai Chang, Eric Cloutier, Chris Ferguson, Dwyte Pilgrim, Allen Cunningham, Alan Goehring, Hasan Habib, Bertrand Grospellier, Phil Ivey, Thomas Keller, Kathy Liebert, Vitaly Lunkin, Erick Lindgren, Robert Mizrachi and Daniel Negreanu. Defending champion Brian Lemke is also playing today. Action began at 12 noon with each player having 15,000 chips in front of them. An early departure happened for Alex Kravchenko after his loss with A K verses the pocket Q's of Russell Rosenblum who did double up when no other cards helped either player. Brock Parker is gone after a crippling prior hand reduced him to 2,000 chips, and he committed those to the A K he received verses the Q J of another player. Unfortunately the remaining cards needed for his opponent to get a straight came up.

Allen Cunnningham left after his pocket Q's met the pocket Kings of Erick Lindgren which held to the river. After dinner, Kelly Kim released his chair after he was on the low end (9 thru K) of the Broadway straight (A thru 10) made by his opponent. Also following Kim to the rail were Vanessa Rousso, Paul Wasicka, Tommy Vedes, Barry Greenstein, David Williams and Sorel Mizzi. At the end of this round, there were 205 who survived for day 2.

Top 9 Players and their chip counts
  1. Steven Goosen -- 229,000
  2. Brian Smith -- 208,400
  3. Chino Rheem -- 185,800
  4. Jeff Williams -- 172,400
  5. Nico Behling -- 168,100
  6. James Dempsey -- 165,800
  7. David Miscikowski Greg -- 165,100
  8. Trickett Samuel -- 159,000
  9. Thorsten Schafer -- 146,200
Payout Schedule for the final table:
  1. $818,959
  2. $505,725
  3. $328,762
  4. $241,472
  5. $179,866
  6. $135,718
  7. $103,594
  8. $79,957
  9. $62,350

Day 2

The 205 players remaining after day 1 are back to play 10 more levels in order to reach the nine for the final table. Dealers began shuffling cards at 2:30 PM and the busting continued. One of those who was eliminated was last year's champion Brian Lemke, and although we don't know the details we know his chair is empty. Tony Guoga also was railbound after his all-in with pocket Q's failed when Jeremy Wien paired his Ace card on the flop. The same thing happened to Brian Rast when he tried to survive with pocket Q's when Jeff Williams paired his Ace card also on the flop. Shannon Elizabeth pushed to the middle with Q J and lost out to the pocket Kings of Patrick Arnold which held to the river. The field continued to narrow with just 95 remaining after dinner break.

When players returned back from dinner, the action went hand to hand until the bubble broke. Hot European phenom player Annette Obrestad survived long enough to record her first WSOP cash on this side of the pond. And Vitaly Lunkin will have to make another attempt at WSOP gold as the balance of his chips went over to Antonio Esfandiari when Esfandiari paired his Queen card on the flop. This helped Antonio make the top 9 headed into the final table. David Benefield also will see a chair on the next round as he played hard and collected chips. One of the players he busted was Phil Hellmuth as Hellmuth went in with A Q and Benefield called him with pocket 3's which became a set on the flop, sending a complaining Hellmuth to the sidelines. Jason DeWitt sent Josh Arieh home in 26th place as DeWitt took his pocket 7's and crushed his pocket 6's which held to the river. The day ended with 18 players who will come back tomorrow and slug it out all the way to the bracelet.

  1. Jason DeWitt -- 1,873,000
  2. Jeff Williams -- 1,323,000
  3. Amit Makhija -- 1,317,000
  4. Paul Foltyn -- 1,246,000
  5. Samuel Trickett -- 945,000
  6. Antonio Esfandiari -- 883,000
  7. James Carroll -- 637,000
  8. Joshua Cooper -- 475,000
  9. Jesse Chinni -- 400,000

Final Table

2010 Bracelet Champion #17 -- Jason DeWitt
2010 Bracelet Champion #17 -- Jason DeWitt

  1. Jason Dewitt -- $818,959
  2. Sam Trickett -- $505,725
  3. Jeff Williams -- $328,762
  4. Peter Gilmore -- $241,472
  5. Amit Makhija -- $179,866
  6. David Benefield -- $135,718
  7. James Carroll -- $103,594
  8. Paul Foltyn -- $79,957
  9. Manelic Minaya -- $62,350