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Event #18 Limit Hold'em

Day 1
Buy-in: $2,000
Players: 476
Prize pool: $866,320 for the last 45

Event #18 Limit Hold'em had Erick Lindgren, Alfredo Leonidas, Michael Mizrachi, Brock Parker, Daniel Negreanu, Sorel Mizzi, Greg Mueller, Jennifer Tilly, Rob Hollink, Marcel Luske, Mickey Appleman, Al Barbieri, Bill Chen, Feming Chan, Bryan Devonshire, Eli Elezra, Tom Dwan, Jimmy Fricke, Svetlana Gromenkova and Melissa Hayden taking seats to compete for the gold bracelet of champions. Defending champion from last year Marc Naalden was also seen in the field. Each player receives 6,000 in chips for their entry fee and will begin with blinds at $25/$50. Dealers began to shuffle cards at 12:30 PM for the 476 contenders.

Casualties include Erick Lindgren who was dismissed by the Ace kicker he had when both players tabled two pair with (K's and 6's). Jose "Nacho" Ignacio Barbero followed after coming out on the losing end of a 3 way hand. Babero managed to pair his King card, but it was overcome by the paired Aces made by his opponent. Tom Dwan took the rest of his chips and went all-in with pocket 2's. He was called by a player who paired his Ace card on the turn, which meant Dwan would be free to try the 5:00 PM tournament. Phil Ivey busted, but in a peculiar way...he never showed up and his stack was blinded off until it hit 0. Daniel Negreanu left to the next event when his pocket 9's did not hold up to his opponents paired Aces that occured on the turn. Quickly Daniel ran out of the room to attend to his stack in the $10k 2-7 No Limit Championship across the hall. Also headed out of the field were Jimmy Fricke, Eric "EFro" Froehlich, Gavin Griffin, Mickey Appleman, Dr. Jerry Buss owner of the Lakers, Terrance Chan, Rafe Furst and Matt Hawrilenko.

At the end of the day there were 109 remaining left for day 2 activities. Included in that number were Ylon Schwartz with 6,800 chips, Lex Veldhuis with 7,600, Brock Parker with 9,800, Svetlana Gromenkova 14,800, Berry Johnston having 15,500, Liz Lieu 22,300, Erik Cajelais 23,100, Alfredo Leonidas 22,500, Jennifer Tilly 23,600, Jeff Shulman 33,400, Shannon Shorr 26,800 and Joe Serock with 38,000. All will return at 2:30 PM.

Top 9 for Day 1 with Chip Counts
  1. Joshua Honegger -- 87,000
  2. Daniel Makowsky -- 74,600
  3. Gabriel Nassif -- 60,700
  4. Matt Grapenthien -- 58,000
  5. Matthew Woodward -- 54,700
  6. Matthew Matros -- 53,700
  7. Jeff Siegal -- 53,600
  8. Scott Caldwell -- 51,800
  9. Andrew Brussard -- 51,100
Payout Schedule for the Final Table
  1. $203,607
  2. $125,737
  3. $90,928
  4. $66,446
  5. $49,068
  6. $36,619
  7. $27,609
  8. $21,025
  9. $16,174

Day 2

Dealers began dealing cards at 2:30 PM to the fortunate few who made the cut. Short stacked players like Lex Veldhuis and Ylon Schwartz made quick exits early on in the going. Svetlana Gromenkova also bit the bullet when after seeing cards of 9 A 3 2, she check called an all-in raise. When Lisa Waggoner showed her pocket J's, Gromenkova did not finish the hand but just mucked her cards and left the table. Liz Lieu followed close behind courtesy of the King high straight made by Bob Lauria. Going out so fast it looked like another railbird conga line were Jennifer Tilly, Teddy "Iceman" Monroe, Denny Luong, Joseph Chaplin, Eric Menser and Joseph Mauro.

After dinner break, Bob Lauria became the bubble boy and smiles came on the faces of the last 45 in the field as they will see money for their efforts. Joe Serock followed in 18th place, pocketing a little over $5,000 for his $2,000 investment. Player Jeff Shulman exited the tables in 13th place after having his set of 9's he made on the flop eclipsed by the King high heart flush made by Eric Buchman. By the time 2:20 AM the next day came, there were 10 left for the final table.

  1. Eric Buchman -- 453,000
  2. Hansu Chu -- 447,000
  3. Steven Hustoft -- 383,000
  4. Flavio Ferrari -- 373,000
  5. William Jensen -- 326,000
  6. Matt Grapenthien -- 254,000
  7. Brent Courson -- 240,000
  8. Matthew Matros -- 224,000
  9. Gary Bogdanski -- 115,000
  10. Daniel Quach -- 55,000

Final Table

2010 Bracelet Champion #18 -- Eric Buchman
2010 Bracelet Champion #18 -- Eric Buchman

  1. Eric Buchman -- $203,607
  2. Brent Courson -- $125,737
  3. Steven Hustoft -- $90,928
  4. Flavio Ferrari -- $66,446
  5. Hansu Chu -- $49,068
  6. William Jensen -- $36,619
  7. Matt Grapenthien -- $27,609
  8. Gary Bogdanski -- $21,025
  9. Matthew Matros -- $16,174