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Event #24 No Limit Hold'Em

Day 1
Buy-in: $1,000
Players: 3,289
Prize pool: $2,960,100 for the top

Day 1A

Event #24 No Limit Hold'Em had a total of 1,931 players sign up to play 10 levels OR down to 15% of the field. Seen in the Pavilion Room were Scott Clements, Tiffany Michelle, Jerry Yang, Alan Smurfit, Young Phan, Dennis Phillips, Shannon Elizabeth, Hevad Khan, Tom McEvoy, Antoinio Esfandiari, Eric Baldwin, David "The Dragon" Pham, Greg Pappas, David Pham, Sabyl Cohen Landrum, Jared Hamby, Kathy Liebert, Nick Frangos, David Singer, Dennis Phillips, Bryan Micon, Jeff Madsen and Men Nguyen.

Busting out early were Tiffany Michelle, Dwyte Pilgrim, Jason Mercier, Men "The Master" Nguyen, Kathy Liebert, Gavin Smith and Nick Frangos. Eric Baldwin left his chair after seeing the quad 4's that were made by his opponent. Players were leaving at a high pace, to where after one hour after dinner break there were 480 remaining. Action stopped and chips were bagged when the number reached 290. Tomorrow will begin Day 1B.
  1. John Tolbert -- 73,900
  2. N/A Aron -- 70,075
  3. Jeffrey Tebben -- 60,225
  4. Ping Yung -- 58,625
  5. Leonid Yanovski -- 58,275
  6. Kevin Kelly -- 55,775
  7. Michael Gentala -- 50,250
  8. Jaymes Rosenthal -- 50,225
  9. Andras Kovacs -- 49,975

Day 1B

With the 1,358 that signed up today, a complete total of 3,289 paid $1,000 each for the right to a seat. Some of the players seen were Shaun Deeb, (wearing men's clothing today), George Lind, Issac Haxton, Michael Binger, Tom Dwan, Soheil Shamseddin, Humberto Brenes, Vitaly Lunkin, Brandon Cantu, Josh Arieh, Neil Channing, John "Tex" Barch, Maria Ho, Phil Ivey, Andy Black, Chris Ferguson, Tommy Vedes, Chad Batista, Marcel Luske and Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck.

Going out early was Dan Heimiller after being busted by Chris Ferguson at a table of death. But an woman seated at the table took out Phil Ivey after he moved all-in with pocket Kings, only to become shocked when the woman called. Ivey said, "You've got to be kidding me?" at first. But when she revealed her pocket A's that held to the river, Ivey grabbed his coat and said it was fun while it lasted. And new bracelet holder Jason DeWitt also hit the rail after his pocket J's met the set of 7's made by the other player. More eliminations continued, and by dinner time tournament officials decided to stop play after 8 and a half levels so that the money will be made on Day 2.

  1. David Wilkerson -- 66,400
  2. Chris Adams -- 56,325
  3. Adam Reynolds -- 54,400
  4. Laura Cantero -- 52,850
  5. Eric Froehlich -- 47,325
  6. Yues Grenan -- 46,175
  7. Jim Jeffery -- 43,275
  8. Boyan Josic -- 40,300
  9. Tom Dwan -- 37,525

Day 2

Today saw the demise of many players as the field was whittled down from the starting number of 512. They will play for 32 more minutes at level 9 which has blinds of $300/$600 and ante of $75. Railbound were Chad Bautista after he lost to the 10 kicker of another player, Issac Haxton after meeting the set of 4's brandished by his opponent and Tom Dwan whose paired J's were beaten back by the pocket K's of Grayson Ramage. Close behind were Michael Binger, Alex Jacob, Jeff Sarwer, Can Kim Hua, Andrew Chen and Joel Casper. By 3:30 AM the next day, there were 30 players left that will come back on Day 3 to battle it out for a final table seat.

  1. Greg Pohler -- 810,000
  2. Denis Murphy -- 725,000
  3. Jaymes Rosenthal -- 595,000
  4. Edgar de la Torre -- 540,000
  5. John Tolbert -- 440,000
  6. Yordan Mitrentsov -- 400,000
  7. Joseph Grenon -- 395,000
  8. Jonas Mackoff -- 390,000
  9. Kiet Tran -- 330,000

Day 3

Today's goal will be to pare the field down to the 9 for the final table and it happened in just under 6 hours to the amazement of onlookers. Some of the final table players made a huge jump in their numbers like J.D. McNamera who had 230,000 at the beginning and ended up chip leader of Day 3. McNamera made a major bump up when he busted Yordan Mitrentsov in 19th place with a full house (K's/10's) to push him over the 2 million mark. Blake Kelso also managed a few 'Hail Marys', pushing his stack up from 111,000 to over 1.1 million. Being a little guy in the field at the start, Kelso began to make all or nothing plays as fast as he could to ensure his survival. Late in the day, Kelso bagged a big one by capitlizing on the big mistake made by Alexis Belanger-Lebel. Lebel said he was all-in and obviously did not hear Kelso when he said he was all-in earlier. Lebel could not take back the committment and his loss pushed Kelso over the 1 million mark. David Cai followed the example set by Kelso, turning his 129,000 into a pile over 800K enabling him to see another chance at winning the bracelet. Cai took the last of Lebel's chips after Kelso fed on the stack by using his pocket 10's which held to the river, forcing Lebel out in 10th place.

Action will be played at the final table at level 24 with blinds at $15,000/$30,000 and antes of $4,000.

Final Table Players

  1. J.D. McNamara -- 2,393,000
  2. Kiet Tran Tuan -- 2,311,000
  3. Blake Kelso -- 1,166,000
  4. John Tolbert -- 925,000
  5. David Cai -- 844,000
  6. Denis Murphy -- 789,000
  7. Greg Pohler -- 660,000
  8. Michael Gross -- 535,000
  9. Jeffrey Tebben -- 466,000

Final Table

2010 Bracelet Champion #24 -- Jeffrey Tebben
2010 Bracelet Champion #24 -- Jeffrey Tebben

  1. Jeffrey Tebben -- $503,389
  2. J.D. McNamara -- $310,248
  3. Kiet Tuan -- $223,665
  4. Denis Murphy -- $162,568
  5. David Cai -- $119,410
  6. Blake Kelso -- $88,654
  7. John Tolbert -- $66,513
  8. Greg Pohler -- $50,410
  9. Michael Gross -- $38,629