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Event #28 Pot-Limit Omaha

Day 1
Buy-in: $2,500
Players: 596
Prize pool: $1,370,800 going to the top 54 finishers

Signing up for Event #28 Pot-Limit Omaha were Daniel Alaei, James Akenhead, Praz Bansi, Lyle Berman, Nick Binger, Barny Boatman, Freddy Deeb, Andy Black, Roland DeWolfe, Quinn Do, Prince of Docness, Chris Ferguson, Layne Flack, Eli Elezra, Kirill Gerasimov, Robert Williamson III, Joe Hachem, Isaac Haxton, Jesper Hougaard, Phil Ivey, Berry Johnston, John Kabbaj, Kathy Liebert and Erick Lindgren. And J.C. Tran who won last year will also participate. Players will have 1,500 chips to begin with, plus 3 "add-on" chips each worth 2,000. Those can be cashed in any time up until the end of Level 4, at which point any uncashed add-on chips will be automatically added to the players' stacks.

Some players decided to take out all available chips to have a nice stack to start with like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey, while a few of the hard core did not. And with that, the eliminations began. Gone early were Scott Fischman, Michael Mizrachi, David "Devilfish" Ulliott, Jason Potter, Eli Elezra, David Williams, Matt Stout and Fabrice Soulier. Men "The Master" Nguyen was busted by Richard Ashby with a 3 thru 6 straight which Nguyen could not overcome. Phil Ivey is also no longer in the field, but not for the reason you may be thinking. Ivey was also playing in the $10,000 Event #29 Limit Hold'em Championship and did not make it back in time before all of his chips were blinded off. By 12:30 AM, officials told everyone to start bagging their chips to call it a day.

Making the Day 2 cut were Joe Hachem, Eric Cloutier, Bertrand Grospellier, Shannon Shorr, Chau Giang, Scott Clements, T.J. Cloutier, John 'Tex' Barch, Tony Cousineau and Frank Kassela. In total there were 102 that will see a chair tomorrow.
  1. Loren Klein -- 187,300
  2. Eric Rabl -- 154,200
  3. Richard Ashby -- 137,700
  4. Jeffrey Schnettler -- 114,100
  5. Justin Gardenhire -- 97,700
  6. Norman Collingsworth -- 94,400
  7. Bryce Yockey -- 93,200
  8. Carter Gill -- 90,900
  9. Randy Propson -- 85,300
Final Table Payout Schedule
  1. $315,311
  2. $195,147
  3. $129,691
  4. $96,243
  5. $72,227
  6. $54,736
  7. $41,850
  8. $32,254
  9. $25,044

Day 2

Top 9 with Chip Counts

  1. Miguel Proulx -- 877,000
  2. Patrick Hanoteau -- 824,000
  3. Loren Klein -- 470,000
  4. Karl Gal -- 458,000
  5. Joerg Engels -- 405,000
  6. Dilyan Kovachev -- 339,000
  7. Trevor Pope -- 261,000
  8. Matthew Reed -- 253,000
  9. Tommy Le -- 213,000

Final Table

With the 12 left over from day 2, it took 4 hours for the first bust to occur. Amazingly it was Patrick Hanoteau who was second in chips and had worked his way to over 1.2 million chips before a series of bad hands depleted his stack. On his last hand he went in with his last 40,000 losing them to Karl Gal and finishing 9th. On the flop Tommy Le knew he was gone as Miguel Proulx made a set of 5's which sealed Le's fate in 8th. Proulx then set his sights on busting Trevor Pope in 7th. By seventh street, Proulx had two pair (K's and 3's) plus the 7 Pope needed to make his straight, which allowed Pope to take a break from playing. On the very next hand Proulx used two pair (J's and Q's) to send Karl Gal away in 6th. And Joerg Engles who managed to stave off elimination for a while finished in 5th after Michele Greco swung the set of 6's made on the flop at him. Poor Stephane Tayar really had no choice but to take the cash for 4th. During his last all-in move, he thought he was good with a straight flush draw, but Proulx had the necessary cards for a Royal Flush. So by the river, it was just time to say good bye. For 3rd place was Michele Greco who lost to the two pair (J's and 6's) of Loren Klein.

At the start of the heads up, Klein had 2,775,000 chips verses the 1,695,000 in front of Proulx. Things continued to go Kleins way until a reversal took place when Proulx gained a set of Queens over the set of 4's made by Klein which doubled Proulx up to the 2 million mark. On the last hand Proulx took his place in poker history when he made the nut flush against the two pair ponied up by Klein.

2010 Bracelet Champion #28 -- Miguel Proulx
2010 Bracelet Champion #28 -- Miguel Proulx

  1. Miguel Proulx -- $315,311
  2. Loren Klein -- $195,147
  3. Michele Greco -- $129,691
  4. Stephane Tayar -- $96,243
  5. Joerg Engels -- $72,227
  6. Karl Gal -- $54,736
  7. Trevor Pope -- $41,850
  8. Tommy Le -- $32,254
  9. Patrick Hanoteau -- $25,044