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Event #33 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha

Day 1
Buy-in: $2,500
Players: 482
Prize pool: $1,108,600 for the top 45

Taking chairs at Event #33 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha were John Shipley, Andy Bloch, Robert Williamson III, Dan Heimiller, Barny Boatman, Steve Zolotow, Kathy Liebert, Surindar Sunar, Erik Seidel, Greg Raymer, Phil Ivey, Chau Giang, Burt Boutin, Ted Lawson, Noah Boeken, Chris Ferguson, Nenad Medic, Michael Mizrachi, Annie Duke, Fabrice Soulier, Ylon Schwartz, Andy Black, Joe Hachem, Gregg Merkow, Chris Reslock, Jos� Luis Velador, Eric Lynch, Yuval Bronshtein, Nick Binger, Vitaly Lunkin, Jacobo Fernandez and Noah Schwartz.

  1. Justin Smith -- 130,000
  2. Tyler Patterson -- 95,300
  3. James Mitchel -- l88,800
  4. David Paredes -- 76,600
  5. Craig Hartman -- 71,000
  6. Samuel Ngai -- 69,200
  7. Michael Shklover -- 66,800
  8. Anthony Zinno -- 66,100
  9. Joshua Tieman -- 66,000

Day 2

Payout Schedule for the Final Table

  1. $260,552
  2. $160,902
  3. $116,358
  4. $85,029
  5. $62,791
  6. $46,860
  7. $35,331
  8. $26,905
  9. $20,697
Top 9 with chip counts
  1. Jos� Luis Velador -- 455,000
  2. David Chiu -- 451,000
  3. Rob Hollink -- 423,000
  4. Matt Sterling -- 280,000
  5. Joshua Tieman -- 277,000
  6. Victor Ramdin -- 262,000
  7. Craig Gray -- 248,000
  8. Kevin MacPhee -- 247,000
  9. Phil Ivey -- 207,000

Final Table

This was a final table that would make anyone less than expert go home. In the beginning there were 14 players competing to become one of the last 9 remaining. You had multiple gold bracelet holder Phil Ivey, 2008 gold bracelet holder Rob Hollink, two time gold bracelet holder Burt Boutin, Victor Ramdin, David Chiu owner of 4 WSOP bracelets, gold bracelet holder Jos� Luis Velador and other title holding highly experienced players. When things got started at 3:00 PM, this was definitely a good time to be a railbird. Konstantin Bucherl was the first to leave in 14th place after Victor Ramdin produced a full house (2's/5's) on the turn. And a full house belonging to Kevin MacPhee (10's/A's) sent Tristan McDonald to the rail in 13th place. Then Lady Luck turned ugly for Phil Ivey as Jos� Luis Velador busted him with a full house (J's/4's) in 12th, ending Iveys quest for another bracelet.

Crippled badly down to 55,000 chips, Joshua Tieman finished in 11th after having his 2 3 suited beat to death by the two pair (10's and 7's) brought out by Craig Grey. Following close behind in 10th was Burt Boutin who has his two pair (J's and 5's) overcome by the higher two pair (J's and 8's) of Kevin MacPhee. The last 9 went to a 1 hour dinner break before continuing.

When they returned, first one busted in 9th was Matt Sterling falling victim to the full house of (10's/6's) MacPhee. (We're not making this stuff up!) In 8th place was Gavin Cochrane who was stumped by the two pair of Velador (8's and 7's) which he made on the river card. And next on the busted list in 7th was James Mitchell on the receiving end of a Queen high flush made by David Chiu. Victor Ramdin finished in 6th after his A K J 9 fell short of the A A 6 3 of MacPhee when the dealer laid out J 4 3 2 3, giving MacPhee a full house on the river (3's/A's). But then MacPhee's angel on his shoulder directed him to the cashier's cage for the 5th place payout after his pocket 7's were defeated by the paired Kings held by Velador. He was followed closely by Craig Grey in 4th courtesy of the full house (K's/A's) belonging to Velador. Velador's next notch on his poker gun was Rob Hollink who met Velador with a lower two pair (Q's and 8's) than the one made by Velador (K's and 3's), sending Hollink off to pick up his well deserved 3rd place payout.

The heads up battle between David Chiu and Jos� Luis Velador lasted 30 minutes before the final blow took place. After both players saw a flop of 6 3 2, Velador reraised to put Chiu all-in and Chiu called. Velador had 7 6 for top pair and Chiu had A 10. Turn card was a 9 and the river was a Jack. So ending a ferocious battle with a pair of 6's, Velador earned his second gold bracelet which was ceremoniously taken out of the box and placed on Velador's arm by Chiu.

2010 Bracelet Champion #33 -- Jos Luis Velador

2010 Bracelet Champion #33 -- Jos� Luis Velador

  1. Jos� Luis Velador -- $260,552
  2. David Chiu -- $160,902
  3. Rob Hollink -- $116,358
  4. Craig Gray -- $85,029
  5. Kevin MacPhee -- $62,791
  6. Victor Ramdin -- $46,860
  7. James Mitchell -- $35,331
  8. Gavin Cochrane -- $26,905
  9. Matt Sterling -- $20,697