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Event #37 H.O.R.S.E.

Day 1
Buy-in: $3,000
Players: 478
Prize pool: $1,319,280 for the top 48

This Event #37 H.O.R.S.E. will consist of the poker games Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, Seven Card Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split-8 or Better. All players will receive 9,000 in chips and play eight levels today in the Amazon Room with a 60-minute dinner break after level four. First game will be Limit Hold'Em and rotate into other games from there. Some of the players in the field were Lakers owner Jerry Buss, Sam Grizzle, Doyle Brunson, Bruno Fitoussi, Robert Williamson III, Rob Hollink, David Sklansky, Dewey Tomko, John Hennigan, David Singer, Mel Judah, Thor Hansen, Mickey Appleman, Jennifer Harman-Traniello, Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer, Phil Ivey, Can Kim Hua, Scotty Nguyen, Erik Seidel, James Van Alstyne, Allen Kessler, Farzad Bonyadi, David Levi, Kristy Gazes, Chau Giang, Maureen Feduniak and Jeff Lisandro.

Early busts before the dinner break include Jerry Buss, Linda Johnson, John D'Agostino, Allen Kessler and Barry Greenstein. After dinner Erick Lindgren was busted by Tommy Vedes during Razz and David Bach lost his chips to Joe Serock when Serock produced a full house (A's/3's). Shaun Deeb not dressed in women' clothes, left without a dance partner after losing to the pocket 10's of his opponent during Hold'Em. During Stud-8, Jennifer Harman-Traniello also was busted by Al Barbieri after he made eights for the high to go with his eight low to scoop the chips and send Harman to the sidelines. Phil Ivey busted Joe Hachem during Razz after Ivey's hand won a 3 way pot, pushing him to over 29,000 chips. At the WSOP, their reporters overheads the aftermath of the Ivey/Hachem hand from the third unknown opponent who asked Ivey a question and it is too good not to quote:

"I thought you had a big hand?" the unknown player said to Ivey.

"I know you thought I had a big hand," was the poetic reply from Ivey.

Ivey continued to brutalize the field and finished the day with 31,800 chips. He will be one of 219 players that will take to the chairs on Day 2.
  1. Jordan Siege -- l66,900
  2. Mark Johns -- 60,400
  3. David Baker -- 56,700
  4. Darus Suharto -- 55,100
  5. Dan Heimiller -- 52,100
  6. Daniel Makowsky -- 50,600
  7. Phillip Wallace -- 49,400
  8. Mojgan Stringham -- 48,000
  9. Chad Brown -- 47,500

Day 2

Razz will be the game of choice to start the field off on day 2. Some of the names who made the cut were Farzad Bonyadi with 21,500, Doyle Brunson, 13,400, Phil Hellmuth 9200, Bryan Micon 19,900, Steve Sung 27,300, Mike Matusow 11,100, Mickey Appleman 25,200, Darus Suharto 55,100, Frank Kassela 27,500, Ming Reslock 32,300 and Michael Binger 39,000.

Sorel Mizzi was busted as he got caught between the high and low of two other players during Stud-8. During the last round of Hold'Em, Andy Bloch was eliminated when his A K was outdone by the pocket 10's his opponent had that held to the river. Kristy Gazes was railbound during Omaha-8 when her paired Aces were swept aside by the full house (K's/0's) made by Loi Tran. They were followed by Mike Matusow, Steve Zolotow, Erik Seidel, James Mackey, Justin 'Boosted J' Smith, Greg Mueller, Mickey Appleman and Bryan Micon. By 3:30 AM the next day rolled around, there were 25 remaining that will see seats on day 3.

Payout Schedule for the Final Table

  1. $329,840
  2. $203,802
  3. $129,553
  4. $93,418
  5. $68,417
  6. $50,871
  7. $38,391
  8. $29,406
  9. $22,849
Top 9 with Chip Counts
  1. John Juanda -- 393,000
  2. David Baker -- 373,000
  3. Ryan Hughes -- 354,000
  4. Daniel Makowsky -- 312,000
  5. Kenneth Aldridge -- 257,000
  6. Brent Wheeler -- 256,000
  7. Phil Ivey -- 200,000
  8. Jeff Lisandro -- 193,000
  9. Mitch Schock -- 189,000

Final Table

The last remaining 25 were receiving cards at 3:00 PM, in their last attempt to find poker immortality. From the start Ivey was on fire, winning big pots by busting out other players. At one point he fell to 120K, but worked his way back to 685,000 by the time there were just 8 left in the field for the official final table. The rail was 3 to 4 deep with spectators. First to fall in 8th place was Chad Brown during Hold'Em after losing the balance of his stack to Bill Chen, victorious by pairing his 6 card on the river. For 7th place during Omaha-8 was Albert Hahn after he lost the 3 way preflop all-in race with Phil Ivey and Jeff Lisandro. Ivey then sent Dave Baker to the rail in 6th with two pair (Q's and 9's) made on the turn also during Omaha-8. Jeff Lisandro was defeated and in 5th place during a round of Stud by Kenneth Aldridge when his pair of 8's surpassed the pair of 5's held by Lisandro. Kenneth Aldridge left the table in 4th after losing to the larger two pair of Jacks and eights belonging to Phil Ivey. This put Ivey at 900,000 while Bill Chen was at 2.7 million. Phil Ivey then eliminated John Juanda in 3rd with a full house made on the river (2's/8's).

The heads up had Ivey with 1.8 million verses the 2.5 million of Bill Chen at the start. Slowly Ivey began to fall to as low as 750,000, but on a showdown hand during Stud-8, Ivey doubled up and went forward from there. Ivey played carefully as to not relinquish the chip lead back to Chen. The final hand came during Razz when Ivey made a better low than what Chen produced by the river card. And that is how he won bracelet number eight.

2010 Bracelet Champion #37 -- Phil Ivey
2010 Bracelet Champion #37 -- Phil Ivey

  1. Phil Ivey -- $329,840
  2. Bill Chen -- $203,802
  3. John Juanda -- $129,553
  4. Kenneth Aldridge -- $93,418
  5. Jeffrey Lisandro -- $68,417
  6. Dave Baker -- $50,871
  7. Albert Hahn -- $38,391
  8. Chad Brown -- $29,406
  9. Ryan Hughes -- $22,849