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Event #4 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better

Day 1
Buy-in: $1,500
Players: 818
Prize pool: $1,104,300 for the top 81 finishers

A number of the big names in Event #4 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better came over from Event #2 after elimination. Seen are Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Mike Matusow, George Lind, Chip Jett, Greg Raymer, Erick Lindgren, Chad Brown, David Bach, Chau Giang, Al Barbieri, Allen Kessler, Gavin Smith and Shirley Rosario. Speaking of Rosario, she had a very bad start and was among the first to bust out. Tom Dwan, Greg Mueller, Al "Sugar Bear" Barbieri, Jean Robert Bellande and John Phan were not far behind. One tough table had Phil Ivey, David Benyamine and David Skylansky seated at it. An hour later only Phil Ivey was the recognizable face there. Barry Greenstein stood up and began signing a copy of his book which meant he was out of the event. He gave it to Ken Robinson after Ken's A A 9 3 turned out stronger than Barry's A 8 5 5 by the time the river card was dealt. Daniel Negreanu was in a four way hand trying to quadruple up, but he didn't make it and began Twittering his fans about the bad news. Bryan Micon was taken to the woodshed by Cyndy Violette who put quad 10's to vanquish his pocket A's. She got all his chips, and he got all of...well nothing.

After 9 1/2 hours, tournament officials decided to stop the clock and end the day. There were 297 players left that will move on to Day 2.

Top 9 players and their chip counts:
  1. Oleg Shamardin -- 70,800
  2. Scott Epstein -- 45,400
  3. Daniel Klein -- 39,900
  4. David Bach -- 39,700
  5. Clinton Steelman -- 38,800
  6. John Brock Parker -- 36,700
  7. Amnon Filippi -- 32,600
  8. Jean-Daniel Pessina -- 32,500
  9. Chau Giang -- 31,300

Day 2

Today was the day of Sasha Rosewood. Wheels and scoops came to that player as though they commanded them. Lady luck made this individual chip leader going into the final table. Ylon Schwartz also built his stack up on Day 2. Eliminations went at a pretty smooth pace until the bubble was reached. Micah Brooks became the 82nd person to leave the tables as the "Bubble Boy" which meant all remaining players who survived to this point will see money! And then as usual, the dam broke loose and those who nursed their short stacks threw caution to the wind win or lose.

Some who were not so lucky to see the cash were Cyndy Violette, Howard Lederer and Phil Ivey who was smoking but hit a bad patch and watched his chips float away. Dave Stann was sent home by Brock Parker who made a Broadway straight with A K Q 2 on a board of 10 J 8 K verses the set of Kings Stann produced. And Chau Giang just missed Day 3 by busting out in 27th position. By the end of the night, there were 26 players left in the field and they will come back to play to the final table and the championship. Some names of players who will see the next round are Chris Vioxx, David Bach, Scott Epstein, Huck Seed, Dan Heimiller, Jeff Madsen and Andreas Krause. So it's not over by a longshot.

Final Table Payout Schedule:

  1. $237,463
  2. $146,684
  3. $94,561
  4. $69,272
  5. $51,493
  6. $38,794
  7. $29,584
  8. $22,825
  9. $17,801
Final table players:
  1. Sasha Rosewood -- 399,000
  2. Anthony Reategui -- 317,000
  3. Michael Cipolla -- 275,000
  4. Fred Koubi -- 272,000
  5. Dan Heimiller -- 211,000
  6. Robert Ferdinand -- 198,000
  7. Shawn Buchanan -- 181,000
  8. Ylon Schwartz -- 166,000
  9. Scott Epstein -- 157,000

Final Table

It took 6 hrs and 15 minutes to get down to the final table players. The final table officially began at 9:45 pm and ended at 4:10 am. First to go in 9th was Todd Barlow who looked in dismay as he and Dan Heimiller made three 6's but it was Heimiller's A Q that outkicked Barlow's A 7. Joe Leibman was involved in a 3 way hand with Michael Chow and Sasha Rosewood. But by the river, Chow turned a wheel (A thru 5) which outdid what Joe had, so Joe finished in 8th place. Sasha Rosewood ended up in 7th after not being able to complete an open ended straight draw verses the paired Aces held by Heimiller. Michael Cipolla picked up the cash for 6th when the two pair made by Chow (A's and K's) became the winning hand.

Chow then turned his sights on Scott Epstein. Dominance was established when Chow flopped the nut flush verses the straight made by Epstein, sending Epstein off in 5th place. Fred Koubi was crippled in a big hand and went out on the next, losing the remainder of his chips to Heimiller who made a straight on the turn card. A few minutes later, Ylon Schwartz went to collect the cash for 3rd as his two pair (3's and 9's) were no match for the two pair (K's and 9's) belonging to Heimiller.

When the heads up began Chow had 2,175,000 in chips verses 1,425,000 for Heimiller. Initially there was much back and forth action, with one player making a nice scoop only to have the other make it up within the next two or three hands. Most of the pots were chopped. But then Chow started winning huge pot after huge pot. Soon Heimiller was down to his last 125K and was in the small blind next and called all in with his last 25,000 chip. At the end of the last card dealt, Chow became the newest champion with a King high straight.

Event #4 Champion -- Michael Chow
Event #4 Champion -- Michael Chow

  1. Michael Chow -- $237,140
  2. Dan Heimiller -- $146,505
  3. Ylon Schwartz -- $94,561
  4. Fred Koubi -- $69,272
  5. Scott Epstein -- $51,493
  6. Michael Cipolla -- $38,794
  7. Sasha Rosewood -- $29,584
  8. Joe Leibman -- $22,825
  9. Todd Barlow -- $17,801