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Paid surveys and cash focus groups with no fees attached are what you will find here. Up to 200.00 each for taking paid surveys! If you are looking to get paid for online surveys, see us first. (Cash focus groups also go by paid focus groups.) Those found on this page were selected because they pay actual cash for your opinions. Some of the subjects surveyed are Information Technology, Business Administration, Consumer Products, Food, cutting edge products from America's largest and innovative corporations, etc. Also, there is no cost to sign up for any of them. Don't forget to scroll down to find the link to the National Focus Group Recruiting Database!

So here is what to do:
It's that easy and simple!

You can average from $20.00 to $75.00 for each one received, and you can make more. If you are invited to focus groups, you can make up to $200.00 for maybe 2 hours participation depending on the subject of the focus group. There is a big demand to have individuals with Information Technology and Business backgrounds for these online surveys and focus groups, but anyone can sign up. The marketing research organizations need all types of people. This is how public opinion on different subjects is shaped as to what individuals like or dislike, and businesses highly value this type of information. Someone will listen to your opinion and values it enough to pay you for it. Not bad at all! Remember, to increase the number that you are sent, join up with each and every one that you see on this page. It has worked out well for many individuals. If you would like to see examples of what you can receive, then go to the Paid Surveys History page.

Paid surveys online that pay CASH
Survey Savvy (Make sure to fill in the profiles after you sign up)
American Consumers Opinion Program (ACOP)
Viewpoint Forum
Technology Advisory Board (for IT professionals)
IntelliQuest Technology Panel (for IT professionals)
Penn, Schoen and Berland
Consumer Vision

Paid focus group surveys
National Focus Group Recruiting Database (U.S. only)
Markets (International List of Focus Groups)

We can help you to find additional surveys that are more regional to where you may live. Some surveys and focus groups are local to major cities and not available to anyone elsewhere. If you would be interested in other surveys and focus groups in your area then email us with the city and state you live in within the United States and we can research to see what else may be available in your area. (Outside of the United States, we can't help at this time, but we are working on it and will notify our International website patrons as soon as we find sources.) Another fact to keep in mind is that focus groups will try to reach you by telephone as well as through the web. So do not be surprised if you are called and asked to participate for cash. Once you do, they keep your profile available and contact you more frequently as opportunities come up. Now if you would like to tour the rest of the Just Gamble For Free website, click on the link below. Remember to use the back button on your browser to come back to this page. And if you have any questions or other ideas, email us at Webmaster. We promise to help you as much as we can. Good Luck!

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