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2009 World Series of Poker

2009 World Series of Poker results, updates for the big WSOP events be posted on our website as they come in. Beginning on the 27th of May will be the 40th Annual World Series of Poker coming from the RIO in Las Vegas, Nevada. To see the schedule of events, results and register for events, use our 2009 WSOP Event Schedule link. And go to the WSOP TV Showtimes page for the latest response on showtimes!

To view event results, you can also go to our 2009 WSOP page and click on the Event List button. Now the Event List is a javascript pop-up, so please allow this one from our website.

The final table on Events #9 and #10 are complete and you can view them below. If you need to catch up, just use the event schedule link to the left.

2009 World Series of Poker

Event #9 No Limit Hold'Em/Six Handed
Day 3 -- Final Table

Play began just after 1:00 PM and within 10 minutes the first bust happened. Bryn Kenney, in 8th place, lost to the Jack kicker of Carman Cavella. Next in 7th was Praz Bansi who moved all-in with A 10 and lost to Bryce Yockey who called him with A J. So now we have the needed 6 for the final table.

After ESPN got their film in their cameras, we were back in the action. In 6th place was Manny Minaya when he pushed to the center all his chips preflop holding pocket 8's and was called by Peter Gould with pocket 9's. No other cards improved the position of either player, so Manny went to pick up the cash for his efforts. From that point, most of the action was overly careful, as a raise or all-in was enough to make the other players back off. It took 4 hours for the next bust to occur. Charles Furey just wished it had not been him in 5th place. Furey moved all-in preflop with pocket 10's and was called by Ken Aldridge with pocket 9's. The flop was 9 3 7, giving joy and pain to the faces of both players. Turn card was a Q and river a 3 which stopped the Charles Furey quest for a gold WSOP bracelet with a full house (9's/3's). In the next elimination, Bryce Yockey with pocket 10's went all-in with Carman Cavella having Kh Qh preflop. But the hand of fate had other plans and placed a Queen with two 8 cards on the board, giving the win to Cavella and the slap to Yockey who left in 4th place. In 3rd place was Peter Gould who lost when Ken Aldridge paired his Ace card on the turn.

So now we have the heads up between Ken Aldridge with 2,960,000 chips and Carman Cavella having 3,610,000 chips. One factor that makes heads up so interesting is that occasionally, one player makes an incredible comeback after being down to a chip and a chair. After Aldridge turned the tables on Cavella, he ground him down to a very short stack, went all-in only to have Cavella survive as he doubled and re-doubled his stack putting him back in the game. But after 3 hours, the last hand came when both went all-in preflop, Cavella having K 4 and Aldridge showing K Q. The flop produced 9 9 K, turn card 10 and a J for the river. So Ken Aldridge made a King high straight and became the newest champion and WSOP gold bracelet holder.

  1. Ken Aldridge -- $428,259
  2. Carman Cavella -- $264,814
  3. Peter Gould -- $170,953
  4. Bryce Yockey -- $115,230
  5. Charles Furey -- $80,896
  6. Manny Minaya -- $59,049
  7. Praz Bansi -- $42,320
  8. Bryn Kenney -- $42,320
Event #10 Pot Limit Hold'Em/Omaha
Day 3 -- Final Table

By 1:00 PM, the 18 players were back at the tables to compete for the gold bracelet. Play continued at level 18 which had Pot Limit Hold'Em at $3,000/$6,000 blinds, $6,000 call or make it with $12,000 to $21,000. Pot Limit Omaha was at $2,500/$5,000 blinds, $5,000 call or make it with $10,000 to $17,500. By 2:30 PM, Surinder Sunar busted in 14th place signaling that 5 were gone from the field. Soon after Sunar, Amit Makhija was busted in 13th earning $13,534 and Hevad Khan in 11th place earning $18,170, leaving 10 that could be assembled for final table play.

First to go was Gary Do in 10th taking home $18,170 after losing a round of Hold'Em with pocket K's to Cornel Cimpan who managed to pair his Ace card and beat Do. In 9th was Sigi Stockinger who lost a hand of Omaha to Daniel Makowsky. Also during Omaha, John Kabbaj finished in 8th place as he could not overcome the pair of Aces held by Cornel Cimpan. After dinner break it was Pawel Andrzejewski who busted in 7th place, receiving $32,653 for his efforts. An hour and a half went by before elimination number 6 took place, with Paul Parker taking home close to $40K as the reward. Next to go to the cashier's cage was Daniel Makowsky for a 5th place finish. What happened was that during a round of Hold'Em, chip leader Makowsky took his A J and went all-in preflop and was called by Najib Benanni who held pocket 8's. By the river Bennani had two pair (8's and K's) and over 1 million chips on his side of the table.

In 4th place was Cornel Cimpan who was eliminated by Najib Benanni via a 8 high straight during Omaha. Finishing in 3rd was Ben Grundy defeated by Najib Benanni having two pair (J's and K's) also during Omaha.

At the start of heads up, both players were pretty much even with Najib Benanni having 1,750,000 and Rami Boukai with 1,650,000 in chips. After 30 minutes of Hold'Em play, Boukai raised enough to cover Benanni of which Benanni called. Boukay turned over pocket 9's and Benanni showed J Q. The flop revealed A K Q, turn card a 9 and the river card an A, giving Boukay a full house (9's/A's), a WSOP gold bracelet and the title of champion. A fitting reward after battling for over 14 hours at a final table.
  1. Rami Boukai -- $244,862
  2. Najib Benanni -- $151,335
  3. Ben Grundy -- $99,574
  4. Cornel Cimpan -- $69,546
  5. Daniel Makowsky -- $51,313
  6. Paul Parker -- $39,904
  7. Pawel Andrzejewski -- $32,653
  8. John Kabbaj -- $28,006
  9. Sigi Stockinger -- $25,151

For televised showtimes, go to the ESPN.com website for a weekly schedule for ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN Classic.

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