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World Poker Tour and 2009 World Series of Poker schedule, results, information and events can be found here at your fingertips. The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a series of high stakes global tournaments that are televised on Fox Sports Net to enthusiasts across the planet, with the ultimate face off taking place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. And the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is an incredible battle of the best-of-the-best in Texas Hold'em at the RIO in Las Vegas, Nevada. Season 7 for the World Poker Tour will begin broadcasting on January 4th on Fox Sports Net.

Days 5 to the final table clash of the WPT championships at the Bellagio are complete and are below. You can review the whole tournament on our 2009 WPT Championships page. Other completed tournaments can be read by using the Season 7 Reports button to the left.

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World Poker Tour information
2009 World Series of Poker Tournament Schedule, Results and Info!

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World Poker Tour

For more WPT information, visit the World Poker Tour website.
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Season 7 World Poker Tour at Fox Sports Net
(This is the link they currently have. Will post better link when they provide it.)

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WPT Championships 2009

Day 5

Officials have stated that play will continue until there are 10 players left. Blinds were at 15,000/30,000 and 4,000 ante . Player of the day had to go to Scotty Nguyen as he made big gains and was able to sustain them. Close to the end of the day, he won a huge pot off of Justin Young which pushed him up to 6.2 million in chips. Lots of other players actually made more but lost it going down and in some cases out of the tournament.

But some players did not make it this round such as Jeff Madsen who busted out in 18th place. Madsen went all in with pocket 7's and lost to the Ace high flush of Sinan Yoyen. Blake Cahill lost to the paired Kings of Yevgeniy Timoshenko to take home $65,370 for 16th place. Freddy Deeb was eliminated in 12th place taking home $81,710 after losing to the Ace high hand of Brian Rast. Jennifer Harman went to the rail in 11th place earning $81,710 after her pocket Aces were beaten by the two pair (10's/2's) of Yevgeniy Timoshenko. And that ended Day 5 at the WPT championships with 10 remaining. Here are the top 6 with chip counts:

  1. Scotty Nguyen -- 5,880,000
  2. Yevgeniy Timoshenko -- 5,105,000
  3. Christian Harder -- 4,650,000
  4. Justin Young -- 4,220,000
  5. Shannon Shorr -- 3,155,000
  6. Brian Rast -- 3,025,000

Day 6

This round took less than 5 hours to complete as there were only 4 eliminations needed to form the televised final table. First to go was Bruno Fituossi in 10th who went to the middle with pocket Kings and was called by Yevgeniy Timoshenko with A J. The flop had A 4 4 7 6, giving Yevgeniy Timoshenko two pair and the win. In 9th was Eugene Katchalov who lost to the Broadway straight of Ran Azor. Justin Young walked to the sidelines in 8th after Brian Rast made a set of Queens. Finally, in 7th place was Brian Rast who moved all in with A K suited having over 5.7 million in his stack. He was called by Yevgeniy Timoshenko who had pocket K's. After the board put two more 6's on the board, Yevgeniy won with two pair (K's/6's) and took down the largest pile of chips in the championship tournament.

  1. Yevgeniy Timoshenko -- 13,000,000
  2. Christian Harder -- 7,425,000
  3. Bertrand Grospellier -- 5,955,000
  4. Scotty Nguyen -- 3,275,000
  5. Ran Azor -- 2,525,000
  6. Shannon Shorr -- 1,130,000

Final Table
Action continued at level 26 with blinds at 60,000/120,000 and 15,000 ante. Shannon Shorr being on the short stack moved allin ferociously, trying to gain more chips to survive. He achived that when he won millions of chips from Scotty Nguyen after his pocket 10's overcame the pocket 6's that Scotty held. Scotty was reduced to less than 400K, and went out in 6th place after losing to the 9 kicker of Christian Harder when Scotty and Christian made a set of Aces by the river. Next in 5th was Shannon Shorr who lost to the pocket 4's of Yevgeniy Timoshenko.

The next bust was crazy as both Christian Harder (4th) and Bertrand Grospellier (3rd) went out on the same hand. In mega sized pot action, first Harder moved to the middle preflop with 1.9 million chips and was called by Ran Azor. Then Bertrand Grospellier went over the top with 2.79 million chips which was called by Azor as well. Players then showed their cards with Grospellier producing Ah Jh, Harder with As 8s and Azor with Ad 7s. The board fell as follows, Kd 7h 3d Qs 2c meaning the paired 7's of Azor busted both players leaving Azor with over 10 million in chips for the heads up.

Azor had exactly 10,435,000 chips to Timoshenko with 23,375,000 chips when the heads up began. Action had blinds at 120,000/240,000 and blinds at 20,000. On the first hand Azor lost a little over 3 million chips and it went downhill from there. Taking down blind after blind, after 50 hands Azor was under 5 million chips. Eventually the winning hand took place and went as follows, Azor raised to 800K and Timoshenko went allin and was called by Azor. Azor produced Q 10 and Timoshenko turned over A 3. The table showed Q J 7 on the flop, K on the turn and 10 on the river which gave Timoshenko a Broadway straight and the WPT championship title.

  1. Yevgeniy Timoshenko -- $2,143,655 WPT Champion
  2. Ran Azor -- $1,446,265
  3. Bertrand Grospellier -- $776,245
  4. Christian Harder -- $571,965
  5. Shannon Shorr -- $408,550
  6. Scotty Nguyen -- $285,985

You can view the completed tournaments in Season 7 by reading our Season 7 reports. To see upcoming WPT tournaments, please go to our WPT tournament schedule.

2009 WSOP Circuit Caesar's Palace

Event #22 -- Championship Event

Day 3 -- Final Table

This was the day to battle it out to see who will become champion for the 16 that made it this far. First to go was Matt LaGarde in 16th place ($15,697) followed by Ian Woodley in 15th ($17,939), Jeff Sluzinski in 14th ($17,939), Matt Brady in 13th ($17,939), Manuel Adel in 12th ($20,181), Robert Cheung in 11th ($20,181) and Bert Fujisaki in 10th ($20,181).

So now we have an official final table. From this point on all levels will be 90 minutes long instead of 75. Our 9th place finisher was Evgeny Serebryakov after taking the remainder of his chips and going allin with 2 3 offsuit did not work. Nashaat Antonious left in 8th place courtesy of the pocket J's of Jack Schanbacher. The victory dance was short for Jack Schanbacher as his bid with pocket 7's lost to the pocket K's of Justin Bonomo, resulting in a 7th place finish for Jack. Dwyte Pilgrim who has been hot on the WSOPC tour this year lost to the pocket J's of Justin Bonomo to end up leaving in 6th. Matt Graham was eliminated in 5th after losing to the King kicker of Michael Mizrachi. The very next hand Jeremiah DeGreef was gone in 4th losing to the Ace high hand of Mizrachi. Then on the following hand, Men "The Master" Nguyen walked away in 3rd, losing to the Queen kicker of Justin Bonomo.

Now it is time for the heads up! Justin had 2,500,000 chips verses 2,020,000 belonging to Michael Mizrachi. Things started slow, but soon picked up to where each player was winning huge pots with the potential for the championship win going either way. After 4 hours of action, the winning hand went as follows. Mizrachi pushed everything to the middle preflop holding Jd 9s and was called by Bonomo holding Ks Qd. The table showed Kc 10d 9d Ad 3d. Both players made flush hands, but Bonomo by virtue of his Queen of diamonds held the bigger flush and was declared champion.

  1. Justin Bonomo -- $237,692
  2. Michael Mizrachi -- $143,512
  3. Men "The Master" Nguyen -- $91,937
  4. Jeremiah DeGreef -- $71,756
  5. Matt Graham -- $56,059
  6. Dwyte Pilgrim -- $44,848
  7. Jack Schanbacher -- $35,878
  8. Nashaat Antonious -- $29,151
  9. Evgeny Serebryakov -- $24,666

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