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The Mirage Poker Showdown
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May 14 to May 17

Day 1 -- May 14, 2006
Season 5 of the WPT began at the Mirage in Las Vegas with 384 competitors, which include some of the top players in the world such as Daniel Negreanu, Michael Mizrachi, Men "The Master" Nguyen, John Juanda, T.J. Cloutier, Amir Vahedi, last year's winner Gavin Smith, James Van Alstyne, and Phil Ivey. They were there to compete for a slice of a $3,840,000 prize pool. Payouts will go to the top 36 players and the final table payout schedule for the event is as follows:
  1. $1,294,755
  2. $673,272
  3. $332,937
  4. $221,958
  5. $166,469
  6. $129,476
And when the action was under way, so were the casualties. Jennifer Harman went in the first 10 min of play followed by Layne Flack, Allen Cunningham, Joe Sebok, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Tuan Le, Joe Bartholdi, Freddy Deeb, Martin de Kniff, Mimi Tran, Eskimo Clark, Lee Watkinson, Carlos Mortensen, Erick Lindgren, Scott Fischman, John D'Agostino and Dan Harrington. But as one person loses chips another gains them. And David Williams, Daniel Negreanu, Michael Mizrachi, Farzad Bonyadi, Barry Shulman, Chip Jett, Hasan Habib and recent WSOP Circuit winner John Spadavecchia did well and will go on to Day 2. Here is how the top 6 chip leaders ended up:
  1. David Williams -- 209,550 chips
  2. Delfin Lazaro -- 172,100 chips
  3. John Juanda -- 110,300 chips
  4. Robert Mizrachi -- 101,575 chips
  5. Farzad Bonyadi -- 98,700 chips
  6. Steve Greenburg -- 94,325 chips
Day 2 -- May 15
Day 1 left 195 players to move on to the next round. And as only 27 went on to Day 3, you could count on serious action taking place. The eliminations included Lee Markholt, Kenna James, Barry Greenstein, David Grey, Nam Le winner of Season 4's Bay 101 tournament and Daniel Negreanu. And they went out in the first hour. Others who followed were Chip Jett, Kathy Liebert, Josh Arieh, John Spadavecchia and Sean McCable who just 1st and 2nd at the Main Event that took place at the Caesar's Las Vegas WSOP Circuit Tournament and Gavin Smith who won the event last year was also sent to the sidelines.

Even though a lot of players went out, someone had to float to the top. David Williams had a good day as did Alan Goehring, Hasan Habib, Farzad Bonyadi, David Singer, John Juanda and Eric Mizrachi who remain part of the pack that will move on to Day 3. Here is how the top 6 chip leaders ended up:
  1. Harry Demetriou -- 828,000 chips
  2. Robert Mizrachi -- 693,000 chips
  3. Stan Weiss -- 491,000 chips
  4. Matthew Keikoan -- 485,000 chips
  5. Darrell Dicken -- 457,000 chips
  6. Shane Schleger -- 422,000 chips
Day 3 -- May 16
From 27 top players, we now have the 6 who will play the first WPT final table of Season 5! But punishment was handed out as the day was rough. Short stacked John Juanda was gone in the first 25 minutes. Steve Frederick sent Eli Elezra home and was able to double up through other players. He continued to play hard ending up with 545,000 chips to take a chance at becoming an instant millionaire. And David Williams fought for chips like a samurai going from yesterday's 267,000 to over 900,000 by raking in decisively big pots from Darrell "Gigabet" Dicken, Steve Frederick, and Alan Goehring. But if David was a samurai, Robert Mizrachi was a tank moving his stack from 693,000 to over 2 million. Harry Demetriou ended up with less chips than on Day 2, but it was still good enough to make the final table.

It was Stan Weiss who was the dominate player taking out Eric Mizrachi and David Singer in the process of becoming chip leader. But basically the growth of his stack was from playing solid poker thorough today's round. Come back as we will post who was the winner of the first WPT event of Season 5. Here is how the final table players closed the day:
  1. Stanley Weiss -- 2,437,000 Chips
  2. Robert Mizrachi -- 2,019,000 Chips
  3. Devin Porter -- 964,000 Chips
  4. David Williams -- 921,000 Chips
  5. Harry Demetriou -- 822,000 Chips
  6. Steve Frederick -- 545,000 Chips
Day 4 -- May 17 Final Table
Stanley Weiss became an instant millionaire by winning the Mirage Poker Showdown. Weiss also receives the traditional $25,000 freeroll seat to the WPT championships to be held next year in April. At one point, Weiss almost became eliminated when Harry Demetriou hit three of a kind 2's. (Weiss survived the hand with 3 5's).

The first one out was Robert Mizrachi who started with 2,019,000 in chips. He could not survive an all in move with pocket Q's, losing against Weiss who produced pocket K's. 10 minutes later, Steve Frederick with Ac Kc lost out to David Williams who had 9h 5s when Williams ended up with two pair on the hand. After another two hours period, Williams unfortunately was sent home by Devin Porter who hit three of a kind K's. Then Devin Porter had to leave after first being crippled by Harry Demetriou and then losing the rest of his chips to Harry five hands later.

The winning hand for Stanley Weiss went as follows, Weiss made a pre flop raise of 2 million chips. Next Harry Demetriou (K 6) went all in, which Weiss (K 5) called. Board showed J 9 7 3 5 and Weiss won on the river with a pair of 5's.
  1. Stanley Weiss -- $1,294,755
  2. Harry Demetriou -- $673,272
  3. Devin Porter -- $332,937
  4. David Williams -- $221,958
  5. Steve Frederick -- $166,469
  6. Robert Mizrachi -- $129,476
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