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2009 World Series of Poker

Foxwoods World Poker Open -- WPT Season 4

Foxwoods Casino
March 27 to April 9

Day 1 The first day of the WPT event took place on April 6th. 431 players turned out for a chance at earning $1,331,889 for a payday. Payouts for this tournament is as follows:
  1. $1,331,889
  2. $655,507
  3. $417,520
  4. $292,264
  5. $208,760
  6. $167,008
Lots of names turned up such as last year's winner Nick Schulman, Steve Zolotow, Farzad Bonyadi, Erik Seidel, Isabelle Mercier, John Juanda, Freddy Deeb, Paul Darden, Erick Lindgren, Hoyt Corkins, James Van Alstyne, John D'Agostino, Surinder Sunar, Cliff Josephy, Kathy Liebert and Barry Greenstein. Even rock star Sully Erna of "Godsmack" came out to play. But with only 156 players advancing to Day 2, you know there were casualties. Such as Gavin Smith when his full house got beat by 4 of a kind, David "The Dragon" Pham, Nick Schulman (who was hoping for a repeat win), Joe Sebok, Carlos Mortensen and Evelyn Ng. Here is how the top 6 made out for Day 1:
  1. Greg Monaldi $222,000
  2. Larry Klur $118,000
  3. Steve Zolotow $115,000
  4. Brian Mogelefsky $110,000
  5. Eric Haber $105,000
  6. Alex Jacob $105,000

Day 2 We started the day with 156 players and ended up with 22 remaining for the next round. Here is what happened. In the first hour there were 30 players who busted out. Soon following them were Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy, Erick Lindgren, Brian Mogelefsky, Farzad Bonyadi, Surinder Sunar, Erik Seidel, John D'Agostino, Freddy Deeb, James Van Alstyne, Isabelle Mercier, Bill Gazes, Paul Darden and Hoyt Corkins.

Greg Monaldi who was chip leader yesterday continued to reign building his stack to over 1 million, sending tournament entrants to the sidelines with the precision of a surgeon. Alex Jacobs also did well today raking in sizable pots of 200,000 in challenges today. Day 3 will begin at 8 am PST.

  1. Greg Monaldi -- 1,018,000 Chips
  2. Alex Jacob -- 935,000 Chips
  3. Spyridon Mitrokostas -- 724,000 Chips
  4. Annand Ramdin -- 632,000 Chips
  5. Brent Keller -- 585,000 Chips
  6. Anh Van Nguyen -- 550,000 Chips

Day 3 With 22 players left the days action narrowed it down to the final table. The action moved pretty fast in the beginning with the first player leaving within 16 minutes. Greg Monaldi who did so well on Day 1 and 2 hit a streak of bad luck and went out in 12th position. Anh Van Nguyen who was 6th in chips went out in 15th. But Edward Jordan had a very good day, increasing his chip stack at the expense of Greg Monaldi. Victor Ramdin also steamrolled over allcomers to make the final table. The last day of play will begin on Sunday April 9th at 1:00 PST. Come back to see who became another instant millionaire through playing Texas No Limit Hold'Em!

  1. Edward Jordan 2,875,000 Chips
  2. Annand Ramdin 1,793,000 Chips
  3. Larry Klur 1,687,000 Chips
  4. Alex Jacob 1,066,000 Chips
  5. John Russell 639,000 Chips
  6. Bruce Kater 564,000 Chips

Day 4 Final Table Annand "Victor" Ramdin became the champion of this WPT tournament held at Foxwoods. And a battle it was as Bruce Kater and John Russell were busted out in the first 17 hands. Next to go was Larry Klur and then yesterday's chip leader Edward Jordan followed him.

So the heads up began between Alex Jacob and Annand Ramdin that lasted 45 min, but here is how the hand of the champion played out. Alex in on the button and decides to move all in with Kd Jc. Annand calls holding Ah Js. Next is the flop which shows Qh 7h 3s, turn card was 8s with the river card being an Jh making Annand Ramdin the "Victor". And now that Season 4 has come to a conclusion, get ready for the WPT championship to be held in Las Vegas on April 22-28. Come back as any information we get our hands on regarding the championship event will be posted! Below are the final table results:

  1. Annand "Victor" Ramdin -- $1,331,889
  2. Alex Jacob -- $655,507
  3. Edward Jordan -- $417,520
  4. Larry Klur -- $292,264
  5. John Russell -- $208,760
  6. Bruce Kater -- $167,008

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