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Foxwoods World Poker Finals

Foxwoods Casino
November 12 to November 16, 2006

World Poker Finals -- Day 1
The Foxwoods World Poker Finals tournament had 609 players who paid $10,000 each for an entry fee to the WPT event. Action was scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m., actually started at 10:13 with players still coming in at 10:35. (Guess the officials were the only ones not having a good time the night before.) Lots of big players filed into the Sunset Ballroom at Foxwoods like Michael Mizrachi, Rob Mizrachi, Mike Matusow, Tom Franklin, Phil Ivey, Mark Newhouse, John "Tex" Barch, Vanessa Rousso, John D'Agostino, Tuan Le and Melissa Hayden. Everyone received 20,000 chips to start with blinds at $25/$50, no ante.

But once things got underway, players were sent to the rail by the ton. Among the busted were Scotty Nguyen, Lee Markholt, Bill Chen, Erick Lindgren, David Williams, J.C. Tran, Marcello Del Grosso, Barry Shulman of Card Player Magazine, Eric Froehlich, Ed Moncada, Mike Matusow, T.J. Cloutier, Joe Sebok, Gavin Smith and David Singer. Doyle Brunson was eliminated after his pocket A's lost out to the flush of Devin Porter. Victor Ramdin also left the tournament courtesy of Devin Porter after Ramdin's pocket 8's were not good enough to survive the pocket J's that Porter had. Remaining cards drawn did not help either player. By the time 8:30 p.m. came around, Day 1 ended with 171 contenders left to move to the next round. Stay with us as we report what happens! Here are the top 6 players with chip counts:
  1. Daryn Firicano -- 340,000 chips
  2. Jim Pechac -- 220,000 chips
  3. Erik Cajelais -- 210,000 chips
  4. Nenad Medic -- 160,000 chips
  5. Jon Friedberg -- 158,000 chips
  6. Peter Giordano -- 156,000 chips

World Poker Finals -- Day 2
Day 2 began at noon on the 13th of November. Here are the payouts for the final table players:

  1. $1,717,194
  2. $904,389
  3. $472,228
  4. $343,439
  5. $257,579
  6. $257,579
Money will go to the top 60 finalists. Blinds began at level 10 with $1,000/$2,000 plus a $300 ante. Bustouts began quickly as Hoyt Corkins sent Jeff Madsen to the rail after Madsen's A K lost out to Corkin's A Q. The board showed Qh 7s 5h 4c 4, giving Corkins two pair and the win. Others who were eliminated were "Miami" John Cernuto, Chris Reslock, Tuan Le, Cliff Josephy, Devin Porter, Padraig Parkinson, Joe Tehan, Chad Brown, Michael Binger, Jean-Robert Bellande and Barry Greenstein who lost an all-in move to Nenad Medic. By the time 9:00 p.m. came around, this round of play ended with 30 players left to fight for the seats at the final table. Here are the top 6 players with chip counts for Day 2:
  1. Erik Cajelais -- 1,163,000 chips
  2. Nenad Medic -- 1,000,500 chips
  3. Frank Dennehy -- 880,500 chips
  4. "Mimi" Tran -- 768,500 chips
  5. Kathy Liebert -- 684,000 chips
  6. Chris Boyadjian -- 580,000 chips

World Poker Finals -- Day 3
The battle to become one of the six at the final table started at noon, with blinds at $6,000/$12,000 with a $1,500 ante. Over the next 9 hours, a number of surprises took place. Daniel Negreanu went out in 27th place after his pocket A's lost out to the K 6 of Nenad Medic. Medic raised preflop which was called by Negreanu. Flop produced Kd 8s 6c and when Negreanu saw that he went all in with his remaining chips. Medic called the move and made Daniel sick when he turned over his cards for two pair. Remaining cards did not improve either player and Negreanu goes to the sidelines. Pete Giordano was also busted in 21st place by Medic when his Qc 5d lost out to Medic's 7s 5s after Medic makes a flush with his cards. Clonie Gowan left the tournament with 25 grand for 25th place after calling her opponents all in move with pocket K's. The other player had pocket 9's. When the cards were drawn, another 9 came out giving her opponent trips to win the hand.

Kathy Liebert was totally on fire, winning pot after pot, earning her spot at the final table. Nenad Medic has also given a powerful performance this tournament. By consistently staying in the top 6 every day, he has been rewarded with a final table seat. E.G. Harvin comes to the table as chip leader by racking up lots of wins, especially winning a big pot in a face off with Michael Omelchuk. And with Mimi Tran plus Michael Perry at the table, this should prove to be highly entertaining to see who is made an instant millionaire by winning this tournament! Come back as we will provide what happens at the table. Here are the final table players with their chips:

  1. E.G. Harvin -- 4,680,000 chips
  2. "Mimi" Tran -- 2,519,000 chips
  3. Kathy Liebert -- 2,500,000 chips
  4. Nenad Medic -- 1,281,000 chips
  5. Michael Perry -- 682,000 chips
  6. Michael Omelchuk -- 533,000 chips

World Poker Finals -- Final Table
The Grand Ballroom at Foxwoods was packed to see who would win the million dollar plus prize for first place. They also wanted to see if the two women at the final table would become the first female to win a WPT championship. Action began at 4:00 p.m. EST with blinds at $15,000/$30,000 blinds and $3,000 antes. The first elimination took place on the very first hand when Michael Perry called an all in move from E.G. Harvin. Perry turned over pocket K's and Harvin showed 2d 2h. Board came up with Ah Kh 3h 8d 10h, giving Harvin the flush for the win. Next to go in 5th was Kathy Liebert whose flush hand was beat by a bigger nut flush hand, also from Harvin. 4th place winner Michael Omelchuk too was sent packing by Harvin, receiving over $300,000 for his efforts. Harvin's final victim before the heads up was Mimi Tran who lost to Harvin's paired Aces on that particular hand.

During this onslaught by Harvin, Nenad Medic slowly built up his chips to 5,805,000 which was close to Harvin's 6,640,000 when it came time for the heads up duel. Blinds were at $40,000/$80,000 with $10,000 antes. Thirteen hands into the battle, it was all over. On a flop of 5c 5d 3d, Harvin checked and Medic bet 150,000. Harvin raises to 650,000 and Medic makes the call. Turn card is a 9s. Harvin then bet 1,000,000 which made Medic stop to think for a minute or two before calling. River card was a 9c and Harvin moves all in. Medic made the call and produced 7c 5h for a full house which beat Harvin's Ac Jh. Medic, a 22 year old professional player not only became an instant millionaire, but received a free seat to the WPT championships at the Bellagio to be held in 2007.

  1. Nenad Medic -- $1,717,194
  2. E.G. Harvin -- $904,389
  3. Mimi Tran -- $472,228
  4. Michael Omelchuk -- $343,439
  5. Kathy Liebert -- $257,579
  6. Michael Perry -- $200,340

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