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Mirage Poker Showdown Tournament
WPT Season 6

Mirage Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada
May 7 to May 23, 2007

Main Event -- Day 1
As we come closer to the start of thw WSOP, there has been a lot of talk about the effects of the UIGEA on the environment of online poker. Reason being is that over the past 3 years most of the players at the big events have come from online poker rooms. With 309 entrants, the field is pretty small. But it only meant that the participants were of high grade in talent and skill.

Payout schedule for the top 6 players:

  1. $1,066,295
  2. $561,369
  3. $259,369
  4. $172,912
  5. $129,684
  6. $100,865
Here are the list of the top players on Day 1:
  1. Eric Froehlich -- 200,000 chips
  2. Randy Holland -- 175,500 chips
  3. David Pham -- 162,000 chips
  4. Alfredo "Toto" Leonidas -- 130,000 chips
  5. Phil Ivey -- 125,000 chips
  6. David 'Chip' Reese -- 120,000 chips

Main Event -- Day 2
The 144 players who survived Day 1 reassembled at noon to play the next round at the Mirage. Action starts at level 6, with blinds of $400/$800 and a $75 ante. Today's field played through 5 levels. Eliminations began very quickly as Erick Seidel was busted out by Darrell Dicken within the first 15 min. Seidel was followed by Barry Greenstein, Nenad Medic, Tom McEvoy and Dustin Woolf. Johnny Chan got very angry after his all-in move with A K off suit was beaten by another players flush. He crumpled up his cards and stormed out of the tournament, forcing the dealer to request a new set of cards. Wow!

Phil Ivey was on fire for Day 2. He busted one player with pocket 5's which turned into a set, cracking the other persons pocket A's. He also won a big pile against Steve Sung which pushed his stack to over 260,000. Others who did well include Cory Carroll 241,000, Chip Reese 175,000, Eric Froehlich 166,200, Alan Goehring 141,500, David Pham 97,900 and Shannon Shorr 65,200. They will be among the 40 players to go on to Day 3 which will start at noon. Here are the top 6 with chip counts:

  1. Darrell Dicken -- 501,900 chips
  2. Phil Ivey -- 284,900 chips
  3. Mikko Pispala -- 279,300 chips
  4. John D'Agostino -- 279,100 chips
  5. Richard Kirsch -- 260,000 chips
  6. Jon Friedberg -- 245,600 chips

Main Event -- Day 3
Day 3 began with 40 players at 12 noon with the initial goal of stopping at 27, then if time allows maybe going to 18. WPT champion Alan Goehring sent a player home in the first 10 min of play after his pocket 10's dominated the other player's A 7 offsuit. Daniel Alaei was sent to the rail in 39th place after he lost to the other player's A Q. He was followed by Eric Froehlich, Burt Boutin, Chip Reese, Haralabos Voulgaris in 25th place and John Esposito.

Darrell Dicken put the pedal to the metal and continued to hold onto the chip leader spot going into Day 4. Phil Ivey also grew his stack to over 500,000 at one point before coming down to 475,000 making the cut. Others who will follow these two to the next round include Shannon Shorr 197,000, Jonathan Little 300,000, John D'Agostino 186,000, Jon Friedberg 145,000 and Alan Goehring who ended the day short stacked at 60,000. The next round will begin at noon and then we will see who makes the final table. Here are the top 6 players with chip counts:

  1. Darrell Dicken -- 1,167,000 chips
  2. Cory Carroll -- 697,000 chips
  3. Richard Kirsch -- 610,000 chips
  4. David Peat -- 550,000 chips
  5. Amnon Filippi -- 532,000 chips
  6. Phil Ivey -- 475,000 chips

Main Event -- Day 4
Tournament Day 4 began at 12 noon with the blinds at $4,000/$8,000 with a $1,000 ante. Alan Goehring was eliminated in 17th place in a crushing 3 way hand that included Darrell Dicken and another player. The other player bet which was called by Dicken and Goehring went all-in with his last few chips. Flop was 9 9 9, turn card a 10. After a 150,000 raise by Dicken, the other player folded. Dicken then turned over 9c 7s. Goehring just mucked his cards and walked away from the table. John D'Agostino left in 14th place after his A K was bested by Richard Kirsch who held pocket 8's.

The tournament monster of Day 4 was Phil Ivey who jumped from 475,000 to over 1.3 million in chips, making him the chip leader going into the final table. And Darrell "Gigabet" Dicken took out Shannon Shorr 13th, David "The Dragon" Pham 11th and Randy Holland 9th. All of this top talent will make a very hot final table which will begin at 5 p.m.
  1. Phil Ivey -- 1,395,000 chips
  2. Cory Carroll -- 1,235,000 chips
  3. Darrell Dicken -- 1,203,000 chips
  4. Jonathan Little -- 956,000 chips
  5. Richard Kirsch -- 810,000 chips
  6. Amnon Filippi -- 571,000 chips
Main Event Final Table
Play began at 5 p.m. and Phil Ivey made his 7th WPT final table appearance. As the chip leader it seemed he was in contention for his first WPT title. But things did not go as expected. Just ask Amnon Filippi who was busted in 6th place in the second hand of play! Filippi's Ace high straight which he got on the flop, lost out to Cory Carroll's Ace high flush which he received by the river card. Phil Ivey went out in 5th on a bad beat in a hand with Jonathan Little. In that hand, Little raised preflop and it was called by Ivey, and the flop showed 8c 8s 3c. Both players check and a Jc comes on the turn. Little raised, Ivey moves all-in and Little calls. Ivey shows Qc 2c for a Queen high flush and Little has Ad 8d. The river card was a Ace giving Little a full house and denying Ivey a chance to become a WPT champion.

Fourth place went to Richard Kirsch after his A 10 lost to Little's A J when the remaining cards did not help either player. About 34 hands later, Darrell Dicken went out in 3rd when he did not make his straight against Cory Carroll who did pair his King with another one.

When the heads up began, both players were very close in chips. Little had 3,050,000 and Carroll had 3,125,000. In the battle that lasted 1 hr and 45 min, both players were cautious in their play. Then after 42 hands were played, the winning hand took place. On this finale Carroll raised and Little went all-in with As 2s, Carroll called with Ah 7d. The board showed 10d 5c 2h 2c Qh, giving Little a set of 2's and the championship!
  1. Jonathan Little -- $1,066,295
  2. Cory Carroll -- $561,369
  3. Darrell Dicken -- $259,369
  4. Richard Kirsch -- $172,912
  5. Phil Ivey -- $129,684
  6. Amnon Filippi -- $100,865
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