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Borgata Poker Open WPT Season 9

Borgata Casino and Hotel
September 18 - 23, 2010

Day 1

Once again the low buy-in for a WPT event has drawn historic numbers to the tables. The 1,042 who came over the Day 1A and 1B split eclipsed the record set last year with 1,018 players. Buy-in was reduced to just $3,500 and created a prize pool of $3,438,600 which ensured the $2 million guaranteed pool which would be divided between the top 100 finishers. The final table players will see these amounts for their efforts:

  1. $733,802
  2. $440,945
  3. $266,835
  4. $223,475
  5. $183,449
  6. $148,427
Some of the players who came to play were last year's champion Oliver Busquet, Jerry Yang, John D'Agostino, Dwight Pilgrim, Gavin Smith, Carter Gil, Alexander Kim, Jonathan Little, Lars Bonding, Nick Binger, Anthony Harb, WPT announcer Mike Sexton (should be interesting coverage), Robert Varkonyi, actor James Woods, Steve Dannenmann, Steve Zolotow and Douglas Kim. Here are the top 6 players with chip counts going into Day 2 with 641 players remaining:
  1. Vincenzo Abate -- 201,450
  2. Jeremy Maher -- 176,875
  3. Adel Jo -- 1660,525
  4. Marc Lome -- 147,675
  5. Jacobo Fernandez -- 145,100
  6. Anthony Licastro -- 139,000

No news on Days 2 and 3. Sorry!

Day 4

On the battle for a spot at the final table. WPT commentator Mike Sexton finished in 20th place, ending a hot run in this tournament. And Oliver Busquet who fought bravely to defend his title earned in 2009, lasted until today, taking home the cash for the 25th place finisher. John D'Agostino who would have made his 3rd WPT televised final table, was denied and ended his quest in 14th place. Anthony Harb finished in 21st and with that the final table has been set. Here are the players with chip counts below:

  1. Ofir Mor � 7,300,000
  2. Benjamin Klier � 6,125,000
  3. Brandon Novena � 5,125,000
  4. Dwyte Pilgrim � 4,800,000
  5. Kia Mohajeri � 4,225,000
  6. Daniel Makowsky � 3,300,000

Final Table

When heads up play began, Mohajeri had a 3 to 2 chip led by holding 19 of the 31 million chips in play. But it only took 45 minutes to declare a champion. On the final hand, both players saw a flop of K 10 9. When the turn card of 7 hit the felt, Pilgrim led out with 2 million and Mohajeru replied with and all-in move and was immediately called by Pilgrim. Mohajeri turned over two pair (K's and 9's), but Pilgrim revealed a King high straight with the Q and J in his posession. When the river card of 5 came, Dwight Pilgrim knew he had his first major title. It was easy to see the happiness of Pilgrim as he fell to the floor in tears. Later on the 28 year old Pilgrim said he felt like Babe Ruth, citing the fact that Ruth was not only the home run king but the strike out king as well. This was how he arrived to this point in life by taking every opportunity that came his way to play just like Ruth did when he went to bat.

  1. Dwyte Pilgrim � $733,802 First WPT Championship Title!
  2. Kia Mohajeri � $440,945
  3. Ofir Mor � $266,835
  4. Brandon Novena � $223,475
  5. Daniel Makowsky � $183,449
  6. Ben Klier � $148,427

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