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Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic
WPT Season 4

Bellagio Hotel and Casino
December 13 - 17, 2005

Main Event Day 1 555 players entered this Who's Who of poker, each paying $15,000 for the privilige. The resulting prize pool is $8,075,250. The lucky first place finisher will become a instant millionaire earning $2,078,185 with second place not doing bad at all taking home $1,046,470. Only the top 100 will be paid so we can count on seeing exciting action from this event. There were so many players that the field had to be split into 3 areas of the Casino (the regular poker room, the Fontana Lounge and the ultra-high-limit Bobby's Room).

Some of the names attending are Anthony Reategui, Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson, David Pham, Victor Ramdin, Hoyt Corkins, Men Nguyen, Lyle Berman, Johnny Chan, Gus Hansen, Marcel Luske, Pat Poels, Martin de Knijff, Surinder Sunar, Mike Matusow, Mimi Tran, Joe Hachem, Gabe Thaler, Lee Watkinson, Cyndy Violette, Mike Wattel, Robert Mizrachi and actor Tobey Maguire. That was just to name a few!

By the time the day ended, there were 349 players left to move on to Day 2. What was facinating is that the chip leader is not know much outside of Europe and the online poker world who is Patrik Antonius. He has won or placed well in European Poker Tournaments and plans to make a name for himself here. Day 2 will begin at 12:00 noon tommorrow. Here are the top 6 chip leaders at this point:
  1. Patrik Antonius -- 226,725 Chips
  2. Michael Mizrachi -- 172,175 Chips
  3. Joe Sebok -- 159,975 Chips
  4. Barny Boatman -- 135,600 Chips
  5. Ernie Scherer -- 132,550 Chips
  6. Sam Farha 128,500 Chips
Main Event Day 2 Patrik Antonius fought hard to retain the position of chip leader for Day 2 of the tournament. He was at the same table as agressive Michael Mizrachi, so his work was cut out for him. But some were not too fortunate like Men "The Master" Nguyen who was leading the point count for Card Player's Player of the Year award, along with John Juanda, Paul Darden, Jennifer Harman, Scotty Nguyen, Hoyt Corkins and Robert Williamson III. By the time the dust settled, 120 players were left for Day 3. The top 6 players along with chip counts are below:
  1. Patrik Antonius -- 644,300 Chips
  2. Darrell Dicken -- 542,200 Chips
  3. Alan Goehring -- 434,600 Chips
  4. Doyle Brunson -- 418,000 Chips
  5. Phil Laak -- 364,100 Chips
  6. Barny Boatman -- 330,500 Chips
Main Event Day 3 A lot of activity took place on Day 3. For one the tournament pays out to 100th place, beginning at $24,150. Today would see Jimmy Tran become the "bubble boy" leaving in 101th place at about 2:30 p.m. PST. After that 76 more players collected their winnings, leaving 26 to continue on to Day 4. Among those who left include Roland De Wolfe (94th), David Plastik (82nd), Cliff Josephy (81st), John Gale(77th), Abraham Gray (72nd), Alan Goehring (52nd), Barry Greenstein (38th) and Joe Sebok (31st). Patrik Antonius of European Poker Tour fame, who had been leading the chip leaders for the past two days got knocked off the pedastle, but still is in the running in 5th place. Doyle Brunson has been putting in a solid performance, going into Day 4 with over 1 million chips. And Joanne Liu moved up from yesterdays 18th position to chip leader with amazing grace. Day 4 will begin at 12 noon PST on Thursday. Come back for updates!
  1. Joanne "J.J." Liu -- 1,980,000 Chips
  2. Rehne Pedersen -- 1,460,000 Chips
  3. Joe Cassidy -- 1,207,000 Chips
  4. Bengt Sonnert -- 1,194,000 Chips
  5. Patrik Antonius -- 1,121,000 Chips
  6. Doyle Brunson -- 1,110,000 Chips
Main Event Day 4 "J.J." Liu once again displayed her poker talent which allowed her to retain the chip lead going into the final table. And with her comes the chance to see the first female to take a WPT championship. But with tons of talent like Doyle Brunson, (who could earn a WPT and a WSOP tournament win if he should be victorious here), Phil Laak and Patrick Antonius of European poker fame, Liu's WPT title will be well earned. Whoever the winner turns out to be will take home $2,078,185 for a first place win. The final table will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Bellagio.
  1. Joanne "J.J." Liu -- 3,630,000 Chips
  2. Darrell Dicken -- 3,510,000 Chips
  3. Rehne Pedersen -- 3,225,000 Chips
  4. Phil Laak -- 2,505,000 Chips
  5. Doyle Brunson -- 2,030,000 Chips
  6. Patrik Antonius -- 1,755,000 Chips
Main Event Day 5 Final Table This final table was so packed with people at the Bellagio to where even V.I.P.'s had a hard time finding a seat. Things began at 7:15 p.m. (PST). Phil Laak was the first to go out as his all in bluff, (Kd 3c), was immediately called by Patrick Antonius holding pocket A's who won Phil's 2 million+ chip stack as the prize. Pedersen had his stack go up and down, but in the process saw Darrell Dicken out the door in 5th place. Joanne Liu who played magnificently in this tournament won big hands and pots as well, but ended up going out in 4th place. Doyle Bruson who at one point had 9,000,000 in his chip stack, went out in 3rd place when his all in hand, (Kh-Js), was out done by Pedersen who held pocket K's. This is a must see final table that will have to be watched when it comes out on the Travel Channel.

The winning hand came when Pedersen had the button and Antonius was forced all in for the big blind. Pedersen showed pocket 8's to Antonius's Ks 7s. Next 9d 6c 3s came up on the flop, turn card was 3c and the river card was Jc allowing Pedersen to win with two pair. As the winner Rehne not only became an instant millionaire, but also received a $25,000 entry into the WPT championships that will take place in 2006.
  1. Rehne Pedersen -- $2,078,185
  2. Patrik Antonius -- $1,046,470
  3. Doyle Brunson -- $563,485
  4. Joanne "J.J." Liu -- $362,140
  5. Darrell Dicken -- $241,495
  6. Phil "Unabomber" Laak -- $241,495
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