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2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open -- WPT Season 4
January 29 - February 1, 2006

Day 1 Jan 29 On the first day of the Borgata Winter Poker Open, 373 players decided to compete for the lion's share of a $3,695,700 prize pool of which the winner will receive $1,173,373. Money will go to the top 75 players. Payouts for the final table will be as follows:

  1. $1,173,373
  2. $591,312
  3. $282,721
  4. $184,785
  5. $147,828
  6. $110,871
David Williams, Steve Dannenman, Bill Gazes, Eric Seidel, Joe Sebok, Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu, Freedy Deeb, Chip Jett, Phil Ivey, Kathy Liebert, Alan Goehring, David Pham, J.J. Liu, John D´┐ŻAgostino, Carlos Mortensen, Michael Gracz, John Phan, Cliff Josephy, Eric Haber, Nick Schulman, Erik Lindgren, Robert Mizrachi, Barry Greenstein, John Gale, Andrew Black, Eugene Todd, Alex Todd, David Levi and Scotty Nguyen who just won the WPT Jack Binion Event were among the names in attendance. Running from major tournament to tournament can take their toll on players, as Phil Ivey reportedly went to his room to take a quick 3 hour nap with plenty of chips at his seat. Layne Flack came to the party 4 hours late but still had plenty of chips to fight with. Play continued down to 164 who will sit down at the tables again tomorrow. Here are the top 6 with chip counts:
  1. Cliff Josephy 386,200 Chips
  2. Joseph Miceli 179,700 Chips
  3. Michael Hickman 174,900 Chips
  4. Frank Vizza 147,800 Chips
  5. John Cullen 137,000 Chips
  6. Erik Seidel 130,300 Chips

Day 2 Jan 30 This round began with 164 players all trying to get one step closer to the first prize of $1,173,373 making the champion an instant millionaire. From the gate, lots of big names were eliminated from contention. Names like David Williams, Carlos Mortensen, Freddy Deeb and Steve Dannenmann. Reportedly, Barry Greenstein went out on the very first hand of the day.

But luck smiled on a few players, one being Erick Lindgren who pulled a Royal Flush and took down a 360,000 chip pot. He said the last one he received was 12 years ago. John D'Agostino was also on fire as he went from 50,000 chips at the start of the day to 988,000 chips and becoming the chip leader! By the time the dust settled at the end of this round, only 33 players will play tomorrow. Day 3 will begin at noon on Jan 31st and here is how the top 6 players made out:

  1. John D'Agostino -- 988,000 Chips
  2. Kenny Schuyler -- 734,000 Chips
  3. Cliff Josephy -- 673,000 Chips
  4. William Edler -- 529,000 Chips
  5. Dane Jorgensen -- 519,000 Chips
  6. John Duthie -- 465,000 Chips

Day 3 Jan 31 Today 33 players sat down at the tables, but only 6 will make the final table. And the eliminations began with Erik Seidel having his A K defeated by an opponent with paired Q's. He was joined by Chris Reslock, Cliff Josephy and Bill Edler courtesy of Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi who was hammering players for chips everywhere today. Mizrachi is on fire as this will be a back to back WPT final table apperance for him. He also made the final table at the Jack Binion WPT event held recently on January 26th. Someone else who was doubling and tripling up was the top notch online player Stu "The Donator" Patterson. Stu has decided to move his skills to the brick and mortar tables, which helped him make the final table.

Players Erick Lindgren and John D'Agostino took the route of careful, solid play as the method to make the final table. In one hand where Erick went up against John, Erick decided to lay down his hand which was pocket 10's. John who won the pot decided to show his hand which was.......pocket 10's. Final table play will begin at 5:00 p.m. on Feb 1.

  1. Erick Lindgren -- 2,635,000 chips
  2. Michael Mizrachi -- 2,040,000 chips
  3. Josh Spiegelman -- 1,635,000 chips
  4. John D'Agostino -- 1,340,000 chips
  5. Stu Patterson -- 1,060,000 chips
  6. Amnon Filippi -- 820,000 chips

Final Table 3 Feb 1 Michael Mizrachi became this events champion taking home $1,173,373 brought in by beautiful women, a $25,000 entry into the WPT championships and a 2006 Cadillac Escalade. He eliminated chip leader Erick Lindgren, online phenom Stuart Patterson and highly rated John D'Agostino in his quest to become the tournament winner.

The hand that won the event and a vehicle big enough to haul away the winnings went like this. Michael limped in on the button and was checked by John D'Agostino. The table flop showed Jc 9h 6s. John checks and Michael bets 120,000 chips and is called. Turn card was 2s, John again checks and Michael bets 425,000 chips. John goes all in and is called by Michael. John's hand is Ks 10d and Michael has Jh 6c giving him two pair. River card is 10h, making Michael Mizrachi both richer and happier once again. (Hey, when you're good you're good!)

  1. Michael Mizrachi -- $1,173,373
  2. John D'Agostino -- $591,312
  3. Erick Lindgren -- $282,721
  4. Amnon Filippi -- $184,785
  5. Josh Spiegelman -- $147,828
  6. Stuart Patterson -- $110,871

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