Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship

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WPT Season 4
2009 World Series of Poker

Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship
WPT Season 4

The Bellagio
October 18 - 21

Day 1 The Doyle Brunson event has begun and 420 players ponied up $10,000 each to participate, helping to create a $4,074,000 prize pool. Names such as Chau Giang, Mike Matusow, Chris Ferguson, David Oppenheim, Johnny Chan, Can Kim Hua, Evelyn Ng, Kristy Gazes, Alan Goehring, David Williams, Jennifer Harman Traniello along with the legendary Doyle Brunson are competing for a first prize of $1,060,000 plus a free seat to the WPT championships. Payouts will continue to 100th place.

Although Doyle was not among the top 6 chip counts, he did make it through Day 1. Of those who did not make it include Chip Jett, Scott Fischman, Mark Seif, Erik Seidel, and David Grey who was eliminated by Evelyn Ng. Here are how the top 6 players with chip counts came out:
  1. Chau Giang 208,900 chips
  2. Joe Rutledge 178,425 chips
  3. Arthur Rhea 110,025 chips
  4. Michael Gracz 100,925 chips
  5. Abraham Gray 99,150 chips
  6. Bob Rahimi 97,375 chips

Day 2 A lot of changes took place today as the field began with 213 players. Chau Giang who was the Day 1 chip leader was eliminated in 54th place. Doyle Brunson only played 30 min before going out, but not without a round of applause. Others who went to the buffet line at the Bellagio were Evelyn Ng, Jim Meehan, Erick Lindgren, David Williams, Daniel Negreanu, Mike Matusow and Josh Arieh. (Some of our staff have been at their buffet, it's not that bad!) Action slowed as the payout bubble position of 100 came near, but after poor Kent Goulding went out in 101th place, things picked up. And in just a little over 7 hours the field went down to 39 players for Day 3 which will see the action continue until the 6 for the final table has been reached. Here are how the top 6 players with chip counts came out for Day 2:

  1. Ernie Scherer 675,500 chips
  2. Gavin Smith 497,500 chips
  3. Tony Grand 457,000 chips
  4. Michael Gracz 402,500 chips
  5. Dan Harrington 375,000 chips
  6. Young Phan 362,500 chips

Day 3 From 39 players, we are now down to 6 for the final table. This day began at 12:00 noon and the first elimination came in five minutes when a player's pocket A's lost to Gus Hansen with pocket K's. Eskimo Clark and Jim McManus also went out in the next ten minutes. But things did not go the way Gus wanted them to as he eventually went all in, lost, and left in 21st place. Two players that did have things go well were Minh Ly and Dan Harrington who amassed huge chip piles by going all in with superior starting hands such as pocket A's, K's and Q's on decisive hands, and came out winning big. By the time the day ended these two held 2/3's of the chips that will be at the final table. Final table action will begin at 7:00 p.m. on the 21st. Here are the final table players reached by the end of Day 3:

  1. Minh Ly 3,056,000 chips
  2. Dan Harrington 2,937,000 chips
  3. Gavin Smith 1,368,000 chips
  4. Don Zewin 552,000 chips
  5. Jan Sorensen 370,000 chips
  6. Tony Grand 118,000 chips

Final Table Results Minh Ly became the winner of the Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship receiving $1,060,050 and a seat to the 2006 WPT championships. The winning hand came when Minh Ly on the button went all in with Jc 3h, Dan Harrington called with his Ah 5c. The dealer flopped 9d 6c 3s, turn card was Ks and the river was 7d giving Ly the victory with a pair of threes! Here is how the players of the final table faired:

  1. Minh Ly $1,060,050
  2. Dan Harrington $620,730
  3. Gavin Smith $327,610
  4. Don Zewin $189,630
  5. Jan Sorensen $137,940
  6. Tony Grand $96,560

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