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2008 WSOP Event 20 Limit Hold'em

Individual Event Reports

Event 20 -- Limit Hold'em Day 1

The 20th event at the World Series of Poker had 480 players in it who paid $2,000 for the right to participate. Prize pool size reached $873,600 that will go to the top 45 in the event. Here is the payout schedule for the final table:

  1. $204,863
  2. $126,672
  3. $78,624
  4. $63,336
  5. $51,542
  6. $40,622
  7. $31,886
  8. $25,334
  9. $18,782
As with any WSOP event, the big names were everywhere. Seen at the tables were Phil Ivey, Cyndi Violette, Victor Ramdin, Robert Williamson III, Joe Sebok, Phil Hellmuth Jr., Shannon Shorr, Dewey Tomko, Marcel Luske, David Chiu, J.C. Tran, William Chen, Daniel Negreanu and Humberto Brenes. This round of tournament play lasted from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am the next day with only 125 surviving to go on to the next round that will continue at 3:00 pm. Here are the top 9 players with chip counts:
  1. Daniel Makowsky 49,200
  2. Eric Buchman 46,500
  3. Alon Croitoru 33,700
  4. Daniel Negreanu 32,200
  5. Casey Mccarrel 31,600
  6. Ayaz Mahmood 30,700
  7. Brendan Taylor 30,300
  8. Hien Tran 30,100
  9. Ardell Willis 30,000

Event 20 -- Limit Hold'em Day 2

Blinds were at 300/600 to continue action where it left off earlier this morning. Daniel Negreanu gave a strong performance as he stayed in the top 9 and even became chip leader at one point in the day. Phil Hellmuth was not so lucky. He went down to less than 10,000 chips and had problems attracting action when he had great cards and more problems winning when they weren't so great. Eventually, the self proclaimed, "Greatest Hold'Em Player in The World" busted out and did not make the final table. Amnon Filipi also busted out and from the way he stormed out, he was not happy.

The final table was decided around 5:30 am on June 12. They will come back to finish the competition for the bracelet at 3:00 pm on June 12.

  1. David Baker 409,000
  2. Ugur Marangoz 402,000
  3. Daniel Negreanu 308,000
  4. Greg Wohletz 301,000
  5. Richard Li 195,000
  6. Derek Lerner 133,000
  7. Fu Wong 67,000
  8. Hien Tran 58,000
  9. Jeremy Kottler 47,000

Event 20 -- Limit Hold'em Final Table

Here are excerpts from the summary as given by the WSOP:

The $2,000 buy-in Limit Hold'em champion for 2008 is Daniel Negreanu He is a professional poker player and bona fide poker celebrity. Few players command public attention or crowd adulation like the Canadian-born superstar. Negreanu collected $204,863 for first place. He also earned his fourth WSOP gold bracelet. To date, Negreanu now has 29 WSOP career cashes.

The final table started play at 2:30 pm and ended at 9:10 pm. making it one of the shorter final tables so far at this years WSOP.

On the final hand Negreanu limped in and Marangoz checked. Both players saw a flop of K 5 5. Each player checked and a Q came on the turn. River card was a 3 and got a bet from Marangoz. Negreanu put his opponent all-in with Marangoz calling. Daniel Negreanu showed 9 5 for a set of 5's which prompted Marangoz to muck his hand. After the win, Negreanu shouted, "Negreanu -1, Ivey - 0" which referred to a $200,000 wager he has with Phil Ivey to see who would win the most bracelets in 2008 between them.

  1. Daniel Negreanu -- $204,863
  2. Ugur Marangoz -- $126,672
  3. David Baker -- $78,624
  4. Richard Li -- $63,336
  5. Fu Wong -- $51,542
  6. Jeremy Kottler -- $40,622
  7. Greg Wohletz -- $31,886
  8. Derek Lerner -- $25,334
  9. Hien Tran -- $18,782

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