2008 Event 27 No-Limit Hold’em

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2008 WSOP Event 27 No-Limit Hold’em

Individual Event Reports

Event 27 No-Limit Hold’em Day 1

In another huge field at the WSOP, this event had 2,706 players in the field. After each paid $1,500 to participate, a cash pool of $3,693,690 was created that will be split between the top 270 players.

The rate of eliminations was almost chaotic in pace, with the field reaching the money before the tournament director said thats enough play for now. By the end of the day there were 224 players left.

  1. Bernard Lee 166,400
  2. Philip Yeh 155,200
  3. Marc Tschirch 145,100
  4. Rainer Meyer 139,600
  5. Kyle Wilson 133,300
  6. Michael Skomac 108,900
  7. Joe Awada 108,200
  8. Albert Iverson 98,500
  9. Mike Abbott 95,600

Event 27 No-Limit Hold’em Day 2

Payout schedule for the final table:

  1. $628,290
  2. $387,837
  3. $277,027
  4. $232,702
  5. $190,225
  6. $149,594
  7. $112,658
  8. $84,955
  9. $57,991
Below are the names of the players who have the top 9 chip counts, but there will be 17 that will compete for the bracelet an Day 3. One is Deb Blair who is the last lady standing, so we'll see how good she does in the race for the title of champion.

Some of the casualties of Day 2 included Jean-Robert Bellande who had been terrorizing Philip Yeh during play today. Bellande with his motor mouth running, went all-in with A Q only to meet the A K of Yeh and went to the rail after no other cards helped either player. Humberto Brenes also was eliminated after going all in with the remainder of his stack with 6 5 and being beat by everyone elses hand.

With mostly all the players outside of Yeh being unknowns, chances are good a new champion will be born rewarded with all the long hours at the tables with a beautiful gold bracelet.
  1. Vitaly Lunkin 912,000
  2. Kenneth Terrell 888,000
  3. Barry Schultz 858,000
  4. Philip Yeh 819,000
  5. Jordan Smith 789,000
  6. Bobby Firestone 544,000
  7. Carl Jerome 495,000
  8. Trevor Donaldson 470,000
  9. Jeffrey Brown 337,000

Event 27 No-Limit Hold’em Final Table

Action began around 2:30 pm and lasted until 1:30 am the next day. It took 2 hours for the 17 to be whittled down into 9 for the final table. Philip Yeh was the first to leave in 9th courtesy of Vitaly Lunkin when Lunkin made two pair by the river (J's and 5's). Robert Brown lost his bid for the bracelet to leave in 8th when his opponent outkicked him with an A card. Barry Schultz was sent to the rail in 7th after Bobby Firestone made a bigger two pair than the one he made. Firestone also sent Richard Alm out for fresh air in 6th with pocket 7's, defeating the all-in move of Alm. The next victim of Firestone was Trevor Donaldson in 5th who crushed Donaldson's A K with pocket K's. Kenneth Terrell was busted in 4th after meeting the pocket J's of Vitaly Lunkin. Lunkin then sent Bobby Firestone to the rail with a Jack high straight to pick up the payout for 3rd.

"He called me Jack high!" -- Ellix Powers 2007 WSOP Event 43

The chip stacks got big as the heads up began. Vitaly Lunkin had 3,500,000 and Brett Kimes shouldered 4,700,000 on his side of the table. Blinds were 60/120,000 with a 15,000 ante. On the last hand, there was a raise of 600,000 and call with both players seeing a flop of J 2 4. With the turn card being an 8 Lunkin bet 1,000,000 and was insta called by Kimes. This caused Kimes to ask if Lunkin had a Jack and he said yes. Kimes said outloud, S&#@! (you know...animal droppings), Kimes showed 10 8 to the A J of Lunkin. River card was a K and Lunkin became the newest champion with a pair of Jacks.

  1. Vitaly Lunkin -- $628,290
  2. Brett Kimes -- $387,837
  3. Bobby Firestone -- $277,027
  4. Kenneth Terrell -- $232,702
  5. Trevor Donaldson -- $190,225
  6. Richard Alm -- $149,594
  7. Barry Schultz -- $112,658
  8. Robert Brown -- $84,955
  9. Philip Yeh -- $57,991

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