2008 Event 30 World Championship Limit Hold'em

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2008 WSOP Event 30 World Championship Limit Hold'em

Individual Event Reports

Event 30 World Championship Limit Hold'em Day 1

For this World Championship event, there were 218 that paid the $10,000 entry fee to get a seat. This made a pool which reached $2,049,200 that will be divided with the top 27 in the tournament. Everyone starts off with $20,000 in chips and will play for 8 60 minute levels today.

Once the action was underway, bustouts were left and right (but with a small field it was slow enough to watch happen). Some of the fallen include Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Marcel Luske, Thor Hansen, Anna Wroblewski, William Edler, Daniel Negreanu, Scotty Nguyen, Bill Chen and Jennifer Harman. Day 1 ended at 2:30 am on June 16th which is when Day 2 will be played. The 97 players remaining will get together in the Brasilia room at the RIO around 3:00 pm. to see who makes the final table.

  1. J.C. Tran 106,400
  2. Terrence Chan 97,900
  3. Eric Buchman 95,200
  4. Justin Bonomo 94,000
  5. Ray Dehkharghani 90,800
  6. David Oppenheim 89,900
  7. Max Casal 89,700
  8. Alex Kravchenko 79,800
  9. Chris Vitch 78,200

Event 30 World Championship Limit Hold'em Day 2

Money for the Final Table players:

  1. $496,931
  2. $307,380
  3. $194,674
  4. $158,813
  5. $128,075
  6. $102,460
  7. $81,968
  8. $66,599
  9. $51,230
The fur went flying when Day 2 began as Liz Lieu, Mike Wattel, Sorel Mizzi, Nick Schulman, Minh Ly and Huck Seed went to the rail after busting out. A total of 13 were gone in the first hour. Howard Lederer also went out after an opponent paired his Ace card. More casualties include Shawn Keller, Shawn Buchanan, Steve Sung, John Hennigan, Mickey Appleman, Joe Sebok and Michael Mizrachi.

Alexander Kravchenko was the first to see money as he went out in 27th place. Others who saw some cash for their efforts were Dewey Tomko in 23rd $20,492, Hoyt Corkins in 21st $20,492, Todd Witteles in 19th $20,492, Steve Sung in 14th $30,738 and Eric Froehlich in 12th $35,861. Play ended around 4:30 am on June 17th.

The final table will get under way at 2:00 pm.
  1. Aaron Katz 1,232,000
  2. Rob Hollink 893,000
  3. Tommy Hang 578,000
  4. Jerrod Ankenman 441,000
  5. Andy Bloch 370,000
  6. J.C. Tran 247,000
  7. Cy Jassinowsky 231,000
  8. Chris Vitch 201,000
  9. Brock Parker 166,000

Event 30 World Championship Limit Hold'em Final Table

Excerpts from the WSOP event report:

While all 55 WSOP tournaments on the 2008 schedule are categorized as �gold bracelet� events, this is also known as a �world championship� event. This means the winner of this event is the Limit Hold�em world champion. Beginning this year, all $10,000+ buy-in tournaments are designated as official world championships. Ten WSOP tournaments qualify under these guidelines -- a list which includes eight gold bracelet tournaments with $10,000 buy-ins, the $50,000 buy-in HORSE event, and the Main Event. This is the highest buy-in Limit Hold�em tournament in history.

The winner was Rob Hollink. Hollink becomes the first WSOP gold bracelet ever from the nation of Holland. Many great Dutch players have come close to winning. But Hollink goes down in history as the first to achieve a WSOP triumph.

Play got underway at 3:00 pm with blinds at 6,000/12,000 and limits at 12,000/24,000. Christopher Vitch was the first to go in 9th place when his hand could not beat the paired 8's of Aaron Katz. Cyril Jassinowsky lost to the pocket Q's of Rob Hollink to bust in 8th. Hollink then sent pro player Andy Bloch to the rail in 7th after making a 10 high straight by the river. Brock Parker was busted in 6th by the Ace high hand of Jerrod Ankenman. Hollink took another step closer to the bracelet by eliminating J.C. Tran in 5th with a King high flush. Next, Aaron Katz lost it all in a 3 way with Ankenman and Hollink to leave in 4th. Then Tommy Hang had his paired 8's beaten by the paired Q's of Rob Hollink to finish in 3rd place.

At the start of the heads up, Hollink had 3,500,000 in chips verses Ankenman who had 1,000,000. Blinds were at 25/50,000 with limits of 50/100,000. It took just 15 minutes to finish the event. On the final hand both players went all-in preflop. Hollink showed A 5 and Ankenman had 10 7. The table felt revealed A 5 4 3 Q which allowed Hollink to win with two pair (A's and 5's).

  1. Rob Hollink $496,931
  2. Jerrod Ankenman $307,380
  3. Tommy Hang $194,674
  4. Aaron Katz $158,813
  5. J.C. Tran $128,075
  6. Brock Parker $102,460
  7. Andy Bloch $81,968
  8. Cyril Jassinowsky $66,599
  9. Christopher Vitch $51,230

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