2008 Event 41 Mixed Hold'em  (limit/no-limit)

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2008 WSOP Event 41 Mixed Hold'em (limit/no-limit)

Individual Event Reports

Event 41 Mixed Hold'em (limit/no-limit) Day 1

Statistics on event for Day 1:

  • Number of Entries 731
  • Net Prize Pool $997,815
  • Total Spots Paid Out 72
  • First Place Prize $219,562
So far this WSOP has had great attendance. Many were worried that the slowdown in the national and global economies would have a dampening effect on the number of entrants. This event was one of many that reflected the love of poker as the 731 players was an increase over the 2007 number of 619. Seen at the tables were Daniel Negreanu, David "Devilfish" Ulliott, Joe Hachem, Chris Ferguson, Jeff Madsen, Phil Hellmuth Jr., Kenna James, and Humberto Brenes.

Once the action got underway, the eliminations commenced. Leaving were Jean-Robert Bellande, Andy Bloch, Shannor Shorr, Joe Hachem, David Pham, Mimi Tran, Max Pescatori, Berry Johnston, David Benyamine fresh from his first WSOP bracelet win and Noah Boeken. Phil Hellmuth was also playing at Event #40 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball and was becoming tired running back and forth between the two. But he was busted and probably relieved to just sit in one chair for a while. And Max Pescatori ended up leaving due to a bad beat. With the table showing 8 8 3 9 Q, Max went all-in on the river with the other player calling. The other player turned over pocket 8's for four of a kind and Max just mucked his cards and walked away.

By 2:00 am it was time for the surviving players to bag their chips. There will be 98 contenders that will come back to the tables on Day 2.
  1. Jonathan Tamayo 98,100
  2. Ricky Sanders 88,000
  3. Klein Bach 65,600
  4. Daniel Kraus 49,975
  5. Jose Tavares 48,900
  6. Alexander Borteh 46,950
  7. Peter Rho 46,000
  8. Otto Richard 45,700
  9. Benjamin Landowski 44,425

Event 41 Mixed Hold'em (limit/no-limit) Day 2

Event details will come later. Winnings for the final table players:

  1. $219,562
  2. $140,093
  3. $84,814
  4. $69,348
  5. $56,875
  6. $44,901
  7. $34,923
  8. $27,439
  9. $19,956
Top 9 for the final table:
  1. Mats Gavatin 405,000
  2. Nick Binger 339,000
  3. Frank Gary 332,000
  4. Michael Chu 264,000
  5. Jonathan Tamayo 238,500
  6. Alex Jalali 204,000
  7. David Machowsky 147,500
  8. Chris Rentes 132,000
  9. David Sorger 130,000

Event 41 Mixed Hold'em (limit/no-limit) Final Table

News on the event from the WSOP:

Mixed Hold'em includes a rotation of two games � Limit Hold'em and No-Limit Hold'em. Each game is played for 30 minutes at a time. Entries for this event increased 18 percent over last year when there were 620 participants. This was only the second year this event (Mixed Hold'em) has been offered.

The 2008 Mixed Hold'em champion is Frank Gary. He is a 42-year-old retiree. Gary sold off his small high-tech company a few years ago. He worked as a software engineer for many years.

Final table play began at 4:00 pm and was hot from the directive to "Shuffle up and deal!". In the first 30 minutes there were four gone from the remaining players. First to go during No Limit was David Sorger in 9th after his A J suited trailed behind Nick Binger's A K with no help from the table. Next was Michael Chu in 8th when his all-in move with pocket 8's met up with pocket 10's held by Nick Binger. Another 'bing' was scored when Nick took out Mats Gavatin in 7th when Nick hit a set of 7's on the flop. David Machowsky was then allowed to pick up the cash for 6th when he ran into the pocket A's that turned into a full house (A's/K's) of Nick Binger. Binger also made Alex Jalali walk to the rail in 5th after Alex saw the pocket J's held in his hand, (with no help from the table of course). And the final elimination on the Nick Binger show was Chris Rentes in 4th. Chris who was short stacked at the time went all-in with 6 5 suited and was called by Nick who had 7 2. Unfortunately for Chris, the 7 held up as the card of his demise. Everyone at this point was busted during rounds of No Limit by Binger.

Can Nick Binger, the master of No Limit at this table be defeated? Was there no one left who could challenge him? Enter Jonathan Tamayo who during Limit and No Limit began to aggressively play against Binger and wore down his stack. Then, during a round of Limit, Binger raised hard preflop and was called. After a flop of 10 7 2, Binger went all in and turned over pocket 3's that met with the pocket Q's of Tamayo. The steamroller ran out of gas and Nick Binger left to collect his winnings for 3rd place.

Breathing a sigh of relief, the heads up began with Frank Gary holding 1,090,000 chips and Jonathan Tamayo with 1,103,000. Play went on for just a few hands. On the last one during No Limit, Jonathan went all-in and Frank hesitated for a few minutes before calling. When he did he saw his A 3 was ahead of Jonathan's Q 7. And after the board showed A 6 4 8 2, Frank Gary became the receiver of the gold and diamond bracelet of champions for his efforts.

  1. Frank Gary $219,562
  2. Jonathan Tamayo $140,093
  3. Nick Binger $84,814
  4. Chris Rentes $69,348
  5. Alex Jalali $56,875
  6. David Machowsky $44,901
  7. Mats Gavatin $34,923
  8. Michael Chu $27,439
  9. David Sorger $19,956

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