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2008 WSOP Event 45 World Championship H.O.R.S.E.

Individual Event Reports

Event 45 World Championship H.O.R.S.E. Day 1

Statistics on event for Day 1:

  • Number of Entries 148
  • Net Prize Pool $7,104,000
  • Total Spots Paid Out 16
  • First Place Prize $1,989,120
In what has become the standard to identify the top player amongst champions in the world, the $50,000 entry fee H.O.R.S.E. event got underway today. The eyes of the world will watch to see who will follow the footsteps of the late 2006 H.O.R.S.E. winner Chip Reese in a marathon heads up with Andy Bloch and the 2007 H.O.R.S.E. winner Freddy Deeb. H.O.R.S.E. is defined as H for Limit Hold'Em, O for Omaha eight or Better, R for Razz, S for Seven Card Stud and E for Stud Eight or Better. All players will start with 100,000 in chips and play for five levels lasting 90 minutes each. The game will change every 8 hands for the participants and will feature a 20 min break after each level along with a 90 min dinner break. Action will continue each day at 3:00 pm. Starting blinds and antes are Hold'Em and Omaha 300/600, Razz, Stud, Stud Eight o/b 100 ante 200 bring in and 600 completion.

If this was your first time seeing players in action at the WSOP, you could watch this event and view the Who's Who in the poker world. Seen in the field were 2007 champion Freddy Deeb, Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, Robert Williamson III, Phil Hellmuth Jr., Jennifer Harman, Bruno Fituossi who came in second to Deeb last year, Dewey Tomko, Gus Hansen, T.J. Cloutier, Isabell Mercier, David Benyamine, Phil Ivey, Scotty Nguyen and many, many more. This field is just incredible!

Jamie Pickering was the first bust in the event when during Hold'Em, Pickering raised resulting in a all in for him, but could not survive the pair of 10's made by Michael Mizrachi. In Stud 8, Phil Hellmuth with two pair (6's and 9's) could not survive the larger pair of Bruno Fituossi (K's and 10's), completely crushing the chance for Phil Hellmuth to gain bracelet number 12 in this event. Also not surviving the day were David Williams, Amnon Filippi and Aaron Katz.

Play began at 5:00 pm and by 3:00 am the next day, there were 140 players left that will come back to the tables for Day 2.
  1. James Mackey 214,000
  2. Pat Pezzin 200,400
  3. Joe Cassidy 198,700
  4. Ralph Perry 195,300
  5. Stephen Wolff 192,700
  6. Fu Wong 188,100
  7. Douglas Ganger 183,200
  8. Bill Chen 182,500
  9. Tad Jurgens 172,700

Event 45 World Championship H.O.R.S.E. Day 2

Money prizes for the final table players:

  1. $1,989,120
  2. $1,243,200
  3. $781,400
  4. $568,320
  5. $444,000
  6. $355,200
  7. $284,160
  8. $230,880
  9. $177,600
Starting this round had some changes after Mickey Appleman went to tournament officials and asked if Hold'Em could be the official choice to begin with each day. After the field was poised the question with only a few hands wanting a random draw to determine the starting game for the day, it was decided that Hold'Em will be the first game played from now on. Go Mickey!

That didn't make playing in this tournament any easier. During a round of Stud 8 O/B, David Grey was sent to the rail by Andy Bloch after Andy made a Broadway straight. Also during a round of Stud, Eli Elezra was busted by Isabelle Mercier after she made a King high flush. He was followed by Andy Black, Tony Guoga, Bruno Fitoussi, Chris Ferguson, Alex Kravchanko, David Benyamine who was busted by Doyle Brunson in Stud, Gus Hansen ousted in a round of Omaha by Thor Hansen and Howard Lederer in a round of Hold'Em by Jennifer Harman.

Other big players who made the cut for Day 3 were Doyle Brunson 366,000, Andy Bloch 362,500, Bill Chen 326,000, Gabe Kaplan 278,500, Farzad Bonyadi 201,500, David Oppenheim 199,500, Layne Flack 219,000 and Phil Ivey 177,000. On the short stack are Max Pescatori 63,500, Dario Minieri 50,000, George Lind 49,500, Lee Markholt 47,000, John Hanson 32,000, Roy Thung 16,000 and Allen Kessler 7,500. There were 67 players remaining after Day 2 that will move on to the next round.
  1. Lyle Berman 507,000
  2. Patrick Bueno 485,500
  3. Barry Greenstein 473,000
  4. Minh Ly 451,000
  5. Chris Reslock 435,500
  6. Joseph Michael 401,000
  7. Erick Lindgren 397,500
  8. Justin Bonomo 384,000
  9. Daniel Negreanu 374,500

Event 45 World Championship H.O.R.S.E. Day 3

Cards were in play at 3:00 pm today for the 67 left from yesterday. First to go was Steve Sung during Stud play when his all-in lost to the Broadway straight of Marcel Luske. And Isabelle Mercier who lost to the King high flush of Justin Bonomo, got up, looked pretty and went to the rail. Phil Ivey did survive the day, but lost a big portion of his stack in a round of Stud with Doyle Brunson. Doyle had A 4 Q 2 to Ivey's Q J 8 7, when on seventh street Doyle raised and Ivey decided to fold rather than to call the raise which put Ivey down to 100,000 and Doyle up to over 300,000. Others who joined the spectators in the stands after being busted were Layne Flack, Mihn Ly, Greg Mueller, Lee Markholt, Jeff Lisandro, Chris Reslock, Steve Zolotow, Bill Chen, Katja Thater, Jim Bechtel and Marcel Luske.

Things came to a close at 1:45 am. Some of the survivors for Day 4 include Michael Mizrachi 701,000, Erick Lindgren 485,000, Andy Bloch 421,000, Farzad Bonyadi 365,000 and Gabe Kaplan 360,000. Short stacked are Phil Ivey 145,000 and Chad Brown 81,000. There are 24 players left in total that will return to compete for a seat at the final table.

  1. Michael DeMichele 1,351,000
  2. Barry Greenstein 1,311,000
  3. Daniel Negreanu 1,226,000
  4. Ralph Perry 1,043,000
  5. Scotty Nguyen 1,033,000
  6. Lyle Berman 939,000
  7. Patrick Bueno 806,000
  8. David Bach 801,000
  9. Doyle Brunson 777,000

Event 45 World Championship H.O.R.S.E. Day 4

Today was an incredible day for poker fans who are in Las Vegas at the RIO watching this event. Actually, we at Just Gamble For Free believe this is the ultimate event, over and above the Main Event itself that will begin in just a few days. Poker legend Doyle Brunson ($124,320) busted in 16th after making the money during Seven Card Stud against Phil Ivey who won with a pair of Kings. Andy Bloch ($124,320) hoping to make another final table appearance in this event for a shot at the bracelet, left in 15th after seeing the pair of Aces held by Matt Glantz during Stud. Daniel Negreanu ($142,080) busted in 13th losing to the full house of Lyle Berman during Stud 8 O/B.

Next to go was Phil Ivey ($159,840) in 12th during Stud who seemed to be leading with a pair of 3's, but mucked his cards and left after Scotty Nguyen showed his card at the river which paired him with plenty of overcards on his side of the table. Raymond Davis ($177,600) went through a bad beat when his A K suited and his last 100K in chips was crushed by the K 7 of Patrick Bueno that matured into a full house (7's/5's) by the river during a round of Hold'Em. Davis disgusted, left in 10th place. And Rafael Perry ($177,600) was eliminated in 9th place during Omaha when Huck Seed hit a Ace high flush with a Qc card which was higher than the Jc card Perry had that also allowed him to hit a flush.

We will see who will become the champion of champions as the final table is played on Monday. This final table is guaranteed to be hot!

  1. Erick Lindgren 3,680,000
  2. Scotty Nguyen 3,535,000
  3. Barry Greenstein 1,955,000
  4. Matt Glantz 1,445,000
  5. Lyle Berman 1,430,000
  6. Huck Seed 1,200,000
  7. Michael DeMichele 905,000
  8. Patrick Bueno 695,000

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