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2008 WSOP Event 50 World Championship Pot Limit Omaha

Individual Event Reports

Event #50 -- World Championship Pot Limit Omaha Day 1

Statistics for event:

  • Number of Entries 381
  • Net Prize Pool $3,581,400
  • First Place Prize $859,549
  • Total Spots Paid Out 36
At noon the cards were in the air and many big names were in the field. Last year's champion Robert Mizrachi was seated to defend his title as was his brother Michael Mizrachi, Jeff Shulman, Barry Shulman, Gavin Smith, John Juanda, Mel Judah, Lee Watkinson, David Benyamine, Sam Farha, David Chiu, Burt Boutin, Kathy Liebert, Bill Edler, Mike Matusow and Clonie Gowan.

In the poker world many are invited, but few get to stay. Busted on Day 1 were Freddy Deeb Jamie Gold, Barry Greentstein, Eric Froehlich, Daniel Negreanu, Jeff Madsen, Erik Seidel, Hoyt Corkins, Chris Ferguson, Phil Hellmuth Jr., Ryan Daut and Allen Kessler.

Others that are still in the game for Day 2 action are David Williams 142,900, David Singer 128,200, Nenad Medic 101,800, Noah Boeken 91,800, Rob Hollink 90,800, Scott Clements 88,600, Bill Chen 80,000, Chau Giang 68,700, John D'Agostino 58,800, Bradley Berman 57,600, Jeffrey Lisandro 57,100, Clonie Gowen 51,400, Kido Pham 44,000 and Mickey Mills with 39,000 chips. A total of 86 players will be coming to the tables tomorrow to see who gets a final table seat.
  1. Josh Arieh 343,700
  2. Guillaume Patry 226,400
  3. Shawn Buchanan 214,800
  4. Peter Jetten 205,400
  5. Michael Mizrachi 204,000
  6. Len Ashby 199,800
  7. Brant Hale 197,200
  8. Billy Argyros 195,100
  9. Eddie Scharf 162,900

Event #50 -- World Championship Pot Limit Omaha Day 2

Final table payouts:

  1. $859,532
  2. $528,257
  3. $331,280
  4. $268,605
  5. $214,884
  6. $170,117
  7. $134,303
  8. $107,442
  9. $80,582
This was another very long day that lasted 15 hours until the final table players were decided. David Williams sent veteran player Tony Cousineau to the rail after making a full house. A straight also sent Humberto Brenes out to feed his shark toy as well, ending his chance for a WSOP gold and diamond bracelet. Following them were Robert Williamson III, Leif Force, Chau Giang, Rob Hollink, Rafi Amit, Bill Chen, Scott Clements, Ross Boatman, Tony "G" Guoga, Nenad Medic, Dale Pinchot, Rolf Slotboom, Clonie Gowan and John D'Agostino who lost after having his all-in with pocket A's cracked like two eggs by another player who made a full house with (7's/K's).

By 5:00 am the next day, the final table was set. Come back and find out who is the newest champion!
  1. Michael Smirch -- 1,767,000
  2. Brandon Moran -- 1,286,000
  3. Kido Pham -- 1,080,000
  4. Marty Smyth -- 1,068,000
  5. Billy Argyros -- 729,000
  6. Greg Hurst -- 637,000
  7. Peter Jetten -- 492,000
  8. Richard Harroch -- 372,000
  9. Tom Hanlon -- 192,000

Event #50 -- World Championship Pot Limit Omaha Final Table

Notes on the event from the WSOP:

The tournament was played over three consecutive days. The final table was played on the main stage and was filmed by ESPN for later broadcast. In an odd spectacle of surrealism, this final table outdrew a potentially historic event taking place at the secondary final table, which hosted the conclusion of Event #51. In that tournament, Phil Hellmuth arrived at the final table as the chip leader and was seeking his record 12th WSOP gold bracelet. That didn't seem to matter to the hundreds of spectators crammed into the stands who were watching their favorite players in the Pot-Limit Omaha championship.

The $10,000 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha world champion is Marty Smyth, from Belfast, Ireland. He is a professional poker player with many previous tournament cashes and wins. This was his first career WSOP gold bracelet. Prior to this victory, Smyth had cashed only one time at the WSOP. That was a 39th-place finish in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha event earlier this year (Event #19). Smyth won $859,549 for first place. This was the largest Pot-Limit Omaha top prize in poker history. Prior to playing poker for a living, Smyth worked as a civil servant. "It was a dead-end job," he said. "I was lucky to find poker."

The last hand was interesting as both players saw a flop of Qc 10c 9h. Then Martin Smyth (Kc Jc Js Qd) went all-in and was called by Peter Jetten (Ks Jd 3d 2c). At this point both players had hit a King high straight. But a turn card of 7d and a river card of 6c gave Martin what he was looking for and took home a gold and diamond bracelet with a King high flush.

  1. Martin Smyth $859,549
  2. Peter Jetten $528,256
  3. Michael Mizrachi $331,279
  4. Billy Argyros $268,605
  5. Richard Harroch $214,884
  6. Kido Pham $170,116
  7. Tom Hanlon $134,302
  8. Brandon Moran $107,442

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