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Grand Prix de Paris -- WPT Season 4

Aviation Club de France Paris, France
July 25 - 29, 2005

Day 1 The first day began with 160 players paying 10,000 Euros each to enter the WPT Grand Prix de Paris tournament, creating a prize pool that is $1,824,257 USD in size. Some faces seen so far were WSOP final table player Andrew Black, Juha Helppi, Tobey Maguire, Isabelle Mercier, last years winner Surinder Sunar, Alan Goehring and David "Devilfish" Ulliott. Today's action narrowed the field down to 81 players with Franck Callaghan the chip leader with 92,325 chips followed by Jason Strasser 2nd with 83,825 and Gilles Haddad in 3rd having 70,850 which rounds out the top 3. And everyones "favorite", Tony Guoga, did not have his name listed in the field for Day 2. So no overly obnoxious players to tolerate or robberies taking place this year, just a solid poker tournament to be played!

Day 2 From 81 players we are down to 24 which will move on to the next round. Payout to the event winner will be $600,898. The in the money positions will go down to 18th. Alan Goehring is still in the running with 85,800 chips as is Juha Helppi having 42,000 chips. The top 5 chip leaders are as follows:

  1. Patric Garret -- 250,900
  2. Curt Kohlberg -- 179,400
  3. Roland Dewolfe -- 177,900
  4. Didier Leroy -- 176,400
  5. Michel Zajdenberg -- 167,900

Day 3 From 24 players we have the remaining 6 who will make the final table for the Grand Prix de Paris WPT event. First place will pay the winner $600,898 and a freeroll seat to the WPT championships next year in Las Vegas, NV. The final table will get under way at 4:00 p.m. today July 29th. Here are the players with chip counts for the final table: Michel Zajdenberg -- 758,000 chips Roland Dewolfe -- 728,000 chips Juha Helppi -- 352,000 chips Alan Goehring -- 327,000 chips Curt Kohlberg -- 126,000 chips Timothy Anders -- 116,000 chips

Final Table Results Congratulations are in order to Roland de Wolfe of the United Kingdom after winning the heads up battle with WPT event champion Juha Helppi. Roland won 479,680 Euros, ($600,898 US Dollars), and a seat to the WPT championship that will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada April 22-28, 2006. Here are the results of all the players at the final table:

  1. Roland De Wolfe -- 479,680 Euros, ($600,898 US Dollars)
  2. Juha Helppi -- 254,830 Euros, ($305,839 US Dollars)
  3. Michel Zajdenberg -- 179,880 Euros, ($215,886 US Dollars)
  4. Tim Anders -- 119,920 Euros, ($143,924 US Dollars)
  5. Curt Kohlberg -- 89,940 Euros, ($107,943 US Dollars)
  6. Alan Goehring -- 74,950 Euros, ($89,953 US DOllars)

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