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2008 World Series of Poker Caribbean Adventure -- WPT Season 4
January 4 - 11, 2006

It's time for PokerStars, home of WSOP Main Event champions, to have it's 3rd annual PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament. It will be held at the luxurious 5-star Atlantis Resort and Casino, located on Paradise Island in The Bahamas. We will bring you information and news as it arrives to us! Plus PokerStars will also have it's event blog up, so feel free to visit their site to keep up as well.

So far there are 572 entrants that will be flying over to the Bahamas for the tournament, but that is not a final player count. These entrants will be split up into 2 flights, Flight A which is one group of 275 arriving January 5th at noon. The other group which is Flight B made up of 297 entrants, will come in on January 6th at noon. From what we have learned so far, some of the names that will be in Flight A are Barry Greenstein, Daniel Negreanu, 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion Chris Moneymaker, Joe Sebok, Juha Helppi, Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf, Robert "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Russ Hamilton and Matt Matros. A few names on Flight B are Dewey Tomko, 2005 WSOP Main Event Champion Joseph Hachem, Allen Rosenkrantz, Lee Markholt, Gavin Smith, 2004 WSOP Main Event Champion Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, Michael Mizrachi, Cliff Josephy and actor Wil Wheaton.

Last year John Gale won the event taking home $865,600 and a seat to the WPT championships. Stay with us as we will keep you updated as to what goes on with this tournament!

Day 1A The tournament began at 12:00 noon for the approximately 360 players making up the field for Day 1A, at the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas. They are part of the group that will compete for the first prize of over $1.25 million dollars. The prize pool and payouts have not been announced yet but we will post them once they are available. Some of the names at the tables are David Williams, Amir Vahedi, Erik Seidel, Al Ardebili, Jean Robert Bellande, Hoyt Corkins, John Esposito, Maureen Feduniak, Abraham Gray, Isabelle Mercier and Aaron Kanter.

Two and a half hours into the tournament Daniel Negreanu, Robert Mizrachi, Alex Brenes and Liz Lieu busted out of the tournament. Chris Moneymaker also ended up leaving after a flopped open-ended straight did not hold up. (But they were first in line for sun, drinks and all the lobster they could eat courtesy of PokerStars.) Players who did well were Phil Ivey doubling up at times and rolling through players like a freight train and Patrik Antonius also did well competiting in big hands with Mike Matusow. But it was the online unknowns who mostly made up the top players with their chips. You can see photos of the action by going to the site and clicking on the Official Blog link under "News and Events". Here is how the top 6 did on Day 1A:

  1. Brian Mogelefsky 98,500 Chips
  2. Guiseppe Zappia 78,200 Chips
  3. Patrik Antonius 76,100 Chips
  4. Dafydd Elias 74,500 Chips
  5. Isidor Subotic 67,500 Chips
  6. James Siwik 66,000 Chips

Day 1B With flight B on the ground, another 324 players are beginning their bid for money and fame. A total of 724 players entered this tournament helping to create a $5,647,200. And first prize will be over $1.25 million for a lucky winner.

Today saw notable play from names like Marco Traniello, Tiffany Williamson of 2005 WSOP Main Event fame, Jennifer Harman, Chad Layne and Tom McEvoy who fought hard to stay in the game, tripling up his chip stack at one point. Unfortunately Greg Raymer, Wil Wheaton, Joe Cassidy and Bill Gazes were among those who left the tournament today for the beach. At the end of the day 325 players will move on to Day 2. For Day 1B, here are the top 6 with chip counts:

  1. Brian Mogelefsky -- 98,500 Chips
  2. Michael Fletcher -- 93,000 Chips
  3. Roger Teska -- 86,600 Chips
  4. Guiseppe Zappia -- 78,200 Chips
  5. Patrik Antonius -- 76,100 Chips
  6. Dafydd Elias -- 74,500 Chips

Day 2 The payouts structure for the tournament have been posted and here are the amounts for the top 6 that will make up the final table:

  1. $1,363,100
  2. $681,500
  3. $436,200
  4. $327,100
  5. $239,900
  6. $177,200
Overall, the top 130 positions will be in the money. Now for Day 2 which is the combination of the remaining players from Day 1A and 1B, about 325 players started at the tables. But this day was littered with big name eliminations. Gavin Smith, Jennifer Harman, Greg Raymer, Isabelle Mercier, Erik Seidel, Joe Sebok, David Williams, Evelyn Ng, Erick Lindgren, Carlos Mortensen, John Myung, Dewey Tomko, and both the Mizrachi brothers had to leave the tables for some fun in the sun. And Joe Hachem who was doing well for a while was also eliminated. In fact he was the last one to go on Day 2 in position 67. Hoyt Corkins (#52), Matt Matros (#22) and Marco Traniello (#8) are among the few notable names left to move on for tomorrow's round. The dust settled with 66 players remaining. Day 3 will begin at 12:00 noon EST and here are the numbers for the top 6 players with chip counts:
  1. Steve Paul-Ambrose 275,200 Chips
  2. Isidor Subotic 274,800 Chips
  3. Allen Goldstein 257,000 Chips
  4. David Singer 248,600 Chips
  5. William Barr 247,800 Chips
  6. Anders Henriksson 227,200 Chips

Day 3 The goal of this round was to have the 66 remaining players continue until the final table was established. Hoyt Corkins (#61) went out 20 min into the tournament, soon followed by Marco Traniello (#58). Matt Matros went out in 22nd place.

The final table is made up of an eclectic mix of players. David Singer is probably the most well known pro of the names given. Steve Paul-Ambrose is 22 years old, Brook Lyter is 34 years old and qualified in a $33 re-buy tournament on PokerStars, Michael Higgins is 18 years old from Ohio State University. Anders Henrikkson is 24 and earned his way through a PokerStars double shootout tournament. Last is another 18 year old from Staten Island, New York who's name is Aurangzeb Sheikh. The final table will be played on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. on the Dragon Deck of the Atlantis Resort and Casino. Here are the names of the players:

  1. David Singer -- 2,535,000 Chips
  2. Steve Paul-Ambrose -- 1,780,000 Chips
  3. Anders Henrikkson -- 1,033,000 Chips
  4. Brook Lyter -- 875,000 Chips
  5. Michael Higgins -- 794,000 Chips
  6. Aurangzeb Sheikh -- 231,000 Chips

Day 4 Final Table The final table got underway closer to 11 am instead of 10, but when it did the action wasted no time in happening. Aurangzeb Sheikh who was on the short stack went all in, got called and was eliminated on the first hand. Aurangzeb's pocket A's did not hold up to Steve Paul-Ambrose's pocket 7's when another 7 came on the flop giving Steve trips and the winning hand. (And yes, it will be seen on the Travel Channel when broadcasted.) Next to leave was Anders Henrikkson (KQ) when he called an all-in from Brook Lyter (AA). The flop showed Q62, turn was 6h, river was 9 which was bad news for Anders. Michael was next to take on Brook Lyter, lost and went home in fourth place. Play went back and forth until 2 1/2 hours later, David Singer (KK) likes his hand and went all-in with Steve Paul-Ambrose (AQ) who called him. Flop produced Q J 4, turn was an A, river was a Q giving Steve a full house which left David Singer in 3rd place.

It's now down to Steve and Brook for the heads up finale. The last tournament hand went like this, after the flop of J 9 2, Brook (KJ) decides to go all in and is called by Steve (QT). Turn card was a Q and the river card a K giving Steve Paul-Ambrose the straight and the win on top of becoming an instant millionaire! Here are the final table results:

  1. Steve Paul-Ambrose -- $1,363,100
  2. Brook Lyter -- $681,500
  3. David Singer -- $436,200
  4. Michael Higgins -- $327,100
  5. Anders Henrikkson -- $239,900
  6. Aurangzeb Sheikh -- $177,200

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