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Free rules for poker games, blackjack strategy and video poker knowledge of how to play effectively are actually a necessity for anyone wanting to win whenever gambling. And with the popularity of Texas No Limit Hold'Em sweeping the world, more and more people want to become players, and the experienced players want to increase their skills at the tables because they know it translates into more money. Most of the questions center around how do you play the game, what should I do in tournament situations and is it really different from what I see on television. The resources we provide will help to answer these questions.

Free rules for poker games

To find strategies, free rules for poker games and the ranking of winning poker hands, click on the subject below you want to learn more about and a free tutorial will come up. If you wish to find out more about poker rules, you can buy Hoyle's Rules of Games at Gambler's Book Shop. (You can find a link to this book store below.) This will let you know about the official poker rules that have been established as an international standard by Hoyle.

With more and more interest showing in tournament poker like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker, understanding how tournament games like Texas Hold'Em and No Limit Hold'Em work can make you more money verses players who want to "wing it" or "test the waters". Take the time and go through our resources. You'll find lots of professionals who give great advice on these games!

Articles from top Poker Professionals

Chris Ferguson's on "Sizing Up Your Opening Bet"
Excerpt: I never get tired of saying it: If you're the first to enter the pot in a No-Limit Hold 'em game, never call. If you aren't prepared to raise, throw your hand away.

Howard Lederer on "Specialize At Your Peril"
Excerpt: While no one would argue that No-Limit makes for the most exciting television, there are many dangers associated with playing only one game.

Jennifer Harman -- "Should I Stay or Should I Go"
Excerpt: Being a winning player isn't only about playing good cards - it's also about making good decisions. And there is one important decision you face every time you sit down in a cash game: Should I quit, or should I keep playing?

Phil Gordon -- "Chip Sandwich"
Excerpt: ...the players who simply called are unlikely to have a hand that would merit calling a big re-raise. If they had such a hand, they probably would have raised instead of flat calling in the first place.

Howard Lederer on "Sit N Goes Made Easy"
Excerpt: The Sit N Go (SNG) is online poker's great gift to the aspiring tournament player. Prior to the SNG, final table experience was hard to come by. Online, this experience is a mouse-click away.

Additional Poker Resources

Free Rules for Poker Games
These are the rules for Texas No Limit Hold'Em as given by the World Series of Poker. Learn to play poker like a pro!

World Series of Poker Academy
A new poker camp that will arm you with the skills required to win a WSOP Bracelet and immortalize yourself in poker history. Some of the world�s best poker players, all of which have won WSOP Bracelets and are here to share their secrets and strategies.

Phil Ivey Poker Articles
Considered by many top pros one of the most dangerous players in the game, Phil Ivey's devastating style always deserves time for insight. The famous battle at the table between him and billionaire Andy Beal only resounded his reputation throughout "poker land" AKA Las Vegas, Nevada. Take time to see what he has to say!

Best Gambling Resources For Poker Bonus Codes
We have a page on our site dedicated to providing the latest sign up bonus codes for poker players. You should check this from time to time as they change frequently.

GameMaster Online

For anyone who wants to access knowledge on blackjack or video poker, GameMaster is the place to start. They have advice on how to best approach Video Poker games like 10/7 Double Bonus, Deuces Wild and All American. Plus other ways to increase a players return when gambling. You want the edge before facing the casino? You'll get it here free. To learn how to play blackjack, GameMaster currently has a blackjack course that you can download free at their site.

Great Stuff for Gamblers

The websites Great Stuff for Gamblers and Gambler's Book Shop are two excellent online sources for gaming products and information on all types of casino games. The books, software, videos and hand-held games that are not in stores or other gaming websites can generally be found here with no problem. Lots of books on texas holdem strategy, poker, slots, video poker, blackjack and more!

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So study the free poker tutorials, strategies on blackjack, video poker and others to increase your chances of winning. Gambling is a lot of fun. And the more you win, the more fun you'll have.

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