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Las Vegas freebies can be a smart resource when going to Las Vegas. Here you will find resources and links to sites with las vegas coupons, cheap las vegas vacation packages and anything else you need to lower the cost of a Vegas run. For a las vegas entertainment schedule we know the right sites to visit. Speaking of what to do to save money in Vegas, how about knowing when to hold'em and when to fold'em? Get free poker advice from articles written by the top pros in the world in our new "Poker Experts and Gambling Education" section. Read the new articles from Gus Hansen, Erik Seidel, Clonie Gowan, Phil Ivey and Allen Cunningham!

In order to increase your chances of winning in Vegas, here is an idea. Check out the percentage payouts on the games by the manufacturers. IGT makes most of the slot machines in Vegas and has a lot of the payout percentages and stats available. This can be very helpful in what you will play on your next trip. Check out the stats on one of our favorite IGT games, White Orchid.

Las Vegas Freebies and Coupons

Over the past 5 years Las Vegas has grown to be bigger, more beautiful and expensive! To help you find ways to lower the cost of having fun, start with these 4 top ways:
  1. Player's Card - We can't emphasize this enough especially with the rising cost of staying at Vegas. Things have changed and we have updated our list with the most popular cards that can be used in Las Vegas:
  2. The Las Vegas Advisor -- Still tops for finding las vegas freebies and las vegas coupons.
  3. Vegas -- Great free Vegas Newsletter!
  4. Consider taking trips through the week and in low traffic seasons like the winter months such as December and January. Room rates are much, much lower.
  5. Vegas Coupons -- Latest Vegas coupons, discounts and specials. We're absolutely FREE and we encourage individuals to join our forum to talk Vegas

Las Vegas Entertainment Schedule

For a Las Vegas entertainment schedule with the latest shows, performers and ticket reservation information you can always find them at these sites:

Known as "your one-stop source for Las Vegas travel" they also do an excellent job of keeping up with everything else you want to know about.

ShowBiz magazine
This is the magazine you find inside of any hotel room that tells you what is going on for entertainment that week. If you have the time, ask them to send you a complementary issue.

Complete Las Vegas Source
We Do It All Vegas is a complete source for all your Vegas needs. Show tickets, Tour reservations, Vegas Coupons, Transportation, Hotel Packages, Air Fare, Gambling Items and so much more.

Poker Experts and Gambling Education

Allen Cunningham -- Establishing a Tight Table Image
Excerpt: In poker, image matters. Throughout a tournament, your table image will help determine how much action you'll get and, ultimately, how you can manipulate your opponents into making big calls or big laydowns at the wrong times.

Gus Hansen -- Being a Bully
Excerpt: Many players understand the concepts involved in building a large chip stack during a tournament. What they don't understand, however, is how to use their chips effectively once they've gotten them.

Erik Seidel -- Knockout Punch
Excerpt: Knockout Bounty tournaments - recently added to Full Tilt Poker - can add a fun and exciting new wrinkle to tournament poker. While it's important to go after the bounties at the right times, you have to keep an eye on your overall goal: winning.

Phil Ivey -- Don't Read This Tip
Excerpt: When it comes to advice about poker, my attitude is very simple: seek it out, absorb it, but while you're at the table, forget it.

Clonie Gowan -- Balancing Poker and Life
Excerpt: Don't even consider going pro until you can cover all of your bills for at least six months in advance.
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