2005 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 3

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2005 World Series of Poker
Main Event
Day 3

Event #42 No Limit Texas Hold'em World Championship July 11 Day 3

Today is the beginning of Day 3 of the Main Event where 569 players are at the tables and the "in the money" position starts at position 560. Before today's round started, the tournament director Johnny Grooms asked the 2004 WSOP champion Greg Raymer to give a short pep talk to all the players encouraging them to be proud of getting this far. As of 1:20 p.m. we have 6 players gone, lowering the count to 563. Also, as of reaching position 570 yesterday, the tournament director has stated that all cards dealt will be on a hand to hand basis. Basically it means the dealers at all tables will deal each hand only when directed by the tournament director. This is one of the few times when ESPN cameras and crew were not allowed inside, because the extra bodies make it more difficult to keep track of what is going on at the tables with the dealers and the players.

UPDATE 2:27 p.m.
We have reached position 560 and it flipped the happy switch on for everybody. Everybody but 1 player who may be close to tears.

UPDATE 3:12 p.m.
Evidently the atmosphere has relaxed and "loosened" some players. Since position 560 was reached, players have been falling like bowling pins. We are now at 515, 45 players went in 45 minutes! Payout schedule can be viewed by looking at Day 1C's full report. The most notable bust is Young Phan in 544th place ($12,500). Greg Raymer jumped to 437,000 chips, Lee Watkinson has 442,000 and Phil Ivey is at 300,000.

UPDATE 4:02 p.m.
More players have gone out bringing the total of remaining players to 461. Clonie Gowen went out in 476th ($14,135) along with Gavin Smith in 475th ($14,135). And if you are wondering, the player who went out in 561st place was Karl Ygborn who received no money period. However, Harrah's has just awarded him a free seat to the 2006 WSOP Main Event!

UPDATE 5:27 p.m.
There are 403 players left at the tables. That means 166 players have been eliminated since this day started at 12:00 noon. There are long lines of those who want to collect their money and get some sleep.

UPDATE 9:14 p.m.
We are down to 283 players. The goal for this day of the tournament was to reach between 200 and 400 and we are there. Greg Raymer continues to do well in the field with 545,000 in chips. Others include Tim Phan with 600,000 chips, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi with 480,000, Howard Lederer with 450,000, Webber Kang with 340,000, Lee Watkinson with 340,000, Phil Ivey with 290,000, Paul Darden with 276,000, Layne Flack with 250,000 and Mike Matusow having 240,000. Numerous busts have taken place and here are some of the notable ones. Sammy Farha in 316th place ($21,070), Minh Ly in 354th ($18,335), Matthew Vogel in 409th ($16,055), Jonathan Shecter in 416th ($16,055), Kirill Gerasimov in 444th ($16,055) and Tuan Nguyen in 456th ($14,135).

UPDATE 11:03 p.m.
250 players are left at the tables. Pat Poels on the short stack went all in, was called and was eliminated. Matthew Hilger went out at position 332 ($21,070), Barry Schwartz out at 346 ($21,070) and Raymond Yee at 344 ($21,070). Because of the speed of eliminations, there is talk of ending the day earlier than 2:00 a.m. Some current chip counts and players, Rod Pardey with 1,000,000 in chips, Greg Raymer with 850,000, Phil Ivey with 550,000, Lee Watkinson with 450,000, Farzad Bonyadi having 400,000, CK Hua with 290,000 and Marcello Del Grosso having 255,000.

UPDATE 12:40 a.m.
Play is still taking place with 210 players remaining and the eliminations continue with players like Michael Mizrachi at 230 ($33,197), Mark Napolitano at 222 ($33,197), Renee Wexler at 215 ($33,197) and Garry Bush at 219 ($33,197). And here are some new chip counts and players to look at. Greg Raymer with 1,200,000 chips, Rod Pardey with 1,100,000, Brad Kondracki with 1,000,000, Phil Ivey with 480,000, Howard Lederer with 450,000, Farzad Bonyadi with 435,000, Lee Watkinson with 300,000 and J.C. Tran having 230,000.

UPDATE 1:30 a.m.
At the end of Day 3 we have 185 players left over from what was an eventful round. Play will start again tomorrow for Day 4 at 12:00 noon. Here are the top 10 players from Day 3 and their chip counts:

  • #1 Greg Raymer -- 1,064,000
  • #2 Rodney Pardey Jr. -- 1,041,000
  • #3 Brad Kondracki -- 962,500
  • #4 Johnny Howard -- 910,500
  • #5 Bob Larsen -- 796,500
  • #6 Tim Phan -- 746,000
  • #7 Phil Ivey -- 722,500
  • #8 Steve Marx -- 679,500
  • #9 Shane Bartholomew -- 659,000
  • #10 Gabe Wells -- 655,500

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