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Poker has gotten so big, that networks such as ESPN are airing them. As a result, the rise and popularity is staggering. No longer regulated to smoke field rooms or Vegas Casinos, poker is now main stream. One of the main reasons for this surge is the internet and the ability to bring this sport closer to home. With the internet, the future of poker seems biggest with tournaments. This goes for both on-line and live tournaments. This seems to be the direction of poker in general, with larger sponsors and bigger purses, poker itself is sure to focus on tournaments.

One of the biggest tournaments on-line is the no-limit Texas hold ´┐Żem. Thousands of players are able to play at the same time and the once exclusive game is being played by all. Online events for No limit have reached national popularity. Many times, up to 20,000 players play at one time, this was something that obviously was not possible a few years ago.

Poker has also seemed to have lost any type of stigma attached to it. People are now making goals to become professional gamblers, which many years ago, may have been looked down upon. One big reason for this is that celebrities are joining in and networks such as Bravo, FOX Sports Net and The Travel Channel are showing them play in tournaments. Being that television is such a powerful and wide reaching medium this is sure to insure that poker will continue to boom in popularity. In addition to these tournaments being on television, it is also the way in which they are shot that makes the game appealing, Some producers are putting cameras on the table to give a great point of view shot, (POV) to add to excitement.

Poker on a professional level also has accessability that other sports do not have. For example, if you wanted to enter a professional tournament and had the cash to slap down, then you can find yourself face to face with some of the best in the world. Now your winning is a different story, like many things of this nature, poker is a game of skill and talent. One of the great things about poker is its psychological aspects. Learning how to read people and not letting people read you is just as important as the game itself. Body language and facial expressions play a big part in the game and some amateurs lose the game based on this alone.

Whether in a smoke filled room like in the days of old or on the internet with millions of players, poker is sure to continue to sky rocket in popularity. With this new boom, poker has secured its foot in the sports door.

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