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The Bellagio World Poker Classic Tournament hosted the 2005 World Poker Tour Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. With an entry fee of $25,000 per player, it was the pinnacle for the most expensive poker tournament on the planet.

Bellagio World Poker Classic
2005 World Poker Tour Championships
April 18 - 24, 2005

Day 1 April 18 452 of the best players in the game sat down for the first round of the WPT championship to compete for a first place prize of $2,856,150. Payouts will happen to the top 100 of the 452. The field will split into 2 halves with each playing on the 18th and the 19th. Field one became narrowed down to 178. Early busts include Layne Flack, Hoyt Corkins, Freddy Deeb, John Juanda and John Shipley. The field one chip leaders are #1 Scotty Nguyen 233,750, #2 Eric Weiner 231,450, #3 Robert Alexander 180,725, #4 John Esposito 173,600, #5 Gregory Paul Raymer 153,625 and #6 Joseph Cordi 153,450.

Day 2 April 19 Field 2 has taken to the tables with players like Ram Vaswani, Jean Robert Bellande, Mike Matusow, Scott Fischman and Marcel Luske busting out. 168 players were left in this 2nd round when the dust settled. A total of 344 players will assemble on Wednesday for competition for the WPT title, resulting in some players being seated on the casino floor due to the number. Field 2 leaders are #1 Reza Payvar $157,500, #2 Sam Farha $156,575, #3 Erick Lindgren $151,950, #4 George Miller $133,000, #5 David Sklansky $111,575, #6 Lee Markholt $100,700.

Day 2 -- Both Fields Playing April 20 Out of 344 players, the field is narrowed to 164. Alan Boston is the chip leader with 493,300, #2 Dave Colclough 381,100, #3 Paul Testud 369,400, #4 Juha Helppi 334,600, #5 Ron Faltinsky 334,200 and #6 Spencer Sun 328,500. The action is still hot as names like Scotty Nguyen, Michael Mizrachi, David Chiu, Gregory Paul Raymer, David Williams and David Sklansky remain in the competition.

Day 3 April 21 This round of play has the field down to 45 players. Things slowed when the opportunity for being an "in the money" player came up, but after that aggressive play rewarded those who made the cut for Day 4. Some of the great players no longer in the tournament are Day 1 chip leader Scotty Nguyen, Jennifer Harman Traniello, Annie Duke, V. Senthil Kumar, Alex Brenes, WPT champ Surinder Sunar and Alex Brenes who won a WPT Invitational earlier this season. But Gregory Paul Raymer and David Williams are still in the running. Chip leaders are #1 Siagzar "Reza" Payvar 1,638,000, #2 John Smith 1,611,000, #3 Tuan Le 1,480,000, #4 Michael Mizrachi 1,102,000, #5 Phil Ivey 1,088,000 and #6 David Williams 838,000.

Day 4 April 22 17 players are left after today's action which was fast and furious. Gregory Paul Raymer finished in 33rd place after his pocket 9's couldn't hold up for an all in move. Other names that went out were Dewey Tomko 22nd, David Williams 25th and Bob Stupak 27th. But Phil Ivey playing an excellent game today became chip leader holding 3,884,000 chips. #2 Tuan Le has 3,730,000, #3 Hasan Habib 3,255,000, #4 Rob Hollink 1,584,000, #5 is WSOP champ Chris Ferguson with 1,411,000 and #6 is Michael Mizrachi with 1,334,000. Tommorow's play will determine the final table, so come back for updates as we receive them.

Day 5 April 23 We now have the final table players. They are by chip count #1 Hasan Habib 7,795,000, #2 Rob Hollink 4,430,000, #3 Phil Ivey 3,365,000, #4 Paul Maxfield 2,885,000, #5 Tuan Le 2,680,000 and #6 John Phan with 1,405,000 chips. The final table event will start at 4 p.m. and promises to be exciting with Phil Ivey and Hasan Habib last years WPT championship runner up playing. Hasan got his huge increase in chips from an all in hand with Michael Mizrachi with Hasan holding pocket Q's. Hasan got another Q on the flop and won the hand. Michael Mizrachi went out in 11th place. Come back for updates as we find out who will take home $2,856,150 and the WPT championship title.

Day 5 April 24 -- Final Table Results Congratulations to Tuan Le for winning the WPT championship tournament. In the last hand Paul Maxfield went all in with K 5 offsuit and Tuan Le called with K J suited. The flop was J 10 3, turn card was Q and river was 7 giving the win to Tuan Le who will take home $2,856,150 and the title. Paul Maxwell who qualified for his seat on PokerStars was 2nd, won $1,698,390 for the effort. #3 Hasan Habib $896,375, #4 John Phan $518,920, #5 Rob Hollink $377,420 and #6 was Phil Ivey taking home $264,195. Now to see the event, watch The Travel Channel on June 29 at 8:00 p.m. (EST).

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