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For Las Vegas trips or driving to gambling destinations like Atlantic City, proper planning increases the fun and lowers the stress of vacationing. And with the popularity of casino gambling and poker on the upswing, more and more people are driving their cars for a vacation or a poker tournament they can play in. One advantage with the car is that you have complete freedom to go where and when you want. And even if you fly, most people will still get a rental vehicle, unless you want to pay cab fair which can become a high cost if traffic is slow moving. Preparation is a big key towards making the trip free of problems and a lot more fun for everyone. Start by knowing the route and that for driving directions mapquest is free and one of the best tools for road trip planning. Yahoo! Travel is also an important resource to remember. Plus, in order to focus on the fun and excitement of the trip, here are some common sense tips and valuable money saving ideas:

  • Make sure your vehicle is reliable So many times when making trips from Southern California to Las Vegas or other destinations, one can easily forget to have their car looked at before the trip during a oil change or tire rotation. Take advantage of the checkpoint services your car service shop offers, which are usually free. Nothing ruins a trip to the casino more than being 100+ miles away from home with a big car repair bill.
  • Put together a budget for the trip It is always a good idea to know what you will spend for the trip so that you don't "accidentally" dip into the expense money for gambling. Plus adding money for tips is always a good factor in planning. Those who give service like maids, waiters, cocktail waitresses and others can also make your stay more enjoyable. Show them your appreciation.
  • Tipping Guide Cocktail waitresses, $1 per drink. Valet $2 to $3 when you pick up the car. (High end vehicles, tip before and after picking up your car.) Maid $2 to $3 a day. Baggage handling $1 per bag.
  • Make your reservations online Whenever possible, making your reservations over the Internet will save you money and time. The rates quoted over your PC can be as much as 20% lower than what you get when calling the casino for a room.
  • Take your trip during the weekdays Rates for rooms during the week (Sunday to Thursday), are much lower than on the weekends, which are peak demand periods. Sometimes the money you save can make it financially worth taking the time off from work, depending on where you are staying.
  • Get a Player's Card before gambling This is one of the least mentioned and greatest freebie tools at any casino. Using this while playing can get you free rooms, food and other casino comps. For more information, take a look at the section on our Las Vegas freebies page where you can also sign up to get casino players club cards. The information can be used with any casino offering player's club cards.
  • Reserve rental cars ahead of time If you are going to fly in, know where you are going to rent from and book it before you get there.
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