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World Series of Poker Europe
Main Event Day 4

Buy-in: £10;,000 + £350; ($16574.45 USD)
Start Date: September 26
Length: 5-day event/2 start days
Players: 178
Prize pool: £3;,340,000 ($5,348,677 USD)
(2009 WSOP Gold Bracelet Event: 61)

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Main Event Day 4
Day 4 of the Main Event still has many powerful poker players in the field. With the high calibre of talent at the tables today, we expect the action to be brutal. As bustouts occur, we will post the list of players and their respective finishes below in a list.

Within a few minutes, the field moved up to level 17 with blinds at 3,000/6,000 and a 500 ante. First elimination in 36th place is David Docherty who lost to the Ace high flush of Praz Bansi. Next in 35th was David "Devilfish" Ulliott who was busted by Teddy Sheringham! The two pair made by Sheringham (A's and Q's) ended up the superior hand in that match. In 34th was Oyvind Riisem after meeting the set of 8's held by Jason Mercier. Michael Fosco finished in 33rd once the full house (3's/5's) was made by Saar Wilf. Picking up the cash for 32nd was Steve Zolotow who was busted by none other than...Teddy Sheringham? Yes it is true and Sheringham did it with calling Zolotow's all-in move with pocket 5's with pocket K's that held to the river. Tommy Pavlicek ended up in 31st place, Christian Kruel in 30th and Christian Harder in 29th.

John Kabbaj picked up the cabbage for 28th place after Markus Ristola paired his Ace card. Andre Akkari was defeated by the full house (A's/K's) beloning to Eric Liu and went out in 27th place. Then Men "The Master" Nguyen had his quest for another WSOP gold bracelet stopped cold in 26th place by the set of 10's made by Daniel Negreanu. Another bracelet would have finally put Nguyen into a tie with Phil Hellmuth for the most number of bracelets. Yevgeniv Timoshenko ended up in 25th place thanks to the two pair (6's and 9's) of Thomas Bichon. Jason Mercier busted Peter Gould in 24th after Mercier paired his Ace card. Arnaud Mattern with pocket K's lost his chip stack to Doyle Brunson who made a set of 8's by the river, ending Mattern's climb up the mountain in 23rd. Then Matt Hawrilenko sent Liz Lieu who was the only woman left, (and one of the cutest in the Main Event), to the sidelines with a set of 7's to have her finish 22nd. Konstantin Bacherl was the 21st place winner, Steve Fung in 20th, Craig Burgess cashing out at 19th and Sandor Demjan in 18th.

Right now the list has 17 players still at the tables. The top 9 currently are:
  1. Jason Mercier -- 1,633,000
  2. Markus Ristola -- 921,000
  3. Praz Bansi -- 905,000
  4. Daniel Negreanu -- 835,000
  5. Saar Wilf -- 770,000
  6. Barry Shulman -- 720,000
  7. Keith Hawkins -- 560,000
  8. James Akenhead -- 491,000
  9. Teddy Sheringham -- 478,000
From this point on chip stacks grew faster than teenagers during summer vacation. In just a few minutes after break, Jason Mercier jumped over the 2 million chip mark with others close behind him. Finishing in 17th place was none other than Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson who had his paired Queens overcome by the paired Kings belonging to James Akenhead. Mercier increased his stack by eliminating Saar Wilf in 16th after pairing his Ace card. Ram Vaswani finished in 15th when he could not beat the pocket 8's held by Barry Shulman. Then Teddy Sheringham ended an exemplary performance in 14th when he tried to bend it with K Q and was stopped short of a goal by the two pair (6's and A's) of Jason Mercier.

Tony Cousineau met the King high flush of Akenhead and walked to the rail in 13th. Akenhead then sent Thomas Bichon close behind in 12th with pocket K's that gave him a bigger two pair than Bichon with his pocket 10's. Keith "The Camel" Hawkins came in 11th behind the two pair (9's and J's) of Praz Bansi, resulting in a trip to the cashier's cage and possibly the closest pub for a refill, and Eric Liu just missed a final table seat coming in 10th.

Looking at the survivors, one thing is obvious. The final table is going to be a battle of ungodly power! Here are the smokin' final table players and their player bios:

Final Table Chip Leader Jason Mercier
Final Table Chip Leader Jason Mercier

  1. Jason Mercier -- 2,709,000
  2. James Akenhead -- 1,361,000
  3. Praz Bansi -- 1,206,000
  4. Barry Shulman -- 1,150,000
  5. Markus Ristola -- 784,000
  6. Antoine Saout -- 748,000
  7. Chris Bjorin -- 578,000
  8. Matt Hawrilenko -- 571,000
  9. Daniel Negreanu -- 498,000
Two players Antoine Saout and James Akenhead have made the Main Event final table in Las Vegas and here in London! Never has this been done before. Six have WSOP gold bracelets to their credit, namely Jason Mercier in Event #5 this year, Matt Hawrilenko in Event #56, Barry Shulman in 2001, Daniel Negreanu with 4 bracelets total, Praz Bansi in 2006 and Chris Bjorin in 200 and 2001. Plus the firepower here clearly outmatches the Main Event final table in Las Vegas that still remains to be played in November. My God, if you have never watched ESPN before, make sure you do when this airs.

In the money finishers:
  1. £801;,603 ($1,283,684.15 USD)
  2. £495;,589 ($793,634.43 USD)
  3. £360;,887 ($577,923.14 USD)
  4. £267;,267 ($428,000.41 USD)
  5. £200;,367 ($320,866.99 USD)
  6. £150;,267 ($240,637.03 USD)
  7. £114;,228 ($182,924.31 USD)
  8. £87;,074 ($139,439.99 USD)
  9. £66;,533 ($106,545.71 USD)
  10. Eric Liu -- £51;,536 ($82,277.47 USD)
  11. Keith Hawkins -- £51;,536 ($82,277.47 USD)
  12. Thomas Bichon -- £51;,536 ($82,277.47 USD)
  13. Tony Cousineau -- £40;,481 ($64,628.11 USD)
  14. Teddy Sheringham -- £40;,481 ($64,628.11 USD)
  15. Ram Vaswani -- £40;,481 ($64,628.11 USD)
  16. Saar Wilf -- £32;,198 ($51,404.26 USD)
  17. Doyle Brunson -- £32;,198 ($51,404.26 USD)
  18. Craig Burgess -- £32;,198 ($51,404.26 USD)
  19. Sandor Demjan -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  20. Steve Fung -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  21. Konstantin Bacherl -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  22. Liz Lieu -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  23. Arnaud Mattern -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  24. Yevgeniv Timoshenko -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  25. Peter Gould -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  26. Andre Akkari -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  27. Men "The Master" Nguyen -- £25;,918 ($41,378.21 USD)
  28. Christian Harder -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  29. John Kabbaj -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  30. Christian Kruel -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  31. Tommy Pavlicek -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  32. Steve Zolotow -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  33. Michael Fosco -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  34. Oyvind Riisem -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  35. David "Devilfish" Ulliott -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)
  36. David Docherty -- £21;,142 ($33,753.30 USD)

Photo credit: IMPDI 2009