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Event #57 Main Event Day 1A

Day 1
11:45 AM
Today will be the start of the Main Event. All players will have 30,000 chips to begin with for their $10,000 entry fee. The goal is to last until 60 minutes into the 5th level of play, with each level lasting 120 minutes each. Even though players may select their first day of play until that day based upon availability, it would not be wise to repeat the mistakes of over 800 players on Day 1D and wait until the last minute to enter, only to be turned away. With each day having the capacity to handle 3,000 entrants each, we will see how many come to the tables this year.

On the entrants list were Chris Moorman, Richard Ashby, Al Barbieri, Thor Hansen, Matt Matros, Praz Bansi, John Spadavecchia, Diego Cordovez, Juha Helppi, Francois Safieddine, Eric Molina, Lee Watkinson, Dwyte Pilgrim, Raymond Rahme, Svetlana Gromenkova, Matt Glantz, Leo Wolpert, John Myung, Ted Lawson and Mel Judah.

12:09 PM
It was 2004 Main Event Champion Greg Raymer who announced to the to dealers that it was time to "Shuffle Up and Deal!". And with that, the Main Event begins. Seen so far are 2003 Main Event Champion Chris Moneymaker, Lee Watkinson, Barry Shulman, Dewey Tomko, Jordan 'iMsoLucky0' Morgan, Steve Wong, Peter Gelencser, Michael Mizrachi, Beth Shak, David Sklansky, Nikolay Evdakov, Juha Helppi, T.J. Cloutier, Berry Johnston, Rob Hollink, Vitaly Lunkin and comedian Ray Romano.

12:47 PM
Greg Raymer is off to a bad start as he went from 30,000 chips to 1,200 in less than 30 minutes. Even good players have bad days.

1:32 PM
Raymer is among the first to bust out of the Main Event. Following close behind was Nick Schulman after his pocket K's were run over by the set of Q's made by his opponent.

2:04 PM
David "Chino Rheem got busted out of the Main Event after his opponent made the nut flush on the river. Rheem moved in with two pair but they unfortunately would not hold up. Keith Ferrera was placed on the list of the fallen after his move with pocket Kings failed when the other player paired his Ace card on the flop.

2:53 PM
For all you beef jerky fans out there, Jack Links Beef Jerky is still giving players who make quads a free bag. Thiago Nishijima got one after making quad Jacks on the flop. All you have to do is pay $10 grand and make the quads. Simple.

4:02 PM
Victor Ramdin made the walk to the rail after elimination. But those players who are doing well today after the first break include Michael Mizrachi with 90,000 chips, Markus Golser 57,000, Vitaly Lunkin 51,300, Chris Moneymaker and announcer Vince Van Patten both with 44,000, Dutch Boyd 40,200, actor Ray Romano 39,000, Chris Moorman 33,300 and Rob Hollink with 41,000.

5:17 PM
Jimmy Fricke said goodbye from the tables after watching his opponents pocket K's become two pair (K's and 5's) on the turn. Jameson Painter has also recently been eliminated. Painter moved all-in preflop with A K with his last 10,500 and was called by another player with pocket Q's. The flop produced another Queen for a set and the win.

6:12 PM
Lots of players are bein highly cautious, with many top pros even folding pocket A's preflop if they are not confident. The dinner break for the field will run from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM.

8:35 PM
Total number of entrants for Day 1A was 1125. And there have not been many eliminations with the current player count at 907. New busts that have happened include Mike Caro, Issac Haxton, Andy Black, Al Barbieri and Ray Romano. What happened with Romano is that he lost a huge chuck of his stack when his A K suited could not hold up to another player with pocket J's. Then he went all-in with the 6,000 chips he had left with a pair of 4's and he was called by a player who ended up with a straight flush (4 thtu 8 of diamonds) by the turn card. With all the ESPN cameras around, you should see this hand on TV.

9:18 PM
Issac Haxton is now on the sidelines. Taking an all-in move with what he had left and pocket 2's, Haxton was okay until an Ace came on the turn which paired the ones the other two players in the hand held. But that was all she wrote for the young player as he got up to exit the Amazon Room the ESPN cameras naturally followed.

10:09 PM
David Steicke also fell to the pain of a player with pocket K's that held to the river, ending his chance at the last bracelet of the season. And Kirill Gerasimov holds railbird status after elimination from the field.

Right now, the top 5 players in terms of chip counts are 11:39 PM
Johannes Strassman was busted after his all-in move with a straight draw did not happen to help him fend off the set of 9's made by the other player. T.J. Cloutier just said he had a race that he could not win and scooted out of the Amazon Room after elimination. Beth Shak took her chips to the middle with pocket Q's, only to be defeated and busted out of the Main Event by the set of 7's made by her opponent on the flop. She was followed by Event #21 bracelet winner Richard Ashby, Nikolay Evdakov, Chris Moorman, Markus Golser and Billy Baxter.

11:50 PM
Tournament officials have told the remaining players to bag their chips as they have successfully survived 4 1/2 levels of play. Join us tomorrow at 12 noon for Day 1b action.

Top 50 Players and Chip Counts:
  1. Dwyen Ringbauer -- 191,125
  2. Michael Mizrachi -- 142,650
  3. Felix Bleiker -- 136,300
  4. Heinz Kamutzki -- 135,750
  5. Ville Haavisto -- 125,000
  6. Kevin McGowan -- 120,900
  7. Getty Mattingsley -- 120,000
  8. Austin McCormick -- 120,000
  9. Giuliano Cipolla -- 119,225
  10. Tyler Smith -- 115,050
  11. Barry Shulman -- 113,000
  12. Oliver Daeninckx -- 112,500
  13. Anthony Wise -- 110,975
  14. Daniel Carter -- 108,650
  15. Chris Moneymaker -- 107,425
  16. Corwin Cole -- 107,000
  17. Ognjen Sekularac -- 104,550
  18. John Shipley -- 100,675
  19. Kristoffer Thorsson -- 92,350
  20. Vitaly Lunkin -- 82,000
  21. Maria Ho -- 74,500
  22. Court Harrington -- 74,000
  23. Dwyte Pilgrim -- 69,000
  24. Lacey Jones -- 67,600
  25. Scott Seiver -- 67,000
  26. Praz Bansi -- 65,725
  27. Anton Allemann -- 65,000
  28. Chad Batista -- 64,000
  29. Soren Kongsgaard -- 63,700
  30. Johan van Til -- 62,000
  31. David Grey -- 61,475
  32. John Hennigan -- 61,000
  33. Garry Tang -- 60,000
  34. Jesse Martin -- 59,000
  35. Nicky Evans -- 59,000
  36. Jonas Kronwitter -- 58,000
  37. Vince Van Patten -- 56,700
  38. Leo Boxell -- 55,000
  39. Peter Feldman -- 53,200
  40. Jonathan Tare -- 51,400
  41. Mel Judah -- 51,000
  42. Dewey Tomko -- 50,725
  43. Thor Hansen -- 50,525
  44. Tim Flanders -- 50,000
  45. Matt Matros -- 50,000
  46. Michael Gracz -- 50,000
  47. Steve Jelinek -- 48,000
  48. Matt Graham -- 48,000
  49. Juha Helppi -- 45,000
  50. Thierry van den Berg -- 44,700