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Event #57 Main Event Day 3

8:58 AM
Day 3 will have 2,557 players returning from Day 2A and 2B to the tables. They should be all ready and rested after a day off which allowed many to witness Spain brining home the World Cup to their nation for the first time ever. (For those keeping track, the Main Event had 7,319 entrants, which is the second highest number in the history of the WSOP.) The action on Day 2B saw many of the 2009 November Nine bust out, namely Phil Ivey, Jeff Shulman, Antoine Saout and Darvin Moon. But there are still some Main Event champions in the mix. Dan Harrington (1995), Scotty Nguyen (1998), Chris Moneymaker (2003), Joe Cada (2009) and Robert Varkonyi who won in (2002) have had good showings so far and will takes seats on Day 3.

Other notables include 97 year old Jack Ury who is competing in his 4th WSOP Main Event. Jack is low on chips, so we'll hope for the best for him today. Eric Buchman who is the only other 2009 November Nine member left is still in the game with 147,000 chips in front of him. And when everyone comes together, blinds will be at 500/1,000 and ante of 100 for the remainder of level 9 left to be played. The goal is to play for 4 120 minutes levels. We will see you back at 12 noon!

12:02 PM
Day 3 has started with 1 hour remaining in level 9 for the field.

12:44 PM
Jim Bechtel who won the Main Event in 1995 is no longer in contention after his pocket J's met with the straight made by Carter Phillips on the river. Crippled on a previous hand, Thomas Keller busted after his two pair (8's and 3's) were overcome by a larger two pair (J's and 3's) by the other player.

1:28 PM
Erik Seidel took his last 8,000 chips and went in with J 3 suited and was called by A 8 suited by another player. With no help from the board, Seidel ended his last event here at the RIO. Also following close behind are Marc Naalden, Lacey Jones, Lex Veldhuis, Phil Laak and Matt Hawrilenko.

2:12 PM
Maria Ho lost the rest of her chips after an all-in with A J was met with A K from another player. Cards laid out by the dealer did not help anyone and Maria packed up to move to the rail. Sully Erna from the band Godsmack followed Maria after his move with pocket Q's was called by a player with pocket K's that held to the river. Behind them were Gabe Kaplan, Jennifer Harman, David Singer and David Sklansky.

2:56 PM
Chris Moneymaker was hurt earlier very badly, reducing him to just 5,000 chips. A couple of hands later with just 3,900, he went all-in with 5 10 suited, but lost to the King kicker of Victorino Torres. Others newly busted include Barbera Enright, Paul Wasicka, Lisa Parsons, David Williams, Chad Batista and Steven Paul.

3:39 PM
The top 5 players at this time are:
  1. Johnny Chan -- 580,000
  2. Kevin Gates -- 475,000
  3. Nicholas Rainey -- 440,000
  4. Frank Kassela -- 430,000
  5. David Assouline -- 420,000
4:22 PM
Player field count is 1,984. Action is taking place at level 11 with blinds at 800/1,600 and an ante of 200. Chad Bautista has been eliminated after his all-in with J 2 failed against the pocket 9's of his opponent.

5:15 PM
Kara Scott is no longer with the field as her paired Kings were useless against the set of Jacks made by the other player. Tony Cousineau, Tim West and Anthony Yeh also were railbound.

5:39 PM
Some of the players still in the field are Dwyte Pilgrim 113,000, Dewey Tomko 116,400, Allen Cunningham 116,000, Barry Greenstein 145,000, David Chiu 153,000, Barney Boatman 165,000, Scott Clements 384,000, Frank Kassela 385,000, Brandon Cantu 274,000, David Benyamine 235,000 and Kido Pham 292,000.

6:07 PM Jared Hamby lost the rest of his chips to Steve Billirakis after Billirakis made a superior two pair on the flop (J's and 10's). Allyn Jaffrey Shulman whos husband Barry Shulman won the WSOP Europe Main Event last year will have to finish watching from the stands. She went all-in with A 10 and her opponent held A K and received another King on the turn. Roland DeWolfe is gone as well. With a board reading A 10 A 10 9 his opponent checked, DeWolfe raised and his opponent check-raised all-in of which DeWolfe called. That call led to his demise as the other player turned over A 10 for a full house (10's/A's).

6:58 PM
David "Devilfish" Ulliott had successfully kept himself alive with his short stack but could not establish a comeback with his chips. Ulliott is no longer in the Main Event after his opponent squeeked out a pair of 6's verses the A Q of Ulliott. Dinner break will run until 8:30 PM.

8:40 PM
Daniel Negreanu busted recently as his move with two pair (J's and 8's) were not enough to beat the Broadway straight (A thru 10) of the other player, who relieved Negreanu of the remainder of his chips. Steve Sung got the boot after seeing the other player make a Jack high straight flush. Ouch! Then to add insult to injury, 2009 Main Event champion Joe Cada went the way of the rail when his all-in with A Q was met with two pair (10's and 7's) made on the turn. So we will have a new champion this year.

9:25 PM
Vanessa Rousso decided to get it all in with a flush she made on the turn. Unfortunately, another player made a bigger flush, sending Rousso packing. Billy Kopp was busted badly when his full house lost to quad 8's. And Eugene Katchalov followed him out when his move with A J was called by A K and another King came on the turn.

10:12 PM
Jeff Sarwer met his end when he took it to the middle with K Q and was called by pocket Q's that held to the river. A full house made by the other player (4's/A's) sent Thor Hansen out of the running. Amanda Baker who had been playing so well, is no longer in the Main Event. She went all-in preflop with pocket 9's and was called by A K. It looked good until another King materialized on the felt sealing away Bakers chance for a bracelet.

10:35 PM
The day comes to a close as there are 1,240 players left in the field. Some players still in the running are J.P. Kelly with 350,000 chips, Samuel Oberlin 330,000, Kido Pham 292,000, Praz Bansi 280,000, David Benyamine 275,000, Paul Magriel 269,000, Jean-Robert Bellande 255,000, Brandon Cantu 255,000, Humberto Brenes 210,000, Vince Van Patten 202,000, Sammy Farha 190,000, David Chiu 255,000, Jonathan Aguiar 155,000, Dwyte Pilgrim 144,000, Patrik Antonius 170,000 and Hoyt Corkins 145,000.

Play will continue tomorrow at level 13 with blinds at 1200/2400 and ante of 300.

Top 50 Players with Chip Counts:
  1. James Carroll -- 803,000
  2. Imari Love -- 741,000
  3. Gerasimos Deres -- 733,700
  4. Max Casal -- 687,200
  5. Josh Brikis -- 669,000
  6. Arie Kliper -- 666,200
  7. Andrew Brown -- 657,700
  8. Johnny Lodden -- 656,400
  9. Johnny Chan -- 636,000
  10. Rafal Michalowski -- 616,800
  11. Nicolas Babel -- 588,000
  12. Paul Kristoffersson -- 583,000
  13. David Anderson -- 574,700
  14. Lou Barlow -- 557,000
  15. Frank Jordan -- 554,300
  16. Alexander Kostritsyn -- 534,100
  17. Randy Dorfman -- 527,800
  18. Gary Dishongh -- 520,000
  19. Ralph Michalowski -- 515,000
  20. Mike Mustafa -- 511,000
  21. Matthew Reed -- 510,000
  22. Suleiman Abueid -- 490,000
  23. Jeffrey Rothstein -- 489,000
  24. Charles Sylvestre -- 485,800
  25. Eric Baldwin -- 485,000
  26. Jesper Hougaard -- 480,500
  27. Cole South -- 478,600
  28. Gabriel Walls -- 475,000
  29. Steven Tabb -- 470,000
  30. Rudy Miller -- 465,000
  31. Scott Clements -- 459,900
  32. Michael Chow -- 445,000
  33. Nicholas Rainey -- 443,000
  34. Scott Baumstein -- 425,000
  35. Paul Nguyen -- 420,000
  36. Jim Collopy -- 418,700
  37. Mikhail Shalamov -- 415,000
  38. Carter Phillips -- 410,000
  39. David Burn -- 408,600
  40. Jacob Tyler -- 405,000
  41. Jason Somerville -- 400,500
  42. Kevin Gates -- 400,000
  43. Fabrice Soulier -- 400,000
  44. Lauren Kling -- 395,000
  45. Nikolay Losev -- 378,000
  46. Peter Jetten -- 375,000
  47. Bryn Kenney -- 375,000
  48. Ricardo Fasanaro -- 375,000
  49. Chris Tipper -- 374,200
  50. Michael Shelton -- 365,000