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Event #57 Main Event Final Table

The Main Event Final Table began in the Penn and Teller theater at the Rio just like last year. The waiting lines were long with so many people wondering if professional players Michael Mizrachi or John Racener could accomplish what Phil Ivey was not able to do last year which was to win the Main Event. Once everyone was seated, Jack Effel being the Master of Ceremonies called on Bruce Buffer from the UFC to give the order to shuffle up and deal! As expected players were very careful in makeing their moves, so careful to where a spectator yelled out "Call!" to John Racener while he was under the gun. Immediately Jack Effel stated clearly, "That will get you ejected" which had a dampening effect on the crowd for about 3 minutes. Here are the starting chip counts:
  1. Jonathan Duhamel -- 65,975,000
  2. John Dolan -- 46,250,000
  3. Joseph Cheong -- 23,525,000
  4. John Racener -- 19,050,000
  5. Matthew Jarvis -- 16,700,000
  6. Filippo Candio -- 16,400,000
  7. Michael Mizrachi -- 14,450,000
  8. Soi Nguyen -- 9,650,000
  9. Jason Senti -- 7,625,000
Soi Nguyen Eliminated in 9th Place ($811,823)
At the end of the first hour. busting in 9th position was Soi Nguyen. Nguyen decided to go all-in when he was on the button and everyone else folded around him. Calling the brave preflop move was Jason Senti with pocket Q's verses the A K of Nguyen. The dealer laid down a flop of Q 3 10, leaving Nguyen in the prayer position calling out for a Jack. Turn card was a 9 and the river was a K. As Nguyen left the table, Senti raked in a new pile of 17.5 million chips which is 10 million more that his short stack beginning.

Matthew Jarvis Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,045,743)
Action soon jumps to level 37 where blinds are at $300,000/$600,000 and the ante is $75,000. When the pace slowed down to where it was obvious no one wanted to bet heavy, Matthew Jarvis moved all-in preflop with just over 14 million in chips...and was a little surprized when Michael Mizrachi decided to call. So with a pot of over 30 million chips everyone stood up to watch. Mizrachi had A Q to the pocket 9's of Jarvis who looked confident he would win this huge pot. But a flop of Q 8 Q sent the Mizrachi cheering squad into an uproar! Next a 9 came on the felt to even louder cheers from the Jarvis group because their man had a boat. The last card the dealer laid down was and Ace which gave Mizrachi the bigger boat which would be needed to carry off the 30+ million chip pot, placing Mizrachi at over 42 million chips.

For the next 2 1/2 hours there was not much action as players were taking care to pick and choose their battles. Then dinner break came up and when they returned, there were at level 38 with blinds at $400,000/$800,000 with the ante now at $100,000. The crowd was pretty well liquored up and they wanted action. Well, they got it.

Jason Senti Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,356,720)
Joseph Cheong's raise got a reraise from Senti until they were all-in preflop. Senti had A K while Cheong brandished pocket 10's. On the flop came K K Q which sent the theater into loud chants for Senti. They were soon silenced as the turn card was a J and the river a 9, giving Cheong a staight to beat a strong set of Kings.

John Dolan Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,772,959)
An hour after Senti, John Dolan moved it to the middle preflop with Q 5 suited and was called by Jonathan Duhamel with pocket 4's. The flop came out J 7 6 of hearts which helped no one, but the 9 of hearts gave Dolan a few more outs he could catch. None of them came as a 3 of clubs came on the river, sending Dolan off to the cashier's cage.

Lady Luck took a breather from resting on Duhamel's shoulder. And with that the chips seemed to grow legs right in front of Duhamel and leave him. In one big hand between John Racener and Duhamel, Racener doubled up to 34 million with paired Queens leaving Duhamel with 26 million. But Lady Luck got her text message that break was over, and with that she was back in Duhamel's corner. On the very next hand against Michael Mizrachi he managed to double up to 52 million. Wow!

Michael Mizrachi Eliminated in 5th Place ($2,332,992)
After seeing a flop of 4 5 Q, Duhamel and Mizrachi went into a raise/reraise battle until they were both all-in. Mizrachi shows Q 8, but Duhamel produces pocket A's which held all the way to the river, leaving the legendary player on the rail. If Mizrachi would have won this event, he would have been the WSOP Player of the Year, but due to his loss that honor will go to Frank Kasella.

Filippo Candio Eliminated in 4th Place ($3,092,545)
Three hands later another player was eliminated. Candio open shoved his stacks to the center and was quickly called by Cheong. Candio had K Q while Cheong had A 3. A flop of A 7 2 had to have made Candio's heart drop. They turn was a 5 while the river a 4 giving Cheong a wheel and top pair for the win.

Joseph Cheong Eliminated in 3rd Place ($4,130,049)
On the 219th hand which was being played around 2:00 AM the next day, Cheong moved in from the small blind and was called by Duhamel. Duhamel had the edge with A 2 verses the Q 10 held by Cheong. Being laid to the feld was a flop of K 9 6, followed by a turn of 6 and a river of 7 which sent the crowd wild with excitement! The heads up battle will take place with pro player John Racener verses online pro Jonathan Duhamel.

Heads Up Battle

Things started off at 8:00 PM in the Penn and Teller theater at the RIO with John Racener having 30,650,000 chips on his side and Jonathan Duhamel surrounded by a mind numbing 188,950,000 chip fortress. Before action kicked into gear, Frank Kasella was presented with the 2010 WSOP Player of the Year award. Next was Nolan Dalla who announced the induction of Dan Harrington into the Poker Hall of Fame, which was followed by Doyle Brunson who introduced Eric Seidel who was also added to the Poker Hall of Fame. Once that was done, Frank Kasella gave the directive to 'Shuffle Up and Deal!' to begin the heads up. Play soon went to level 41 with blinds at $800,000/$1,600,000 with ante of $200,000.

Naturally the railbirds were chanting for their favorite player. The Racener camp seemed to be the loudest with, "Double Up!, Double Up!", as it would help to get Racener into a better position. The first major hand took a chunk off of Racener's stack when Duhamel produced two pair (J's and 4's) to add 12 million to his side. But Racener was determined not to go down without a fight as his all-in move on the next hand, vaulted him back over 36 million chips. After that, Racener floated between 25 and 30 million chips, not seeing a good opportunity to make a move. Duhamel continued to place pressure on Racener to erode Racener's stack. Then on the 262nd hand of the Final Table the winning hand came.

Duhamel went all-in preflop and Racener called with the 15 million that he had left. Duhamel had A J and Racener had K 8. After a flop of 4 4 9, both players were on their feet. Turn card was a 6 and river a 5, meaning that Jonathan Duhamel had become an instant millionaire AND the Main Event Champion. What was it like to be there? The picture says it all.

2010 Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel (and lots of friends!)
2010 Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel (and lots of friends!)

Top 50 Players:
  1. Jonathan Duhamel -- $8,944,138
  2. John Racener -- $5,545,855
  3. Joseph Cheong -- $4,129,979
  4. Filippo Candio -- $3,092,497
  5. Michael Mizrachi -- $2,332,960
  6. John Dolan -- $1,772,939
  7. Jason Senti -- $1,356,708
  8. Matthew Jarvis -- $1,045,738
  9. Soi Nguyen -- $811,823
  10. Brandon Steven -- $635,011
  11. Pascal LeFrancois -- $635,011
  12. Adam Levy -- $635,011
  13. Duy Le -- $500,165
  14. Hasan Habib -- $500,165
  15. Matt Affleck -- $500,165
  16. Benjamin Statz -- $396,967
  17. David Baker -- $396,967
  18. Scott Clements -- $396,967
  19. Michiel Sijpkens -- $317,161
  20. Patrick Eskandar -- $317,161
  21. Redmond Lee -- $317,161
  22. William Thorson -- $317,161
  23. Robert Pisano -- $317,161
  24. Ronnie Bardah -- $317,161
  25. Mads Wissing -- $317,161
  26. Matthew Bucaric -- $317,161
  27. Johnny Lodden -- $317,161
  28. Bryn Kenney -- $255,242
  29. Gianni Direnzo -- $255,242
  30. Michael Skender -- $255,242
  31. Theo Jorgensen -- $255,242
  32. Corey Emery -- $255,242
  33. Eduardo Parra -- $255,242
  34. Edward Ochana -- $255,242
  35. Gabe Costner -- $255,242
  36. Dag Palovic -- $255,242
  37. Michal Wywrot -- $206,395
  38. Jonathan Driscoll -- $206,395
  39. Jakob Toestesen - $206,395
  40. Nicolas Babel -- $206,395
  41. Damien Luis -- $206,395
  42. Jerry Payne -- $206,395
  43. Matthew Berkey -- $206,395
  44. David Assouline -- $206,395
  45. Sergey Rybachenko -- $206,395
  46. James Fennell -- $168,556
  47. Evgeny Shnayder -- $168,556
  48. Evan Lamprea -- $168,556
  49. Jacobo Fernandez -- $168,556
  50. James Manning -- $168,556