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Event #57 Main Event Day 1C

12:02 PM
2009 Main Event champion Joe Cada kicked it all off by issuing the directive to "Shuffle Up and Deal!". And with that, the players who are seated in the Amazon and Pavilion Rooms went at it. Seen so far are Scotty Nguyen, Steve Begleiter, Matt Savage, John Juanda, Chad Brown, Antonio Esfandiari, Vicky Coren, Matt Hawrilenko, Terrence Chan, Christina Lindley, Chau Giang, Tom McEvoy, Scott Fischman, David Oppenheim, Neil Channing and Hoyt Corkins.

12:15 PM
The first elimination took place as a player moved all-in with pocket Aces, only to be defeated by the set of 8's made by a player by the name of Phil Armstrong on the flop. All we can say is ouch! Huck Seed also blew through 30,000 chips in 45 minutes and is somewhere else in the RIO besides these tables.

1:08 PM
Other players in the field today are Johnny Chan, Kathy Liebert, Eli Elezra, Shaun Deeb, Liz Lieu, Dario Minieri, David Williams, Tony Cousineau, Jennifer Leigh, Daniel Negreanu, Christian Harder, Bryan Devonshire, Jerry Yang, Chip Jett, Lex Veldhuis, Robert Mizrachi, Eric Froechlich, Brock Parker, Sam Farha, David Bach, Dennis Phillips, Nick Binger, Ville Whalbeck, Annie Duke and Faraz Jaka.

2:48 PM
Phil Hellmuth finally arrived to the Main Event. He got out of his limo wearing a silk black-and-gold boxer's robe. Then he went into the Amazon Room and was followed by a group of hot models holding signs in the shape of WSOP bracelets. And to top it all off, he is escorted directly to the ESPN secondary table. Now all we need is to have him blow up during play, and the image of the Phil Hellmuth we all know will be complete.

3:56 PM
Player Ryan Welch had visions of doubling up with the full house he made on the river...until the other player revealed his pocket pair that gave him quad 8's which replaced the doubling up visions of Welch with a seat on the rail. Current chip leader is David Williams with 107,000 chips followed by Barney Boatman with 85,000.

And last year's Main Event runnerup Darvin Moon was spotted watching the game from the sidelines.

4:21 PM
Official count for Day 1C is 2,314 players. Vicky Coren was eliminated from the Main Event when her all-in with pocket J's was overcome by the paired Kings made by her opponent. Faraz Jaka twittered that he hit two pair with (K's and Q's) but they were no match for the set of 2's made by he other player.

5:39 PM
Jeff Madsen is no more as his race with pocket 10's lost to the other player with pocket Q's that held to the river. Chad Brown was not too far behind as his pocket K's ran into pocket A's from his opponent, which remained the dominate hand to the end.

7:00 PM
Dinner break will last until 8:30 PM. Short stacked are Chau Giang with just 1,000 chips, David Oppenheim with 3,800 and Thomas Koo with 4,100.

8:35 PM
Player Mike Sowers is gone from the tables after his all-in with A Q lost when his opponent paired his King card on the flop. Close behind was Shaun Deeb.

9:20 PM
Chau Giang is on the sidelines after moving to the center with a King high straight made on the turn. Antonion Esfandiari called holding two pair (K's and Q's) which turned into a full house when another King fell on the river. Phil Hellmuth is also busted out of the Main Event. Hellmuth lost out when his pocket J's were beaten by a player who had pocket Q's that evolved into a flush. As Hellmuth was signing autographs and shaking hands, a player tried to make a joke of it by grabbing the microphone and announcing to the Amazon and Pavilion Rooms that Hellmuth had been busted.

Loud cheering erupted from both rooms. (Oooops!)

10:32 PM
The following have been newly vanquished on Day 1C, Mickey Appleman, Jerry Yang, Cory Carroll, Davidi Kitai, Nick Maimone, Lars Bonding and Matt Woodward. Matt Woodward was hoping the set of Jack he made would keep him in the game, but the other player made a full house (8's/J's) at the same time, sending the balance of Matt's chips to the other side.

Top 5 at this time are:
  1. Barny Boatman -- 151,000
  2. Johnny Chan -- 141,000
  3. Isaac Krantz -- 130,000
  4. Lauren Kling -- 126,000
  5. Robert Mizrachi -- 124,000
11:58 PM
Neil Channing had his pocket K's put to sleep when a player hit them with pocket A's preflop, taking his remaning chips and sending Channing into the Netherworld. Under the gun, Lee Childs went to the middle with pocket 5's and got overrun by two other players with higher pocket pairs. They were enough to bust Childs and seat him at the rail.

12:07 PM
After 4 1/2 levels of play, tournament officials stop Day 1C with 1,674 remaining. Come back tomorrow at 12 noon for Day 1D!

Top 50 finishers on Day 1C:
  1. Mathieu Sauriol -- 169,900
  2. Johnny Chan -- 163,700
  3. Andrew Liporace -- 155,350
  4. Josef Monro -- 153,350
  5. Lauren Kling -- 149,650
  6. Barny Boatman -- 144,050
  7. Steven Goosen -- 142,925
  8. Michael Reed -- 142,125
  9. Sean Prendiville -- 140,500
  10. Benjamin Blair -- 137,200
  11. Jorn Walthaus -- 137,025
  12. Darren Woods -- 133,975
  13. Hoyt Corkins -- 129,150
  14. Carter Phillips -- 128,225
  15. Sebastian Panny -- 127,600
  16. Isaac Krantz -- 126,250
  17. Jean Hemmer -- 125,875
  18. Geoffrey Ulrich -- 121,375
  19. Steven Buckner -- 121,125
  20. Mark Dalimore -- 118,625
  21. Fokke Beukers -- 117,775
  22. Joseph Tosaky -- 117,600
  23. Roger Ahn -- 116,300
  24. Will Failla -- 115,050
  25. Michael Ferrell -- 114,850
  26. Joshua Appleby -- 113,400
  27. Fabian Geisel -- 113,200
  28. Andrew Gaw -- 112,250
  29. Alioscia Oliva -- 112,225
  30. David Williams -- 112,225
  31. Deborah Hinton -- 112,175
  32. Robert Kumbatovic -- 111,950
  33. Sarne Lightman -- 111,775
  34. Lance Harris -- 111,700
  35. Anthony Utnage -- 110,950
  36. Stephen Foutty -- 110,000
  37. Edward Brogdon -- 108,100
  38. William Kopp -- 107,800
  39. Joseph Kuether -- 104,500
  40. Blake Kelso -- 104,225
  41. Garrett Adelstein -- 103,125
  42. Jeffrey Gross -- 103,075
  43. Salvatore Fazzino -- 102,725
  44. Alexander Fitzgerald -- 102,500
  45. Jason Wheeler -- 101,875
  46. Lance Turner -- 101,500
  47. Miikka Anttonen -- 101,150
  48. James Carroll -- 101,050
  49. James Kilarjian -- 100,400
  50. Binh Nguyen -- 100,300