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2010 Caesar's Atlantic City
World Series of Poker Circuit Event

Caesar's Atlantic City
2100 Pacific Avenue
Atlantic City, New Jersey
March 3 -- March 14, 2010

The Caesar'a Atlantic City circuit stop will consist of 12 events, running for 12 days during the month of March. The first 8 poker events will be 2 days in length, the Main Event will run for 3 days when it begins on March 12th with the remaining poker events taking place for 1 day only. Any players that wish to compete and want more information, can call 1-800-443-0104.

Poker players should also keep in mind that there are Mega Super Satellites running March 8th through March 11th daily at 4:00 PM with a $340 buy in and Mega Super Satellites Running March 3rd through March 11th beginning nightly at 8:00 PM with a buy in of $590.

Event #1 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Yat Tony Cheng The first event had 682 players pay $340 per seat helping to build a $198,462 prize pool for the top 63 remaining. Interestingly, this was supposed to be a two day affair that stretched out to three days due to an increased amount of chips per player and additional changes in the rules by the WSOP. Day 1 saw 90 percent of the field go to the rail after 14 hours of action. Day 2 began with 7 tables which played for an additional 17 hours before getting down to the final nine.

The final table was insane as it started in the evening to a room full of spectators, ending at 7 AM the next day with just a few die hards in the stands. It was highly volatile with the chip leader lasting only 90 minutes at the table before busting out. First to go in 9th was Adam Teasdale when his pocket 4's could not withstand the A K onslaught when another Ace came up on the flop. Frankie Sepko laid claim to 8th when his pocket 2's were stopped cold by the flush made by his opponent on the river. Chris Manogue left the table in 7th after his A K lost out to the pocket A's of another player. Peter Bogdanowicz finished 6th when Pedro Vicente made a full house by the river. But soon after, Vicente ended up in 5th after meeting pocket A's which held up to the river. Ian Tuason had his all-in with pocket 6's halted by the pocket 10's of Jim Di Carlo, and walked away with the payout for 4th. Chris McCabe fell to the set of 7's made by Yat Cheng, taking home the cash for 3rd.

On the tournaments final hand, Jim Di Carlo was able to pair his 9 card on the flop, but lost out when Cheng made a flush on the river, giving Cheng his first tournament win.

  1. Yat �Tony� Cheng -- $55,569
  2. Jim Di Carlo -- $28,777
  3. Chris McCabe -- $15,877
  4. Ian Tuason -- $13,892
  5. Pedro Vicente -- $11,908
  6. Peter Bogdanowicz -- $9,923
  7. Chris �RatBoy� Manogue -- $7,938
  8. Frankie Sepko -- $5,954
  9. Adam Teasdale -- $3,969

Event #2 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Michael J. Morusty A total of 256 players took to the tables after paying the $590 entry fee. Prize pool reached $124,160 that went to top 27 finishers. Day 1 saw all but the last 3 tables make the cut for the next go round. Day 2 had two former WSOP bracelet holders take home cash, namely Chris Reslock and Michael "Little Man" Sica. When final table play started, two players Michael J. Morusty and Luis Nargentino were the outstanding chip leaders. The remaining 7 hardly had chips to play with. First bust took ten minutes when Ed Perlman had his pocket 10's stonewalled by another player brandishing pocket A's that held to the river, resulting in a 9th place ending. Mike Hodgdon lost his first and only final table hand when another player paired his 9 card, sending the short stacked player to the cashier's cage in 8th. Another short stack (who finished 7th), Gerald Wade, tried to bluff with J 8 and was busted by pocket J's held by his opponent. For 6th place was Adam Green who could not overcome the paired 7's held by the other player. Lance Carter was rewarded with the cash for a 5th place finish when his A 8 met the paired 3's of his opponent. Ryan Osborne took up the winnings for 4th after meeting pocket Q's which dominated his all-in move. Richard Cozza made a gamble with J 10 that did not work out for him and it resulted in a 3rd place finish.

Luis Nargentino flopped an open ended straight flush draw of which he went all-in. He was called by Michael Morusty and by the river his straight flush did not materialize. But Morusty did make two pair (A's and 4's) to win his first WSOP gold ring, you know, the one that champions wear.

  1. Michael J. Morusty -- $39,731
  2. Luis Nargentino -- $21,852
  3. Richard Cozza -- $11,174
  4. Ryan Osborne -- $8,691
  5. Lance Carter -- $7,450
  6. Adam Green -- $6,208
  7. Gerald Wade -- $4,966
  8. Mike Hodgdon -- $3,725
  9. Ed Perlman -- $2,483

Event #3 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Earnest Whistler This event had 661 players participate in it, paying $340 each for the privilige. Pool size grew to $192,642 that was split between the top 63. On day 1 the field shrank down to six tables after 14 hours of play. The second day had 17 hours of battle take place before the champion was determined. As the final table began play, blinds were at $8,000/$16,000 and surprisingly the chip leader George Walther was the first to bust in 9th place as his many bluffs did not work out for him and his last all-in with A 4 met up with the pocket 9's of another player. R.J. Grazul picked up the cash for 8th when his pocket 9's met up and lost to pocket A's that held to the river and Tim Goernert finished 7th when the other player paired his King card on the flop. Pocket Kings also took out Irek Jozwiak in 6th when Jozwiak made his all-in move. Jason DeLozier placed 5th after being run over by another player's full house. David V. Corazza ended his quest in 4th when the open ended straight draw he had failed.

At this point there are 3 players remaining, 2 with numerous poker titles behind them. Earnest Whistler came back from a bad disaster and soon began to outplay the experienced title holders, resulting in voiced frustration and heated exchanges between them. Leaving the table in 3rd was Adam "Lippy" Lippert when his all-in with pocket K's lost out to the A 10 of Whistler after another Ace hit the table. The final hand of victory came when Vinny Pahuja moved to the center with K Q and was called by Whistler with A Q. The table showed Q J J 9 9, giving both players two pair, but the Ace kicker is what allowed Earnest Whitler to win his fist poker championship.

  1. Earnest Whistler -- $53,940
  2. Vinny Pahuja -- $27,933
  3. Adam "Lippy" Lippert -- $15,411
  4. David V. Corazza -- $13,485
  5. Jason DeLozier -- $11,559
  6. Irek Jozwiak -- $9,632
  7. Tim Goernert -- $7,706
  8. R.J. Grazul -- $5,779
  9. George Walther -- $3,853

Event #4 -- No Limit Hold'Em

John Hubiak A total of 392 entrants paid $560 per seat to play in this event. And only 36 saw cash from a $190,120 pool. Many left the field on Day 1, but when the money was made there were still champions looking for another title such as Yat Cheung who won the first event held finishing 19th and Julian Manolio who busted 9th when his opponent paired his Ace card. Following him in 8th was the chip leader going into the final table Alan Sansone who lost the balance of his chips to the Ace kicker of the other player. Michael "Katman" Katz settled for 7th place, losing to the pocket 7's of the other player. Mike Graybill had his pocket 6's beaten into the ground, resulting in a 6th place ending. Losing to a Queen kicker, Dennis Summers walked over to the cashier's cage for the 5th place money. John W. Jones received the 4th place money after John Hubiak called his bluff and won the hand with a pair of Kings. Joseph A. Siracusa took home a nice $15K+ for 3rd place after meeting the set of 7's brandished by Hubiak.

There was no further play as both Hubiak and Wiliam Daloisi made a deal, resulting in Hubiak taking home the ring and the title of champion.
  1. John Hubiak -- $58,937
  2. William Daloisi -- $30,419
  3. Joseph A. Siracusa -- $15,210
  4. John W. Jones -- $13,308
  5. Dennis Summers -- $11,407
  6. Mike Graybill -- $9,506
  7. Michael �Katman� Katz -- $7,605
  8. Alan Sansone -- $5,704
  9. Julian Manolio -- $3,802

Event #5 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Alexandru Masek This two day event drew 451 players to the tables. And the buy in of $340 created a pool of $131,241 that will go to the top 45 finishers. The champion Masek picked up his second WSOP circuit ring by winning this event, with the first one won in San Diego, CA at the Harrah's Rincon casino.

Once the final table began, Jun DeLeon busted in 9th when his pocket J's lost to a spade flush made by another player. Kevin J. Murray was crushed after his all-in with pocket A's got called by pocket J's which turned into a set on the flop. Murray ended up 8th. Stan Kayafas picked up the money for 7th after meeting the two pair made on the river. Jack "Yellow Jacket" Sumner claimed a 6th place finish when his A Q were overcome by player with pocket 9's.

After that it was over as the remaining 5 players made a deal resulting in Masek taking another WSOP circuit title.

  1. Alexandru Masek -- $39,372
  2. Pete Maniscalco -- $21,130
  3. Kerry Small -- $10,499
  4. Marc Wilson -- $9,187
  5. Brian Grodofsky -- $7,874
  6. Jack �Yellow Jacket� Sumner -- $6,562
  7. Stan Kayafas -- $5,250
  8. Kevin J. Murray -- $3,937
  9. Jun DeLeon -- $2,625

Event #6 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Rohan Long A totel of 210 players paid $560 for a seat to participate in this event. This resulted in a $101,850 prize pool which was divided between the last 27 finishers. The first day saw 170 depart from the tables. The Jamaican born Rohan Long won his first WSOP championship, overcoming at one point a 20 to 1 chip disadvantage and surviving 8 all-ins on the road to victory. Day 2 had four tables of players continue on for 10 more hours to reach a conclusion.

Blinds were at 5,000/10,000 and average chip stack of nearly 250,000 at the final table. To see a WSOP video of the final table players, just click here. First to leave in 9th in Howard Evan Wolper when his A K was pushed aside by the pocket 10's of Long. In the next five minutes, Willie A. Groom left in 8th after his A 9 met the pocket 9's of another player. Mitchell Mantin finished in 7th once he encountered the two pair (4's and 3's) of Alex Pawlyk. Sympathy should go to Carlos Alarcon who finished 6th when his opponent paired his King card. When he saw he was out of the running, he left the table as his friends shouted profanities at him. (Some friends!) Francis Sage took the cash for 5th after Rohan Long turned his pocket Q's into a full house by the river. Joe Cramer finished his quest in 4th courtesy of the set of 4's belonging to Juan Lopez. But the luck of Lopez ran out at his opponent paired his Ace card on the flop.

Alex Pawlyk finished 2nd when Rohan Long who was at a 15 to 1 chip disadvantage, moved all-in numerous times and amassed lots of chips. Long then made a deal which allowed him to take home the gold ring with pocket A's. Final hand can been seen by clicking here.

  1. Rohan Long -- $32,592
  2. Alex Pawlyk -- $17,926
  3. Juan J. Lopez -- $9,167
  4. Joe Cramer -- $7,120
  5. Francis Sage -- $6,111
  6. Carlos Alarcon -- $5,093
  7. Mitchell Mantin -- $4,074
  8. Willie A. Groom -- $3,056
  9. Howard Evan Wolper -- $2,037

Event #7 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Paul Vogel There were 196 entrants paying a buyin of $1,080 to play in the 7th event at Caesar's. The top 18 finishers divided up prize money from a $190,120 prize pool. Day one saw 130 players eliminated after 14 hours of play. On Day 2 the four tables remaining got together and slugged it out for 18 more hours until a champion was made. The champion Paul Vogel, received his first WSOP gold ring for his efforts. Vogel says he is mostly a amateur recreational player, but would like to make bigger acheivements in the game of poker. He went into the final table as chip leader and never lost that position. The WSOP has placed final table player introductions on Twitter

First to leave was Eugene Castro in 9th when his A J lost to the paired Kings of another player at the final table. Pedro Vicente who finished 8th, can add another cash to his record. Vicente had his bluff called by someone with pocket 10's and lost his remaining chips. In 7th was Anthony J. Tannoya who saw his stack bleed off until he was empty. Bruce F. MacGregor landed in 6th after missing a flush and a straight draw while holding A 10 suited. David Zeitlin did the best he could with pocket 4's and a short stack, but lost when his opponent paired his Ace card, resulting in a 5th place finish. Kenneth Packer went to the middle with pocket K's, but lost to the nut flush made by Paul Vogel and picked up the cash for 4th. Brandon Croft also became a victim of Vogel when his flush draw lost to the pocket 5's belonging to Vogel. leaving Croft to a 3rd place ending.

Keith Crowder ended up 2nd, but not because he did not fight hard as he could. The headsup lasted 3 hours wtih over 100 hands played. On the last hand Crowder had his A Q lose to the pocket 8's held by Vogel. And this is how Paul Vogel earned his first championship gold ring.

  1. Paul Vogel -- $61,599
  2. Keith Crowder -- $32,320
  3. Brandon Croft -- $19,012
  4. Kenneth Packer -- $15,210
  5. David Zeitlin -- $11,407
  6. Bruce F. MacGregor -- $9,506
  7. Anthony J. Tannoya -- $7,605
  8. Pedro Vicente -- $5,704
  9. Eugene Castro -- $3,802

Event #8 -- Deep Stack

Thomas Taylor As we get closer to the Main Event, more money seems to flow to the prize pool. A total of 190 players entered the poker event paying $1,650 each for the right. It ended up a three day extravaganza instead of two, as the final table set a WSOP circuit record. Day one saw the field play for 14 hours, day 2 had survivors at it for another 22.5 hours. The top 18 finishers divided up prize money from a $276,450 prize pool.

Blinds at the final table began at $6,000/$12,000 with the average stack at 600K. Action began on Thursday night and had the last hand dealt at 11:35 AM Friday morning. The Main Event was set to begin at 12 noon. Pro player Scott Tuchman finished in 9th after the other player paired his Ace card ending his chance at the ring. Scott Lazewski was forced to walk away in 8th after the caller of his all-in paired his Jack card, giving him the upper hand. Francis Anderson took the money for 7th when his all-in with pocket A's met with pocket 9's that turned into a set on the river card. In 6th was Steven Tabb who had his pocket 6's laid to rest when his opponent paired his King card on the river! For 5th place Christopher Paul Carey got up to walk to the cashier's cage directed by the pocket A's of another player. Don Matusow (no relation to the famous poker pro), took up the mantle for 4th place when the other player made a set of 5's on the turn. Mark Nimorov exited in 3rd after his pocket 9's were run over by Vincent DeVita's pocket K's.

The final table was also a marathon, where DeVita lost a ton of chips only to make a massive comeback and continue on for 3 hours. The final hand of the tournament came when DeVita's A J lost to Taylor's pocket 5's, resulting in a 2nd place finish for DeVita. After all that action what did Thomas Taylor do to celebrate? He ran over to the line for the Main Event and plucked down the $5,150 entry fee. Taylor's last words were, "I'm not finished yet,".

  1. Thomas Taylor -- $89,570
  2. Vincent DeVita -- $46,997
  3. Mark Nimorov -- $27,645
  4. Donald Matusow -- $22,116
  5. Christopher Carey -- $16,587
  6. Steven Tabb -- $13,822
  7. Francis Anderson -- $11,058
  8. Scott Lazewski -- $8,294
  9. Scott Tuchman -- $5,529

Event #9 --TURBO (1 Day Long)

March 11 Thursday
12:00 PM
BuyIn: $230

  1. Timothy Lux -- $21,282
  2. Vimy Ha -- $11,282
  3. Sara Slohler -- $5,641
  4. Lawrence Oharloran -- $4,936
  5. Todd Rebello -- $4,231
  6. Kevin Gugliotta -- $3,526
  7. Michael Dentale -- $2,820
  8. John Clifford -- $2,115
  9. William Wallace -- $1,410

Event #10 -- Main Event (3 Days in Length)

Day 1
Here is the big money event as 174 players stepped up with $5,150 in cash, helping to create a huge pool of $817,015 which went to the top 18 finishers. Some of the big names in the event are Paul Wasicka, Jacobo Fernandez, Manelic Minaya, Nicholas Binger, Chris Klodnicki, Feming Chan, Dwight Pilgrim, Alex Bolotin and Beth Shak.

Seventy two players remained at the end of Day One. Here are the top 9 with chip counts:
  1. Christopher Mitchell -- 373,400
  2. Brandon Wilkins -- 211,100
  3. Jesse Chinn -- 210,400
  4. Pat White -- 191,400
  5. Paul Volpe -- 156,400
  6. Manny Minaya -- 134,000
  7. Mitesh Shere -- 131,800
  8. Randall Malpass -- 127,400
  9. Casey Jarzanek -- 121,600
Day 2

By the end of Day 2 after 14 more hours of action, there were 15 remaining to take a shot at the title. Here are the names of the top nine with chip counts reporting:
  1. Christopher Mitchell -- 1,630,000
  2. Roland Isra -- 750,000
  3. Dan Witcher -- 647,000
  4. Grayson Ramage -- 505,000
  5. Chris Klodnicki -- 450,000
  6. Paul Wasicka -- 275,000
  7. Feming Chan -- 264,000
  8. Lloyd Whitehead -- 219,000
  9. Konstantino Dimitroulokas -- 192,000
Final Table
This final table began with blinds at $6,000/$12,000 and an average stack of 570,000. There was a lot of stiff competition with names like Chris Klodnicki, who won the WSOP circuit championship at Atlantic City earlier, looking for a repeat. Plus Roland Isra who managed to see the money in the 2005 WSOP Main Event, finishing in 37th place. Also seated were Feming Chan, Grayson Ramage, and Richard Austin. Plus credit has to be given to Christopher Mitchell who has commanded a sizable and solid chip lead during this Main Event. It took 12 hours for a conclusion to be reached as to who the champion would be. Here are the starting stacks once the field was narrowed down to 9 players:
  1. Christopher Mitchell -- 1,800,000
  2. Chris Klodnicki -- 1,110,000
  3. Grayson Ramage -- 627,000
  4. Jesse Chinni -- 427,000
  5. Dan Witcher -- 411,000
  6. Feming Chan -- 292,000
  7. Roland Isra -- 210,000
  8. Richard Austin -- 178,000
  9. Konstantino Dimitroulakos -- 104,000
When play got underway, first to go in 9th place was Richard Austin after his bluff hand was called by pocket 9's which held up to the river. In 8th was Konstantino Dimitroulakos who was overcome by the two pair (Q's and 10's) of Dan Witcher. Feming Chan took the cash for 7th place after Grayson Ramage won the hand when he paired his Jack card on the flop. But the rampage from Ramage was short lived when his all-in with pocket Q's, were quickly crushed by the pocket A's belonging to Chris Mitchell, resulting in a 6th place finish for Ramage. Jesse Chinni also became a victim of Dan Witcher ending up 5th when Dan made a straight on the board. Chris Klodnicki�s quest for another WSOP circuit gold ring was stopped in 4th place by the full house made by Witcher on the river. Witcher was next to go in 3rd, but not after holding his own three handed for the next 4 hours before falling to the pocket A's of Chris Mitchell.

Both Mitchell and Isra were pretty even in chips at the start of the heads up. It took another three hours before the final hand came. After taking a number of huge losses, Mitchell went all-in with the balance of his chips on a straight flush draw that did work out in his favor. Roland Isra then became champion with the two pair that he made on that final hand. Isra not only took home over a quarter of a million dollars, but he also received a seat to the 2010 WSOP Main Event ($10,000 entry and expenses paid) that will be held in Las Vegas in July.

Caesar's Atlantic City WSOP Circuit Main Event Champion Roland Isra
Caesar's Atlantic City WSOP Circuit Main Event Champion Roland Isra

  1. Roland Isra -- $264,715
  2. Christopher Mitchell -- $138,894
  3. Dan Witcher -- $81,702
  4. Chris Klodnicki -- $65,362
  5. Jesse Chinni -- $49,021
  6. Grayson Ramage -- $40,851
  7. Feming Chan -- $32,681
  8. Konstantino Dimitroulakos -- $24,511
  9. Richard Austin -- $16,340

Event #11 -- TURBO (1 Day Long)

Roman Valerstein

There were 282 players that paid the $230 entry fee, helping to build the $54,708 pool for the top 27 in the field. Here are the names and monies earned by those who made the final table:

  1. Roman Valerstein -- $17,507
  2. Adam Blyweiss -- $9,629
  3. Khan Tiath -- $4,924
  4. Donald Paddy -- $3,830
  5. Patrick Quinn -- $3,282
  6. George Johnson -- $2,735
  7. Joseph Balberchak -- $2,188
  8. Michael Leah -- $1,641
  9. Ryan Miller -- $1,094

Event #12 -- Ladies No Limit Hold'Em (1 Day Long)

Marguerite Spagnuolo

A total of 174 women came to the tables, each paying a buyin of $230 per player. Prize pool of $33,756 was grown and went to the top 18 finishers.

  1. Marguerite Spagnuolo -- $10,937
  2. Sophia Wei -- $5,739
  3. Sophany Kay -- $3,376
  4. Amy Siegel -- $2,700
  5. Delia Wan Stein -- $2,025
  6. Gina Manidis -- $1,688
  7. Antoinette Fiorenza -- $1,350
  8. Donna DiCrescento -- $1,013
  9. Diane Grippo -- $675

Photo Credit: IMPDI
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