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2010 Harrah's Atlantic City
World Series of Poker Circuit Event

Harrah's Atlantic City
777 Harrah's Blvd Atlantic City, NJ
December 4 - December 20, 2009

The 2010 Harrah's Atlantic City circuit stop will happen from December 4th to the 20th for those looking for some hot poker action. To take advantage of special rates, visit Harrah's by clicking this link. You can also call for more information at (609)441 - 5165. Please remember that the schedule can change, but this is the latest release from Harrah's.

Event #1 -- No Limit Hold'Em

In fantastic WSOP Circuit fashion, the first event had 1,056 players in it! And the modest buy in of $340 created a prize pool of $307,296 which went to the last 99 players. On the first day of the event, 957 were eliminated leaving 99 to return on Day 2. Then it took another 7 hours of play to narrow the field down to the final table with play at level 27 having blinds at 20,000/40,000 and a 5,000 chip ante. First to go in 9th was Saleh Levy, turning over the rest of his stack over to Dante Magtoto. In 8th place was Casey Jarzabek who lost to the set of 9's held by Massoud Nikjouian. Then in 7th was Steven Rodriguez after losing to the pocket K's of Desmond Chan. Chris Goez laid claim to the 6th place prize money when he was overcome by the Ace kicker of Magtoto. Jeremy Solomon also finished in 5th by the Ace kicker of Nikjouian. A 4th place finish belonged to Desmond Chan, losing to the heart flush made by Nikjouian. Next to go in another WSOP Circuit final table finish was Dwyte Pilgrim in 3rd, who had his chance to earn a third circuit championship ring stopped by the pocket Q's of Magtoto.

Event 1 Champion Dante Magtoto At one point during the heads up between Magtoto and Nikjouian, they stepped to the side to try and cut a deal but when the faces of the players showed that negotiations blew up, it was back to the tables. The hand of victory came when Nikjouian went all-in preflop with A 6 verses the Q 9 of Magtoto. Another Queen on the turn earned Magtoto his first championship gold ring along with some nice cash to boot.

  1. Dante Magtoto -- $61,459
  2. Massoud Nikjouian -- $32,205
  3. Dwyte Pilgrim -- $26,120
  4. Desmond Chan -- $23,047
  5. Jeremy Solomon -- $19,974
  6. Chris Goez -- $16,901
  7. Steven Rodriguez -- $13,828
  8. Casey Jarzabek -- $10,755
  9. Saleh Levy -- $7,682

Event #2 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Event #2 Champion Shawn Sniffin The second event at Atlantic City had 621 entries who paid $560 each for a seat. This created a pool size of $301,185 that went to the last 63 finishers. On the first day, 611 players were sent off to the sidelines, leaving 10 to comeback the next day at 7:30 PM. When William Heger was busted in 10th place taking home $3,012, the final table was determined and play continued.

First to go in 9th place was Gabi Hecker when his A 9 could not overcome the pocket 8's held by Micah Raskin. Following in 8th was Joe Pittillo, losing to the A K of Maurice Hawkins. Kambiz Behbani picked up the cash for 7th after his pocket 9's were beaten down by the set of Aces made by Charles Slayden. A 6th place finish was in store for Micah Raskin after meeting the set of Kings Shawn Sniffin picked up on the flop. Maurice Hawkins took home the winnings for 5th place after his pocket 10's lost to the paired Aces Slayden made on the flop. But then the poker angel said thumbs down for Charles Slayden and sent him to the cashier's cage for the 4th place money when his pocket 8's lost to the paired 9's of Andrew Egan. Then Egan went out in 3rd, losing to the 9 kicker belonging to Sniffin. The winning hand for Sniffin came when he used his pocket A's to answer an all-in call from Carli holding K 6, which held up to the river.

  1. Shawn Sniffin -- $60,237
  2. Doug "Rico" Carli -- $32,980
  3. Andrew Egan -- $27,107
  4. Charles Slayden -- $24,095
  5. Maurice Hawkins -- $21,083
  6. Micah Raskin -- $18,071
  7. Kambiz Behbani -- $15,059
  8. Joe Pittillo -- $10,541
  9. Gabi Hecker -- $7,530

Event #3 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Mark Pegasus Smith There were 567 players who entered this event, paying $340 each for the right. A pool of $164,997 went to the top 54 finishers. What was amazing about this event was that the winner Mark "Pegasus" Smith ties Men Nguyen's record with a fourth WSOP circuit win. Something else many do not know about Smith is that he only began playing this game in 2004. "Five years ago, I never even heard of Texas Hold�em," said Smith of his late induction to the game.

When the final table was established, blinds were at 12,000/24,000 and ante was at 3,000. First to go in 9th was Tim Crawford after his pocket J's were outdone by the paired Aces of John Shimansky Jr. Next, Dylan Mich took home the cash for 8th place and Andrew Robertson grabbed the money for 7th when his opponent paired his Ace card, defeating Robertson. Paired Aces from Shaun Gonzales were also responsible for eliminating Andrew Badecker in 6th. Steve Wenpetren was gone in 5th after Shimansky made a gutshot straight draw on the turn. And a flush from Shimansky busted Jeffrey Vanchiro in 4th place. But an all-in with pocket 7's met with heavy resistance from the pocket A's held by Mark Smith, resulting in a 3rd place finish for Shimansky.

When the heads up started, both players had already decided to make a deal to split the cash and play for the ring. Ring number 4 came for Smith when he made two pair (8's and 2's) by the river card, vaulting him into the WSOP Circuit history books.

  1. Mark "Pegasus" Smith -- $34,649
  2. Shaun Gonzales -- $18,232
  3. John Shimansky Jr. -- $14,850
  4. Jeffrey Vanchiro -- $13,200
  5. Steve Wenpetren -- $11,550
  6. Andrew Badecker -- $9,900
  7. Andrew Robertson -- $8,250
  8. Dylan Mich -- $6,600
  9. Tim Crawford -- $4,950

Event #4 -- No Limit Hold'Em (Turbo)

Joe Gillies This one day event had 567 players who each received 8,000 chips to do their best in 25 minutes levels. They buy in was $230 per player. By 2:00 AM, the next day there were 10 left in the field. The official nine were not determined for another 90 until Walter Writt left in 10th place.

Now while we don't have the information as to how bustouts occured, we do know that Joe Gillies and Gary Wright decided to split the money for first and second and just draw from the deck to determine who would take the ring. Joe Gilles came out on top with two Kings and is the new event champion.

  1. Joe Gillies -- $31,622
  2. Gary Wright -- $15,953
  3. Norman Hu -- $14,230
  4. Le Kimhoan -- $12,649
  5. John Webb -- $10,277
  6. Anthony Fung -- $8,696
  7. Eric Lisica -- $7,906
  8. Brian Allan -- $5,534
  9. Lee Strueck -- $3,953

Event #5 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Peter Campos A field of 385 players paid $560 each to get in on the 5th event at Harrah's Atlantic City. Pool size rose to $186,725, going to the top 36 finishers. Day one saw the 385 players whittled down to a final table of 9.

On day 2 the final table began action with blinds at $10,000/$20,000 and ante of $3,000 right before 6:00 PM. First to leave in 9th was Stanley Kivel after his all-in bid with A 10 suited lost to the paired Jacks of Mike Beasley. He was followed by Zack Marshal in 8th. In 7th was Ilya Soyfer who had his pocket A's cracked by the set of 4's made by Peter Campo. Next to go was Charles Beck in 6th when his pocket 4's succumbed to the pocket J's held by Peter Campo. Finishing in 5th in an impressive run was 83 year old David Ebedenbaugh. What makes Ebedenbaugh's feat so much more incredible is that he only started playing 1 year ago! Another victim of Campos was Greg Fishberg in 4th when Campos produced a dominating pocket 7's which held to the river.

At this point, the remaining players decided to make a deal with the money and just play for the ring. Mike Beasley went out finishing 3rd, after Chris Belkavich made a straight on the flop. Then in the heads up, the hand of victory came when Campos made two pair by the river (K's and 4's), sending Belkavich to the cashier's cage in 2nd.

  1. Peter Campos -- $41,080
  2. Chris Belkavich -- $22,780
  3. Mike Beasley -- $18,673
  4. Greg Fishberg -- $14,938
  5. David Ebedenbaugh -- $13,071
  6. Charles Beck -- $11,204
  7. Ilya Soyfer -- $9,336
  8. Zack Marshal -- $7,469
  9. Stanley Kivel -- $5,602

Event #6 -- No Limit Hold'Em (Turbo)

Thao Thiem A grand total of 777 players paid $230 each for a seat. The pool rose to $150,738 which went to the top 72 finishers. These 1 day events are designed to be fast and can be brutal as all players will play for 25 minute levels.

At 1:37 AM, the 10th place elimination happened and the final table got started with blinds at $25,000/$50,000 and $5,000 ante. First to go was Don Jones who lost when his opponent paired his Ace card. Next in 8th was Eric Miller who put his pocket Kings to the test and watched them fail to the pocket A's of another player. Following them to the rail were Devin Rivera in 7th, Jeremy Cole in 6th, Charles Jones in 5th and Joe Fallows in 4th.

By the time there were only 3 left, those players after 16 1/2 hours of play decided to chop the cash and end it. So that is how Thao Thiem received his first gold WSOP circuit ring.

  1. Thao Thiem -- $30,148
  2. Nick Pompo -- $15,827
  3. Clayton Fletcher -- $13,566
  4. Joe Fallows -- $12,059
  5. Charles Jones -- $9,798
  6. Jeremy Cole -- $8,291
  7. Devin Rivera -- $6,783
  8. Eric Miller -- $5,276
  9. Don Jones -- $3,768

Event #7 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Ronald Vitello It took one day to reduce the 525 player field down to 9 for the final table. Just after 7:35 PM on Day 2 action picked up where it left off with blinds at $15,000/$30,000 and ante of $5,000. First to go in 9th was Louis Debrocco when his opponent paired his Queen card on the flop. Estaban Rodriguez finished in 8th place after losing his chips in a 3 way hand between him Ronald Vitello and Adam Spinozzi. Adam Spinozzi soon followed in 7th. Edward Sullivan ended up in 6th when he lost to the Ace high hand of Jeremy Cole. Then it was Gregory Rudolph's turn to head for the rail in 5th after Vitello made a straight on the river. One of two women at the table Concetta Rinaldi pushed to the middle with pocket 4's to be called by Cole with A K. The flop showed A A K and that was enough to send Rinaldi to the cashier's cage in 4th. The second lady Marcelia "Peachez" Keene decided to make her stand with pocket Q's and was called by Vitello with pocket 5's. The flop revealed another 5 which sent "Peachez" away with a 3rd place cash in.

Vitello went into heads-up action against Cole with nearly a 3-1 chip lead over his opponent but found himself on the other end of the ratio after losing an all in calling Cole all-in on the turn with middle pair to Cole's top pair. The final hand came moments later when Cole moved all in with 4c-4s against Vitello's A-8 suited. The board hit 8c-Kc-9c giving Vitello top pair but Cole the flush draw. The flush failed to materialize for Cole and the closing credits began to roll. Cole earned $16,882 while Vitello took home $32,083 for their efforts.

  1. Ronald Vitello -- $32,083
  2. Jeremy Cole -- $16,882
  3. Marcelia "Peachez" Keene -- $13,750
  4. Concetta Rinaldi -- $12,222
  5. Gregory Rudolph -- $10,694
  6. Edward Sullivan -- $9,167
  7. Adam Spinozzi -- $7,639
  8. Estaban Rodriguez -- $6,111
  9. Louis Debrocco -- $4,583

Event #8 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Josh Smith A total of 354 were in the field after paying the $1,080 entry fee. The resulting pool rose to $343,380 which went to the top 36 finishers. Day 1 had enough action to finish with 54 players still in the field. It took almost another 7 hours to get down to the 9 for the final table.

Well these tired players put things into gear when final table play was started. In the first 20 minutes Eric Cohen (9th), Jesse Klein (8th) and Paul Richardson (7th) were gone to the rail. Sixth place went to Alexander Deutsch after meeting the set of 6's made by Jeremy Maher. Andrew Malott was gone in 5th when his all-in with pocket 3's met with pocket 6's of another player which held to the river. Fatmir Cukovic was 4th after Josh Smith paired his Ace card on the turn. Maher lost to the Ace kicker of Alexander Queen and finished in 3rd place. The final hand saw Queen all-in vs. Smith after the turn on a board of Ah-8s-Kd-8c-7h. Smith showed Qd-8d for trips, Queen mucked and it was over. Queen earned $41,892 for second while Smith banked $75,544.

  1. Josh Smith -- $75,544
  2. Alexander Queen -- $41,892
  3. Jeremy Maher -- $34,338
  4. Fatmir Cukovic -- $27,470
  5. Andrew Malott -- $24,037
  6. Alexander Deutsch -- $20,603
  7. Paul Richardson -- $17,169
  8. Jesse Klein -- $13,735
  9. Eric Cohen -- $10,301

Event #9 -- Ladies No Limit Hold'Em Championship

Cynthia Albert This ladies event was a good one that lasted 15 hours from start to finish. There were 169 players who came to the tables after paying the buy in of $340. A pool of $49,179 resulted which went to the top 18 remaining.

By the time the final table was formed, it seemed the ladies turned up the intesity! One player Taryn Crumlish had won one Ladies title in 2009 and wanted another one badly. Kathy Kennedy lost to Taryn and picked up the cash for 9th place after Taryn paired her 6 card for the win. Taryn then paired an Ace card on the flop to bust Jamie Kerstetter in 8th place. Next in 7th was Donna Dicrescento who lost to the Jack kicker of Helen Spooner. Then Barbera Ganin lost to the paired Kings of Taryn and finished in 6th. Next to get run down on the Crumlish highway was Brenda Lyons in 5th after meeting the pocket Q's of Taryn. A few minutes later Christina Thompson saw a flop of Q 10 9 and went all-in, and was snap called by Crumlish with a flopped straight after she turned over the J 8 cards which held to the river. Christina finished in 4th place. Helen Spooner was down to a blind when she made her move and lost, finishing in 3rd place. Below is the WSOP version of the heads up:

At about 1:00 am, heads-up action saw Crumlish against Albert. Crumlish, with a 2-1 chip lead and not shy about taunting her opponents, tried in her own special way to extend an olive branch to Albert. "If you want to make a deal, we can make a deal," she declared. "But you cannot beat me heads-up." Calm and graceful, Albert held her own. "Well, I go home with 7,000 anyway, so we'll see what happens." It was a back and forth battle between Crumlish and Albert with the chip lead changing places about three times. After about 90 minutes, the hand of the night saw the two players in the pot with a 7-high flop. Both went all-in with Crumlish showing A-7 for top pair, and Albert turning over pocket 8�s. Crippled, Crumlish was soon all-in with 9d-4c only to be dominated by Albert's 9h-7h. Although a four hit the flop, it was accompanied by a 7. Deuces on the board and river ended the match and Albert was victorious.

  1. Cynthia Albert -- $11,582
  2. Taryn Crumlish -- $6,885
  3. Helen Spooner -- $5,410
  4. Christina Thompson -- $3,934
  5. Brenda Lyons -- $3,443
  6. Barbera Ganin -- $2,951
  7. Donna Dicrescento -- $2,459
  8. Jamie Kerstetter -- $1,967
  9. Kathy Kennedy -- $1,475

Event #10 -- No Limit Hold'Em Circuit Event Championship

The 3 Day event had 195 players pay $5,150 each for a shot at the big money. Pool size grew to $926,835 for the top 18 finishers with the champion taking home $215,915. After eliminations took place to form the final table over the first two days, the final table began at 3:00 PM with blinds at $15,000/$30,000 and a ante of $4,000.

First to leave in 9th place was Eugene Fouksman after his all-in with pocket J's were overcome by the pocket Q's of Ryan Karp. In 8th was Farzad Rouhani after losing to the top pair (K's and 9's) of Grayson Ramage. Then Wayne Lewis finished in 7th due to the set of 7's belonging to Kyle Bowker. Charles Furey ended up in 6th when his pocket 9's were crushed by the pocket A's of Chris Klodnicki. Ryan Karp collected the cash in 5th after Klocnicki paired his Ace card on the turn. Picking up the cash for 4th was Pahuja Mukul courtesy of the pocket 7's of Kyle Bowker. Grayson Ramage who is just 21 years old, finished in 3rd due to the two pair (8's and 9's) belonging to Klodnicki.

Heads up saw Klodnicki with over an 8-1 chip lead over Kyle Bowker. The one-on-one match-up did not last very long. The final hand had Bowker all-in with 5-7 off, dominating Klodnicki's 4-7, however a four on the flop and another on the river sealed Bowker's fate as the runner-up and Klodnicki was crowned Harrah's Resort Atlantic City's WSOP Circuit Main Event champion. Klodnicki earned $215,915 for first, a $10,000 buy-in into the 2010 WSOP Main Event as well as the diamond-encrusted WSOP Circuit Main Event championship ring.

2010 Harrah's Atlantic City Main Event Champ Chris Klodnicki
Main Event Champion Chris Klodnicki

  1. Klodnicki, Chris -- $215,915
  2. Bowker, Kyle -- $128,357
  3. Ramage, Grayson -- $100,852
  4. Mukul, Tahuja -- $73,347
  5. Karp, Ryan -- $67,178
  6. Furey, Charles -- $55,010
  7. Lewis, Wayne -- $45,842
  8. Rouhani, Farzad -- $36,673
  9. Fouksman, Eugene -- $27,505

Event #11 -- No Limit Hold'Em (Turbo)

Steve Reuther The $230 buy-in event was a one-day turbo with 8,000 starting chips and 25 minute blind levels. The event started with 485 entrants and came down to nine at about 1:15 am. The final table began with blinds of 20,000/40,000 and antes at 5,000.

Finishing in 9th place was Kevin Ma who ran into the straight made by Joe Gillies. Dominick Succardi claimed the cash for 8th and Joe Gillies did the same for 7th. Professional player Will "The Thrill" Failla was stopped cold by the pocket A's of Michael Huckedy, finishing 6th. Jason Spence was busted in 5th when he lost to the Ace high hand of James Tankersley. And Matthew Levy lost to the paired Jacks of James Tankersley ending up 4th. Then James Tankersley finished in 3rd after meeting the two pair (10's and 4's) of Michael Huckedy.

At 3:00 AM the heads up began with blinds at $40,000/$80,000 and ante of $10,000. Stacks of both players were about even. The hand of victory came when Huckedy went all-in and was called after both players saw a flop of 5d Ad Ks. Reuther had pocket 7's and Huckedy had 8d Jd for the flush draw. Turn card was a 9 and the river card was an Ace, giving Steve two pair (A's and 7's) and his first WSOP circuit event championship.

  1. Reuther, Steve -- $20,182
  2. Huckedy, Michael -- $11,291
  3. Tankersley, James -- $9,409
  4. Levy, Matthew -- $7,527
  5. Spence, Jason -- $6,586
  6. Failla, Will "The Thrill" -- $5,645
  7. Gillies, Joe -- $4,705
  8. Succardi, Dominick -- $3,764
  9. Ma, Kevin -- $2,823

Event #12 -- No Limit Hold'Em Deep Stack

Lee Childs This first of two "deep stacks events" had 186 entries paying $1,600 for a seat. Prize pool rose to $270,630. On Day 3 of the event there were 10 still left in competition. Within 15 minutes, a player busted and the final table was underway.

First bustout for 9th place occured when Peter Malkoun had his pocket 9's crushed by the 6 3 offsuit held by Lee Childs when it turned into a straight by the river. Will "The Thrill" Failla collected the money for an 8th place finish after losing to the set of Jacks made by another player. In 7th was Greg Joslyn who lost his all-in move with pocket 7's to a player holding pocket 10's which held to the river. Gordon Eng made his all-in move with pocket J's and lost to the pocket A's held by Childs, ending up in 6th place. Jesse Cohen was the 5th place finisher after his bid with pocket 8's were run over by the full house (6's/Q's) made by Josh Brikis. Andrew Youngblood in 4th, made a dash for the cash after being beaten down by the two pair made by Lee Childs. Steve Geonnotti really got the bad end of a hand when his full house (9's/4's) broke apart when it hit the quad 4's made by Lee Childs, resulting in a 3rd place finish for Geonnotti.

By the time heads up began it was very much in Childs's favor. Lee Childs had more than a 10 to 1 chip lead over Josh Brikis in the beginning. Blinds and antes were at 3,000/10,000/20,000. In the tournament's closing hand, Childs raised to 40,000 before Brikis moved all-in for his remaining 339,000. Brikis' Kc-9c was dominated by Lee's Ad-9c. The board came 3s-6s-5s-10c-Qd and the tournament was over. For first place, Lee picked up a nice $63,733.

  1. Lee Childs -- $63,733
  2. Josh Brikis -- $37,888
  3. Steve Geonnotti -- $29,769
  4. Andrew Youngblood -- $21,650
  5. Jesse Cohen -- $18,944
  6. Gordon Eng -- $16,238
  7. Greg Joslyn -- $13,532
  8. Will "The Thrill" Failla -- $10,825
  9. Peter Malkoun -- $8,119

Event #13 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Ashira Lavine It seemed that everyone wanted to get in on this 1 day event. A total of 521 players hit the tables, paying $230 each for a seat. A pool of $101,274 was the result and was awarded to the last 54 standing. At the end, Ashira Lavine came out on top of a 17 hour marathon as the new champion. She gave credit to the WSOP Academy for preparing her for this event. It took 13 hours to get to the final table for Ashira.

Once the final table was underway, Zohar Pereg left in 9th place after his A 9 offsuit lost the to pocket J's of another player. Michael Haney picked up the money for 8th place when he lost all of his chips but one to a player's straight. (Haney was gone on the next hand.) Next, a set of 3's ended Bob Miller's quest for the ring, resulting in a 7th place finish. In 6th place was David Weeks who saw a Ace high straight from another player as the winning hand. Following soon after them were Greg Kolo in 5th, Adam Chipiuk in 4th and Wooyand Lin in 3rd.

According to the WSOP, here is what happened during the heads up:

Heads up play began at 3:50 am with blinds and antes at 10,000/40,000/80,000. Ben Utt had with nearly a 2-1 chip lead over Lavine. The hand of the night took place when Utt moved all-in on Lavine from the small blind with Ad-2d. Lavine made the call with As-8h. The board missed both players, swinging the 3-1 chip lead in Lavine's favor. The final hand came when Utt moved his remaining million all-in with Jd-9c. Lavine called with Ac-8h. Lavine flopped the set with 8s-8d-6s while an ace on the turn gave her the full house and the victory.

  1. LAVINE, ASHIRA -- $21,226
  2. UTT, GARRETT -- $11,169
  3. LIN, WOOYANG -- $9,097
  4. CHIPIUK, ADAM -- $8,086
  5. KOLO, GREGORY -- $7,075
  6. WEEKS, DAVID -- $6,064
  7. MILLER, ROBERT -- $5,054
  8. HANEY, MICHAEL -- $4,043
  9. PEREG, ZOHAR -- $3,032

Event #14 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Dan Angell This No Limit Hold'Em 2 day event drew 269 players to the tables, each paying $340 per seat. A pool of $78,279 grew out of the entry fees and went to the top 18 finishers. The newest champion Dan Angell, is the son of pro player Wayne Angell. After watching his son play poker and doing well at it, Wayne saw Dan's potential and decided to back his son's first major tournament entry. Angell's potential was soon realized as he played his way through the two-day tournament all the way to the final nine.

The final table began at 3:30 pm with blinds and antes at 1,000/5,000/10,000. First to go in 9th was Jim Frey who could not stand up against the pocket 10's of Dan Angell. Next in 8th was Steve Desantis when his pocket J's were no match for the paired Kings belonging to Steve Suarez. Sean Bailey was gone in 7th after his A J crumbled under the pocket kings of another player. Jim Aloupis lost to the Ace high hand of Suarez and finished 6th. Mark Steitz claimed 5th place winnings after falling to the Jack high hand of another player. Karim Youssef got a really bad beat after his all-in with pocket A's were pummeled by Suarez who called with pocket 2's...only to see them make a set on the flop. Youssef finished in 4th place. Tony Flanagan ended up in 3rd after losing to the flush hand made by Dan Angell.

After about an hour of play, the final hand saw Suarez raise pre-flop 100k. Angell moved all-in and Suarez called. Dan showed 3s-3h while Suarez turned over Ad-10s. The flop came Kd-6s-Jc. The turn was a 6h and the river a 2h to give Angell the win. First place earned Angell $18,004 and a Circuit Event ring while Suarez collected $10,255 for second.

  1. Angell, Dan -- $18,004
  2. Suarez, Stephen -- $10,255
  3. Flanagan, Tony -- $7,828
  4. Youssef, Karim -- $6,262
  5. Steitz, Mark -- $5,480
  6. Aloupis, James -- $4,697
  7. Bailey, Sean -- $3,914
  8. Desantis, Steven -- $2,740
  9. Frey, James -- $1,957

Event #15 -- No Limit Hold'Em Deep Stacks

Mukul Pahuja The second of two deep stack events offered at the WSOP Circuit at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, the $2000 + (150) buy-in tournament attracted 112 entrants, including notable players such as Michael Binger, Liv Boeree and Brock Parker, who shipped two bracelets during the 2009 World Series of Poker. A pool of $217,280 was split among the top 18 finishers.

Final table play came down to two at about 10:42 pm with blinds and antes at 1,000/5,000/10,000 and Minaya holding a marginal chip lead over M. Pahuja. Heads-up play lasted over four hours. After the first hour of play and with little ground having been made between M. Pahuja and Minaya, the two decided to make a deal. While the terms were not disclosed, it was decided that they would play on for the WSOP Circuit Event gold ring. The next three hours was a colossal battle as Minaya was unable to build on his marginal chip lead. Finally, after 3:00 am, the final hand saw both players all-in with M. Pahuja turning over Ad-9h and Minaya showing Qs-Kd. The flop was 7c-8d-Qh, giving Minaya the lead. A harmless 5c hit the turn, but an Ac on the river ended the grueling duel with M. Pahuja the victor. First place officially paid $51,169 and a WSOP Circuit Event ring. Second paid $30,419.

  1. Mukul Pahuja -- $51,169
  2. Manny Minaya -- $30,419
  3. Eugene Castro -- $23,901
  4. Dean Schultz -- $17,382
  5. Joshua Smith -- $15,210
  6. Vineet Pahuja -- $13,037
  7. Brock Parker -- $10,864
  8. Robert Kalteux -- $8,691
  9. Alan Colon -- $6,518

Event #16 -- No Limit Hold'Em

Jay Darish Even with a huge snow storm the night before, a field of 296 players paid $340 for the buy in and took a seat. Eliminations whittled the field down to 9 for the final table for day 2. Play got undeway at 4:00 pm and the first bust came 25 minutes into action. Jeffrey Greenstein was gone in 9th place closely followed by Patrick Reynolds in 8th. Rohan Singh lost to the Broadway straight of Kenneth Owens and had to settle for a 7th place finish. But then Owens lost to the flush made by Darish on the flop, forcing him to pick up the winnings for 6th. Then, just like 3 dominoes in succession Paul Molinari was busted in 5th, Patrick O'Sullivan in 4th and Sachin Ramrakhani in 3rd losing to a blistering hand belonging to Darish.

In the beginning of the heads up, Darish had a 10 to 1 chip lead over Matthew Chin. Quickly Darish made an offer of $1K for the ring. Chin agreed and it was over with Jay Darish now the owner of the last gold ring of this tournament leg.

  1. Jay Darish -- $19,811
  2. Matthew Chin -- $11,284
  3. Sachin Ramrakhani -- Unknown
  4. Patrick O'Sullivan -- $6,891
  5. Paul Molinari -- $6,030
  6. Kenneth Owens -- $5,168
  7. Rohan Singh -- $4,308
  8. Patrick Reynolds -- $3,015
  9. Jeffrey Greenstein -- $2,153

Event #17 -- No Limit Hold'Em 2010 WSOP Main Event Entry

December 20 Sunday
11:00 AM
1 Day Event
Buy in $1,100

No information was passed along for this event as it was a competition for a seat to the Main Event. Somewhere out there is a lucky and happy guy or gal. Cogratulations to whoever it was that won.

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