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2006 World Series of Poker
Events 11 to 15

Event #11 July 6 -- Limit Hold'Em
Buyin: $1,500.00

In an post interview, Bob Chalmers who is a business consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia stated one fact about poker that only those who play know. "What I realized from playing at this final table is that it takes a lot of work to win...Sure, some luck helps. But, it�s really hard work..." And after coming out on top a field of 701 players plus 9 hours at the final table, Bob knows victory is not as easy as they make it look on television.

Receiving the majority of a $956,865 prize pool does take a winning hand and here is what did it for Bob. After 28 min of play Bob Chalmers had almost all of the chips that Tam Ho began the heads up finale with. Tam Ho went all in with Q 3 and Bob called it holding A 3. The board showed K Q 4 A 3, giving Bob the superior two pair and his first WSOP gold bracelet!

  1. Bob "Big Red" Chalmers -- $258,344
  2. Tam Ho -- $135,396
  3. Warren Wooldridge -- $76,549
  4. Thanh Nguyen -- $66,981
  5. Doug Saab -- $57,412
  6. Jan Olav Sjavik -- $47,843
  7. Graham Duke -- $38,275
  8. Bob Bartman -- $28,706
  9. David Calla -- $19,137

Event #12 July 6 -- Omaha Hi-Low Split
Buyin: $5,000.00

There were 265 entries for event number 12 and a prize pool of $1,245,000. And with a entry fee of $5,000.00 those that did step up to the tables knew they had the skill to get a return on their investment. The field would have been tough enough to get through for anyone, but the final table was fearsome to say the least. There was Phil Ivey looking for WSOP bracelet number 6, Sammy Farha who also wears a WSOP bracelet earned in 1999, Mike Wattel also sporting a WSOP bracelet and 6 other players with reputations that preceded them.

It was not an easy final table as the action went past midnight, but around 4 a.m. Sam Farha bested Phil Ivey to win the tournament and lay claim to another WSOP bracelet. Full details of the final hand haven't com in yet, but we know Sammmy Farha had two pair (Jacks and 7's) that beat Phil Ivey's hand which he did not show.

  1. Sam Farha -- $398,560
  2. Phil Ivey -- $219,208
  3. Kirill Gerasimov -- $112,095
  4. Mike Henrich -- $87,185
  5. Mike Wattel -- $74,730
  6. Brain Nadell -- $62,275
  7. Jeffrey King -- $49,820
  8. Jim Ferrel -- $37,365
  9. Ryan Hughes -- $24,910

Event #13 July 7 -- No-Limit Hold'Em
Buyin: $2,500.00

A big $2,967,000 prize pool was the results of 1,290 entrants coming out for this event. Day 1 narrowed the field down to 96 players and saw top names in the poker star studded field put out to pasture such as David Singer who went out on the very first hand he played, Josh Arieh, Greg Raymer, Chris Gregorian, David "Devil Fish" Ulliott, John Juanda and Farzad Bonyadi to name a few. In one hand Toto Leonidas and Huck Seed are in 3 way play with another player, both Toto Leonidas and Huck Seed have pocket Aces and the other player pocket K's. The flop shows Kc 4h 2d with the turn and river dead for all, which resulted in Toto Leonidas and Huck Seed being eliminated at the same time on an unfortunate and bizarre draw for them.

Fast action continued on Day 2 as eliminations happened so quickly you did not know who was walking to the sidelines. Notables who went out include Men "The Master" Nguyen, Tony Cousineau, Quinn Do, Eric Froehlich, Scott Fischman and David Plastik. Those who had a good day were Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Anthony Reategui and Max Pescatori. Another player Justin Pechie also took out his share of opponents, working hard to make the final table.

No mercy was shown at the final table as it took just over 5 hours and 45 min to complete. A two hour period of time saw players ranging from Matt Heintschel (9th) to Michael Scott (4th) eliminated from contention. And after Justin Pechie lost a hand to Max Pescatori leaving in 3rd, it was heads up between two top level poker players Anthony Reategui and Max Pescatori. Max ended up the winner and here is the hand that finished Anthony. Anthony raises 40,000 before the flop that is called by Max. Flop shows 10c 6d 7h. Anthony bets 100,000 with Max responding with a raise of 350,000 and Anthony (Qc 10d) moves all in. Max calls with Jc 8c. Kh is the turn card and the river is 9d giving Max the inside straight and his first WSOP bracelet for the win!

  1. Max Pescatori -- $682,389
  2. Anthony Reategui -- $356,040
  3. Justin Pechie -- $206,207
  4. Michael Scott -- $148,350
  5. Corey Cheresnick -- $118,680
  6. Tri Ma -- $103,845
  7. Mike Matusow -- $89,010
  8. Terrence Chan -- $74,175
  9. Matt Heintschel -- $66,758

Event #14 July 8 -- No-Limit Hold'Em with Re-Buys
Buyin: $1,000.00

This event seemed more aggressive than usual, probably because of the rebuys that players made. With a $2,317,887 prize pool and 752 entrants, the tables saw lots of action. Payouts went to the top 74 players and there were 1,670 re-buys. On Day 1 Daniel Negreanu went all in blind on his very first hand in an act of high aggression at his table. Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi went all in blind six times at least. David Williams's act of aggression was to pass around his new WSOP bracelet for all to see and fear. The field was reduced to 66 players as the Day 1 body count included Howard Lederer, Annie Duke, Scott Lazar, Andrew Black, Chris Ferguson, Paul Darden, Jennifer Harman and Daniel Negreanu.

Action continued to be fierce on Day 2 as Mimi Tran, Humberto Brenes, Victor Ramdin, Stuart Paterson and Phil Gordon were among those busted in the first hour of play. They were followed by Kathy Liebert, Blair Rodman, Huck Seed, Steve Zolotow, John Juanda, Amir Vahedi and Nam Le. And after a little over 11 hours of play, the final table was decided.

Things did slow down on Day 3 as most all in plays were not called with everyone being careful about when and where to put in their chips. 5 hours into final table play all were gone except Allen Cunninghan and David Rheem. After 2 1/2 hours Allen Cunningham managed to capture his 4th WSOP gold bracelet and here is the play that won it for him. David limped in preflop and Allen raised $65,000 to which David's response (Jh 9d) was to move all in. Allen (Ac Qh) called and the flop showed Kd 5d 2c. Turn card was Kc and the river card was As giving Allen Cunningham two pair and the win.

  1. Allen Cunningham -- $625,830
  2. David Rheem -- $327,981
  3. Tom Franklin -- $185,431
  4. Steve Wong -- $162,252
  5. John Hoang -- $139,073
  6. Tim Phan -- $115,894
  7. Everett Carlton -- $92,715
  8. Andy Bloch -- $69,537
  9. Alex Jacob -- $46,358

Event #15 July 9 -- Ladies Event No-Limit Hold'Em (2 day event)
Buyin: $1,000.00

Lots of ladies, 1128 of them in fact, showed up to play at the tables. The prize pool reached a healthy $1,026,480 which is going to make out for nice payouts. It seems that other female celebrities came out this year hoping to take home a bracelet as Jennifer Tilly did last year. Those seen include Ricki Lake, Mimi Rogers, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and of course Jennifer Tilly. But when the tournament started, the white gloves came off quickly as Vanessa Rousso went out early. She was followed by Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, Jeanine Deeb, Leah Clark all of CardPlayer fame, Cecilia Mortensen, Melissa Hayden and unfortunately last year's champion Jennifer Tilly. This round ended with 26 players to move on to Day 2.

Pain continued to be distributed as 10 of the 26 went out in the first hour on Day 2. It took 3 hours from the start to reach the 9 for the final table. Everyone continued to play well, but eventually it came down to just two women for the heads up, Mary Jones and Shanee Barton. Here is what happened. Mary Jones is on the button and raises 50,000. Shanee Barton re raises with all of her chips. Mary (Qh 6h) calls the all in and Shanee reveals As 4c. The flop shows Jh 9d 3d, turn card is a 3h and the river card is a 6c. And that is how Mary ends up with her gold WSOP bracelet that you can't buy at Tiffany's or Saks Fifth Avenue and a big check to go with it.

  1. Mary Jones -- $236,094
  2. Shanee Barton -- $123,178
  3. Beatrice Stranzinger -- $71,340
  4. Reka Hallgato -- $51,324
  5. Sue Lockenbaugh -- $41,059
  6. Julie Allen -- $35,927
  7. Devi Ortega -- $30,794
  8. Lorrie Scott -- $25,662
  9. Ellie Ahlgren -- $23,096

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