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2006 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 3

The 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 3 goes to the next round of play where the competitors left from the rounds held on August 1st (A+B) and 2nd (C+D) will sit down to narrow the field even further. There are 1159 that will participate in this level of the tournament, playing down to 600. Chip leader Dmitri Nobles who earned his seat at PokerStars.com, has $549,200 in chips. PokerStars who has the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Main Event champions under their belt, once again made a big bid to have the 2006 champ with them by sending over 1600 players to the tournament. At this point they still have about 300 of their players left.

2004 Main Event champ Greg Raymer had a tough time trying to get off the ground as the "magic" that accompanies him must have left for the slots. Raymer busted out on August 2nd and left to lots of applause from the Amazon room. Daniel Negreanu has made a solid performance work for him as he is 3rd in chip rankings. 2005 champ Joseph Hachem is still in the running with $114,100 chips as is David Pham ($112,300), Hieu "Tony" Ma ($98,500), Nam Le ($91,000), Allen Cunningham ($172,900) and David Chiu ($154,700) who still number among the many powerhouses that will be in today's action. At this point it is still anyones game. Stay with us, we'll keep you informed.

Remaining player count:
  • Day 1A: 781 players left
  • Day 1B: 856 players left
  • Day 1C: 861 players left
  • Day 1D: 875 players left
  • Day 2A (1A and 1B): 561 players left
  • Day 2B (1C and 1D): 598 players left
12:03 p.m. Play is now under way. Today should prove to be interesting as there are 1159 players, but the money begins at position 873. So we look forward to play being initially slow until the money is reached. And if last year is an indication, players will be going out by the droves. Once the money was reached in 2005, 45 players left in 45 minutes with the lines for cashing out being long for about 2 1/2 hours.

12:22 p.m. The announcement of "Shuffle up and Deal!" was given by Joseph Hachem who will also be playing today. Play finish the second half of level 11 with blinds at $600-$1,200 with a $200 ante.

2:13 p.m. Daniel Negreanu took a big hit to his stack and is now down to $195,000 from $331,000 at today's start. Some of the names who have busted are Theo Tran, Layne Flack, Phil Ivey, Juan Carlos Mortensen and David Grey.

4:10 p.m.The number of players are around 920 at this time. Richard Brodie and Josh Arieh have gone from the tables after being busted.

4:40 p.m. We are closer to the money as the number of players has just reached 888. Negreanu is now back up to 316,000. Top 5 players with chip counts are Dmitri Nobles with 578,000, Jason Strasser with 485,000, Terris Preston with 450,000, Michael Binger with 392,000 and David Filippi having 385,000 in his stack. You can also add Freddy Deeb to the list of the busted. Players are now at round 13 with blinds at $1,000/$2,000 with a $300 ante.

5:45 p.m. Applause and a big roar from the field came when player 874 was busted. Players are guaranteed at least $14,597 going forward. Last year the "bubble boy" was given a freeroll to this year's Main Event. Hopefully they will be as kind to the player who finished in 874th place. Now all left at the tables will be in the money. Allen Cunningham now has $462,000 in his stack. Humberto Brenes is up to 388,000, John Gale is at 325,000, Daniel Negreanu went down to 240,000 and Hoyt Corkins is around 90,000.

6:33 p.m. Whoa! Approximately 140 players busted in the 15 min following the elimination of player 874. So many all ins took place to where the tournament had to be stopped in order to have the payouts catch up. Some of those gone from the tournament include Nam Le sent to the rail by William Thorsson, Rob Enfield, Steve Choi and Morton Lerbrekk who was one of the top 50 players coming into this tournament round.

8:46 p.m. After dinner which lasted until 8:30 p.m., players resumed their positions and blinds are now $1,200/$2,400 with a $300 ante at level 14. There are 735 entrants left trying to make it up the pay ladder. Richard Grijalva and Jeff Cabanillas are among those at the sidelines watching instead of playing. Dmitri Nobles is still riding high at 545,000 chips but others are narrowing the gap. Behind Dmitri are Jason Strasser with 460,000, Humberto Brenes with 410,000 and Allen Cunningham with 390,000. Joseph Hachem is at 165,000 and Annie Duke is at 78,000 chips.

9:59 p.m. 648 survivors are battling it out trying to make it to the next day. William Thorsson lost a huge portion of his stack after participating in an 3 way all in move. The pocket Q's of Thorsson could not hold up to the three of a kind Kings another player had. Thorsson is now down to $170,000 chips. Daniel Negreanu has had a number of losing hands and is now down to $26,400 in chips. But it could be worse, Darrell Dicken was just busted out of the tournament. Following him are Musa Mustafa, Ari Levy and Stuart Paterson. Dmitri Nobles seems to be laying low, not really putting any chips at risk in an attempt to make it to the next day when the money is bigger. He has 595,000 which is an increase and still allows him to be chip leader.

10:45 p.m. The number of players has reached 595 which is below the goal of 600. Dmitri Nobles has picked up the pace, picking and choosing his battles. He is up to 653,000 in chips.

12:04 a.m. Players are now at level 15 with the blinds being $1,500/$3,000 with a $400 ante. And the list of eliminations continues to grow as Stan Goldstein, Shannon Shore, Abraham Korotki, Patrick Bueno, Hieu "Tony" Ma, Rick Seward, Cuong Le, John Gale, Russ Boutin and Michael Esposito are now gone. Dmitri Nobles has been aggressive in his play and now his chip stack is up to $875,000.

1:10 a.m. Daniel Negreanu has built his chips back up to $100,000. David Chiu took down a huge $500,000 pot after his A Q grew to a full house and completely overpowered his opponent's A J. Joseph Hachem has 114,100 and top pro David Pham has been busted out of the tournament. One player in particular, Whitney Brayton with $355,000, also made the cut for tomorrow. Play ends for the night with 481 left for tomorrows round.

Here are the top 50 players with chip counts:
  1. Jon Lace -- $654,000
  2. Dmitri Nobles -- $650,000
  3. Albert Padilla -- $640,000
  4. David Chiu -- $632,000
  5. William Thorsson -- $628,000
  6. Alex Balandin -- $621,000
  7. Lars Bondino -- $586,000
  8. Thomas Wahlroos -- $558,500
  9. Eric Molina -- $558,500
  10. Debra Lalor -- $555,000
  11. Eric Lynch -- $541,000
  12. Andras Karuks -- $532,500
  13. Mark Garner -- $521,500
  14. Dan Nassit -- $514,000
  15. Vipul Kothari -- $510,000
  16. Hossein Khodabande -- $483,500
  17. Jason Strasser -- $483,000
  18. Rick Mombourcovette -- $467,500
  19. Bucky McMilan -- $452,000
  20. Johan Wemmenhag -- $450,000
  21. Mitch Schock -- $449,500
  22. John Magill -- $446,500
  23. Kyle Bowler -- $445,500
  24. Aaron Bartley -- $441,000
  25. Richard Gryko -- $438,500
  26. Theodore Park -- $428,500
  27. Matt Woodward -- $426,000
  28. Daniel Pelletier -- $410,000
  29. Terris Preston -- $403,500
  30. Walt Schafer -- $401,500
  31. Noah Siegel -- $399,500
  32. Greg Giannokostas -- $395,500
  33. Elie Said -- $387,000
  34. Gary Jones -- $387,000
  35. Jamie Gold -- $387,000
  36. Cheng Yu -- $387,000
  37. Mike Landers -- $385,000
  38. Scott Malone -- $384,500
  39. Paul Wasicka -- $383,500
  40. Paul Vida -- $375,000
  41. Mike Hwang -- $372,500
  42. Jimmy D'ambrosio $372,500
  43. Douglas Kim -- $372,000
  44. Rob Acton -- $364,000
  45. Bill Gustafin -- $362,500
  46. Jose Brenes -- $362,000
  47. Richard Digiorgio -- $360,000
  48. Christopher Budak -- $359,500
  49. Andres Korn -- $359,000
  50. Davis Huynh -- $357,500
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