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2006 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 1B

Over 2,000+ players and alternatives filed into the Amazon room on 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 1B to play Texas No Limit Hold'Em, and more importantly to remain a survivor to play in future rounds. The now famous bet between Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith ended today as both top players were busted in this day's play. This means that Joe Sebok will not have to dress as Robin or anyone else, (although there was mention of a Wonder Woman outfit). Movie stars, athletes, rich and the average Joe Blow were seen at the tables, but we still haven't seen anything that beats Mikey the Chimp. Yes an actual chimp was entered to play in the Main Event. Also Doyle Brunson was knocked out in this round so we won't see him at the tables for the rest of the Main Event.

11:50 p.m. Throngs of players are filing into the Amazon room at the RIO in Las Vegas. Another 2,000 individuals who will be fighting to survive this second round of Day 1 play will be seated along with a number of alternative players. Come back as we will keep you informed.

12:00 noon Doyle Brunson celebrating the 30th anniversary of his first gold WSOP bracelet, gave the blessing for dealers to shuffle up and deal marking the beginning of Day 1B.

1:03 p.m. Some of the faces seen today are actor Brad Garrett from Everybody loves Raymond, Mike Caro, Rafe Furst, Padraig Parkinson, and Rafi Amit. So far Phil Hellmuth is late for his seat as can be expected of Phil. ESPN is featuring play at the table he is seated at...or is supposed to be seated at. Speaking of Mike Caro, he just won a juicy pot with a full house Aces over Jacks and now has his stack at $23,600.

2:53 p.m. Phil Hellmuth did show up, just two hours after the tournament start time. Doyle Brunson's angel is on his shoulder as he held pocket black A's and didn't put all his chips in preflop. His opponent had pocket kings, one red which ended up giving him the nut flush by the turn card. Doyle said he was happy he didn't go all in which really helped to cut his losses on that hand. David Williams cracked pocket A's held by another player with 3 of a kind, increasing his stack to over $10,000. Dax Shepherd of Punk'd was also seen at the tables today.

5:01 p.m. It was just announced that Phil Hellmuth was busted and is no longer in the Main Event. And yes this was while he played at the ESPN table he was late for, so you will see the drama unfold on television. He was followed by Gavin Smith, Paul Darden and Tiffany Williamson who did so well in the Main Event last year. Player Eric Firestone drew a Royal Flush during a hand, so if you think it's impossible don't think that any longer.

6:50 p.m. The field now numbers approximately 1800 in size. Those recently sent to the rail include Shannon Elizabeth, Greg Mueller, Alex Prendes, Corey Cheresnick, Ron Jeremy, Mel Judah and David Waldstein. Controversy arose when actor Brad Garrett dropped the F-bomb and only received a warning instead of a penalty from the tournament director who was standing right behind him. When other professional players voiced their protest about not receiving the same treatment, the director assured the players that the warning would stand and fairness would be observed going forward. Brad Garrett was busted out 24 min later by Doyle Brunson's grandson. After being grilled by Brad when he MC'd the roast held for Doyle, we are sure the news was warmly welcomed.

9:10 p.m. 1,630 players are left at this time which means this round may last into the morning. The list of busted players grows with Brad Booth and David Singer being free to go on to other tournaments.

12:12 a.m. David Williams is doing well with his stack over $50,000 at last check. Phil Ivey just won a hand and a pile of chips with 4 of a kind Kings. At this point there are 1,180 players left in the field. Chip stack average is over $17,500. Evelyn Ng, Phillipe Rouas, "Miami" John Cernuto, Card Player's Barry Shulman and Joe Sebok have been eliminated from the competition.

2:40 a.m. We are now down to 940 players. Survivors that are still in the running are Annie Duke with $20,000, David Williams with $32,500 and Men "The Master" Nguyen having over $40,000 after eliminating Patrick Antonius. Phil Ivey is down to $16,400. Can Kim Hua's chip stack is at $19,700. The top 3 chip leaders at this time are Eric Sonstegard with $83,000, Al Barbieri with $82,000 and Nicholas Montuori having $80,000.

3:10 a.m. Applause has filled the air as play for Day 1B has stopped with 860 left in the field. Allen Cunningham won a huge pot placing him over $80,000 in chips when his pocket J's were enough to make his opponent muck his hand. Day 1C will begin at noon on July 30th. Below is the list of the top 50 players with final chip counts as released from the World Series of Poker:
  1. Wesley Wilburn -- 122,200
  2. Alex Minilsow -- 94,350
  3. Cory Butler -- 90,250
  4. Edward Brogdon -- 90,200
  5. Lars Bonding -- 88,600
  6. Theo Tran -- 82,950
  7. Magnus Peterson -- 82,575
  8. David Chiu -- 78,225
  9. Daniel Clark -- 77,750
  10. Allen Cunningham -- 77,625
  11. Jose Verala -- 76,900
  12. Al Barbieri -- 76,050
  13. Todd Huynh -- 75,800
  14. Sean Johnson -- 73,925
  15. James Crowshaw -- 73,500
  16. Christopher Budak -- 70,125
  17. Akshay Kumar -- 70,125
  18. Nicholas Montuori -- 69,745
  19. Rob Lederer -- 69,475
  20. Benjamin Logan -- 66,625
  21. Vinny Curry -- 65,650
  22. Jim Coea -- 64,025
  23. Hal Kizzie -- 63,750
  24. Peter Behr -- 63,475
  25. Joed Durkstra -- 63,225
  26. Russell Davies -- 61,300
  27. James Mellor -- 59,900
  28. Lee Kort -- 59,750
  29. Frankig Gavigan -- 59,400
  30. Donald MacLean -- 59,150
  31. Reid Walker -- 59,125
  32. Ayaz Mahmood -- 59,000
  33. Patrick Poels -- 58,850
  34. Mark Gilbert -- 58,400
  35. Marc Machuga -- 58,250
  36. Laurens Vellman -- 57,975
  37. Mark Lawlor -- 57,800
  38. Jeffrey Abramovitz -- 57,700
  39. Ted Martin -- 57.570
  40. Robert Betts -- 57,100
  41. Yu Cheng -- 56,525
  42. Tom Jacobs -- 56,325
  43. Mike Stohehiu -- 56,275
  44. Martin Virgen -- 56,000
  45. Whitney Bourton -- 55,675
  46. Jeffrey Cohen -- 55,650
  47. Fred Avent -- 54,950
  48. Billy Ragatz -- 54,925
  49. Mark Guargulia -- 54,825
  50. Suzan Cohen -- 54,750
NOTE: This list has been updated as of July 31. Also Whitney Brayton has been included in the list with a chip count of $55,675.
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