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2006 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 1C

The past two days have given new meaning to "keep your eyes on the prize" as thousands have passed through the doors of the Amazon room to take their chances on winning millions. So far both Day 1A and Day 1B have been grueling and long. We'll tell you who is eliminated and who moves on. Also we have more news on the monkey that entered the Main Event. Come back often and stay informed. 11:48 a.m. Day 1C will start in a few minutes. Count on us to bring you highlights and happenings that take place during this round.

Follow Up: On Day 1A we mentioned that there was a monkey in the Main Event. The correction is that this was a chimpanzee named "Mikey the Chimp". Evidently because there is nothing in the rules and regulations which state that the player must be human, this technicality was challenged in an attempt to put the chimp at the tables.
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12:05 p.m. Penn and Teller have announced the start of Day 1C with "shuffle up and deal". The first elimination took 3 minutes to happen. For those who don't know, all players are given $10,000 in chips to start with on the first round of eliminations and the key is just to survive to make the next level of play. So you do not have to put all your chips in on the first hand if you don't want to.

1:17 p.m. Greg Raymer is at the tables today. With Raymer being the 2004 Main Event champion and placing 25th out of 5,619 in 2005, he will be one to watch as the Main Event progresses. Sam Farha was just busted after running into an opponent with 4 of a kind 6's. Hollywood has Jennifer Tilly (currently at $5,500 in chips) and Louie Anderson (currently at $9,600 in chips) at the tables. Jennifer Harman is also playing today and has about $9,700 in chips. Louie who is not having a good day, received multiple "warnings" about the "F-bomb" which he has dropped numerous times. He finally got a 10 min time out for having a potty mouth. Number of entrants is at 2200 for today.

3:10 p.m. Liz Lieu went to the rail when she called an all in move holding pocket Kings and her opponent held 9 8 which gave them 3 of a kind when the community cards were laid out. Liz was one of 62 women who graced the tables with their presence on this round of play. 2006 Event #28 (Seven Card Stud) winner Benjamin Lin was also busted out of the tournament along with Greg Merkow. Louie Anderson got back into the game and is now up to $17,500 in chips.

4:45 p.m. In a surprise to all, Joe Sebok even though he had been reported as busted out of this tournament, returned dressed as Spider Man. Others may not have had so much humor as they were being eliminated from the Main Event. Names like John "The Razor" Phan, Thomas Keller, John Esposito, Hasan Habib, Anthony Reategui, Mark Hanna and John Bonetti were busted recently.

6:40 p.m. We have the field narrowed to 1,750 players at this point. Some of the names who have left the Amazon room now include Antonio Esfandiari, Bob Stupak, Jordan Morgan, Jeff Shulman from CardPlayer.com, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, James Worth, Jennifer Harman and Jennifer Tilly. Players are on dinner break until 8:15 p.m.

9:18 p.m. There are 1,510 players left. Burt Boutin has taken a few blows to his chip stack. With a recent loss to another player's all in move he is now down to $1,700 in chips. Jean-Robert Bellande who was down to $1,700 4 hours ago, now has his stack up over $17,000. Greg Raymer is still in the running but has been battling to stay afloat as his stack continues on a roller coaster ride up and down. Raymer after suffering a recent loss of a hand now has $7,000. Harry Demetriou is around the $5,500 level. T.J. Cloutier, Aidiliy Elviro, Bruno Fitoussi and Mark Croon a.k.a. "PokerHo" have been sent to the rail and are out of this tournament.

12:20 a.m. Jean-Robert Bellande was eliminated after losing a big hand. With Jd 8c 3h showing on the board, chip leader William Thorson went all in and Jean-Robert Bellande called. Bellande felt he had this hand as he turned over 8h 8d until Thorson showed his Jh Js. Turn card was a 3s resulting in both players with a full house and the river card was a Ks. As Bellande walked away from the table Thorson raked in the pot and now stands at $112,000. And Steve Dannenman who was last year's runner up in the Main Event was busted out of the tournament a few minutes ago. Greg Raymer is doing better now having his stack up to $19,000. Number of players stands at 1,190.

2:05 a.m. Greg Raymer went to the downside on a roller coaster that does not want to let him off. After losing a hand that he took so long to make a decision to where a player asked Raymer be put on a clock, Raymer is now at $6,500 in chips. Josh Arieh was in better shape with close to $19,000 in chips. Alan Sass has $32,500 in chips. Robert Mizrachi ($8,000) and Keith Sexton ($7,500) are also still in the running. Al Ardebili is around $38,000 chips. Chris Grigorian cruises along with $17,000 in his stack. Craig Hartman was eliminated when his pocket K's were overcome by another player with pocket A's after the remaining cards helped neither player. Daniel Negreanu has $78,500 after he sent someone home to try again next year.

3:00 a.m. Today comes to a end with 867 players that will move on to the next round of competition. Day 1D will begin at 12 noon on July 31st. Joe Beevers was busted by Charlie Sewell. John Gale has $30,000 after a day of steady play. And Raymer after busting a player, ended the day with $48,900 in chips. Below are the top 50 players with chip counts:
  1. Richard Gryko -- 128,575
  2. Adam Jones -- 125,525
  3. Daniel Pelletier -- 107,850
  4. Jonathan Carlson -- 106,375
  5. Charlie Sewell -- 106,175
  6. Dario Roma -- 103,625
  7. Brendan Lewis -- 101,875
  8. Bob Binsky -- 96,700
  9. William Thorson -- 96,225
  10. John Ambrust -- 95,325
  11. Rob Roseman -- 94,800
  12. Daniel Schlauch -- 94,275
  13. Michael Petrillo -- 92,000
  14. Brian Hansen -- 87,025
  15. Daniel Negreanu -- 85,800
  16. Shannon Shorr -- 84,125
  17. Phillippe Boucher -- 82,575
  18. Mosa Mustafa -- 81,775
  19. Jeff Banghart -- 80,775
  20. Aaron Robbins -- 80,775
  21. Dimitri Nobles -- 79,450
  22. Kim Rixecker -- 78,025
  23. Erik Lindbarg -- 77, 875
  24. Morten Nielsen -- 76,500
  25. Jonas Hanssen -- 76,000
  26. Per Sojaren -- 75,675
  27. George Danzer -- 75,525
  28. Travis Johnecheck -- 75,350
  29. Gareth Edwards -- 75,025
  30. Bernard Ko -- 73,900
  31. Andrius Tapinas -- 71,325
  32. Rick Fratcher -- 70,425
  33. Elie Said -- 69,875
  34. Iago Gonzales -- 68,725
  35. David Woo -- 65,800
  36. Chua Nguyen -- 65,775
  37. John Hoisonback -- 65,500
  38. Robert Minici -- 65,225
  39. David Barrie -- 65,200
  40. Paul Sexton -- 64,975
  41. Jonathan Diamond -- 64,825
  42. Manelic Minaya -- 64,325
  43. Brett Mayers -- 64,025
  44. Arnold Blennet -- 63,400
  45. Michael Jensen -- 63,150
  46. David Eller -- 63,100
  47. Justin Gaines -- 62,100
  48. Mikkell Haga -- 60,900
  49. Joseph Stachowiak -- 60,525
  50. Charles Harley -- 59,875
Results updated July 31st.
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