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Event #57 Main Event Day 2B (1C + 1D)

Day 2B

11:31 AM -- Official count remaining from Day 2A was 607 players. Now the 2,922 players from Day 1C and Day 1D will combine and have another round of play. Action will continue at level 6 with blinds at $250/$500 with a $50 ante. Day 2B will start at noon.

Keep in mind that players will have an off day tomorrow, so if you are following our blog use the day to sleep in late. We will.

12:15 PM -- Things got started a little late, but underway nonetheless. Lots of all-in will take place as many are short stacked. Like Vanessa Rousso with 6,350 chips, James Ma 7,275, Todd Witteles 9,625, Paul Darden 10,450, Toto Leonidas 10,875 and Bobby Toye 11,075. There are 186 players under 12,000 chips.

Actually, before we could release this, dealers were already crying, "All-in with a call" to an almost deafening level.

12:32 PM -- Erick Lindgren is gone from the Main Event. His all-in with pocket Q's was met by another player with pocket J's, but another Jack came on the river. Erick began with 20,450 and pushed a remaining 17,500 in chips to the middle before he busted.

Remember on Day 1D, when there were numerous players who did not make it into the Main Event because of too many trying to get in? Well believe it or not, T.J. Cloutier was one of those player. Cloutier was going around the Amazon room wishing those he knew good luck. Pro player Robert Cheung experienced the happiness of hitting a royal flush today!

1:44 PM -- Eric Froelich is no longer in the game after the flush hand he made on the turn was overrun by the full house made on the river (6's/K's) by the other player. Isabelle Mercier also was eliminated. Hal Lubarsky is up to 40,000 from his initial 24,025 chips. Paul Darden went all-in with pocket K's only to meet up with a full house (2's/10's) of another player, sending Paul to the rail.

2:07 PM -- Victor Ramdin has lost his remaining chips and is gone from the Main Event. Ramdin's pocket 9's were no match for the other player with pocket Q's. Bill Chen followed Ramdin to the rail after his opponent made a flush by the turn.

J.C. Tran put lots of pressure to make the other player fold to a good sized pot. After that hand Tran increased his stack to 125,000.

2:55 PM -- Steve Wong could not overcome the two pair made by the other player (A's and Q's), and had to make a fast exit from the tournament. Vanessa Rousso was on the short stack, but doubled up quickly to stay alive. She did well, but ran into trouble when she went all-in with A K verses pocket 4's. No other cards came to help Rousso and she is no longer at the tables.

3:40 PM -- Scotty Nguyen had Lady Luck not only leave him, but she took his drink too! Scotty went in with pocket A's on turn with 5 5 10 K on the board. The other player who called did so with K 10. Then the river card came up a King, giving the full house (K's/10's) to the player and leaving Scotty high and dry. (That is no fun in Scotty's book!)

Chris Klodnicki's dream of a Main Event bracelet was flushed away when the other player made the flush on the river card.

4:25 PM -- The 2008 Main Event champion Peter Eastgate is still at the tables with over 20,000 chips. Rob Hollink was not so fortunate as his all-in with pocket Q's was crushed as his caller (A Q) made a board of x 5 4 3 2, boom! No more Hollink. He was followed by Howard Lederer who put his pocket 6's to the test, but met up with pocket Kings that held to the river.

5:00 PM -- Dinner break will be for the next 90 minutes.

6:48 PM -- Play will continue at level 8 for the next few minutes. Before the break Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi was still not feeling well after tossing his chips to a player who beat his hand. He had a straight flush draw when he went all-in, but that is as far as it got. Fans of John "Miami" Cernuto will be happy to know he is still in the game and looking well. John earlier in another event had taken ill and required hospitalization.

7:22 PM -- Comedian/Actor Marlon Wayans won a great sized pot to keep him playing and his stack up to 57,000 chips. Also fighting for another Main Event bracelet is 2005 champion Joe Hachem with 77,000 in front of him.

Gavin Griffin is out of the tournament after his all-in with K J was stopped by A K and no other cards came to help him. Noah Schwartz is also gone due to his A K suited losing to the pocket 8's of his opponent.

8:35 PM -- Phil Ivey is really racking up chips by taking out other players. Right now he is up to 230,000 chips, winning 200,000+ in a recent hand that sent a player to the rail. Also looking solid is Phil Hellmuth with about 170,000 chips.

These big piles of chips have not come without a cost to others. Right now the field has lost 200 players in the last hour. Head count is around 1,900 give or take a few.

8:58 PM -- Latest to leave the tables are Brian Devonshire, Maya Geller, Stephen Kjaestad, Kevin O'Leary, Tim Vance, Tom Dwan, Johnny Loden and David Plastik. Ylon Schwartz pushed his chips to the middle with pocket K's, but the caller who had A K hit on another Ace card to send Ylon to the showers. If you recall Ylon made the final table last year which is not an easy thing to do.

9:27 PM -- Top 6 players in the field with chip counts are:
  1. Troy Weber -- 475,000
  2. John Hammer -- 360,000
  3. Andreas Altmeyer -- 318,000
  4. Amir Lehavot -- 280,000
  5. Brian Lemke -- 275,000
  6. Bertrand Grospellier -- 250,000
Other players who are doing well are Justin Bonomo 190,000, Josh Arieh 185,000, Hevad Khan 145,000, Nasr El Nasr 130,000 and Tony Hachem 155,000.

10:45 PM -- It is all over for Day 2B, but for some who were this close to making the cut it's really over. Cyndi Violette lost the rest of her chips to a player holding pocket K's to her Q 9. Hal Lubarsky lost his last 20,000 to Nick Binger, and will probably come back next year.

Lou Diamond Phillips>
Lou Diamond Phillips made the Day 3 cut with 192,300 in his stack. 
Marlon Wayans went in with pocket K's against a pair of pocket Q's. On the 
river came the 3rd Queen, putting Marlon in the position to party in Las Vegas. (Is busting such a bad 
thing when you party???) <a href=Vivek Rajkumar went in with pocket A's and came out with nothing as the other player got him on the flop, so Vivek can party with Marlon. See you on Friday!

Official count of remaining players was 1,436. Here are the top 50:

Amir Lehavot
Day 2B Chip Leader Amir Lehavot

  1. Amir Lehavot -- 610,500
  2. Peter DeBaene -- 465,000
  3. Troy Weber -- 453,200
  4. Dan Bilzerian -- 439,500
  5. Franklin Grigsby -- 424,400
  6. Gabe Walls -- 417,900
  7. Mikael Thuritz -- 395,400
  8. Jason Brice -- 376,100
  9. John Hammer -- 359,400
  10. Phil Ivey -- 346,200
  11. Adam Latimer -- 340,100
  12. Tyler Patterson -- 337,800
  13. Brennan Hanson -- 312,600
  14. Raul Mestre -- 306,500
  15. Adam Bilzerian -- 305,300
  16. Bolivar Palacios -- 301,400
  17. Mike Lesle -- 299,000
  18. Jon Weinbach -- 297,000
  19. Michael Kinney -- 291,700
  20. Jason Somerville -- 289,600
  21. Brendan Taylor -- 287,400
  22. JC Tran -- 284,600
  23. David Wickham -- 283,500
  24. Hung Pham -- 282,800
  25. Behzad Javadzadeh -- 282,300
  26. Michael Merichko -- 281,900
  27. James Keys -- 278,200
  28. Scott Eskenazi -- 276,100
  29. Joseph Ward -- 273,000
  30. Kenny Tran -- 273,000
  31. Derek Cheung -- 259,100
  32. Tyson Marks -- 256,500
  33. Joseph Sanders -- 254,000
  34. Saieva Maurizio -- 253,500
  35. Bernhard Perner -- 247,300
  36. Keith Lehr -- 247,100
  37. Denis Estelle -- 245,100
  38. Akio Ishige -- 243,500
  39. Fergal Nealon -- 241,500
  40. Thom Werthmann -- 241,100
  41. Nick Eisel -- 240,400
  42. James Akenhead -- 240,200
  43. Joseph Michael -- 238,800
  44. Joe Conner -- 237,300
  45. Jason Maxwell -- 236,100
  46. Lawrence Greenberg -- 235,500
  47. Mohamedazam Razabsekh -- 235,400
  48. Stan Jablonski -- 235,200
  49. Haiduc Florian -- 232,000
  50. Mads Andersen -- 231,700