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Event #57 Main Event Day 6

Day 6

Notes from the WSOP on Day 5 -- Defending champion Peter Eastgate survived. He remains very much alive in the 2009 Main Event. He is presently in 82nd place, which is slightly ahead of the pack. All 407 players who started play were already guaranteed $27,469 in prize money. Now, after ten days and 40 hours of tournament play, all finishers are guaranteed at least $36,626 in prize money. Day 5 started with a field of 407 players and ended with 185 survivors. Actor Lou Diamond Phillips was eliminated on the final hand of the day. He ended up finishing in 186th place.

Players competed for three complete levels. Play ended after Level 20. When play resumes tomorrow at Level 21, blinds will be 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante. The average stack size is 1,053,081.

Today will have 185 players coming over from Day 5, and they are scheduled to play another five levels today. Blinds and ante for each level is as follows: Lou Diamond Phillips 12:31 PM -- Day 6 has officially begun! For those wondering, Peter Eastgate ended Day 5 with 927,000 chips in his stack. And Lou Diamond Phillips took home $36,626 for finishing in 186th place.

In the first 15 minutes, Mike Minetti who started with 351,000 busted after his A J met the pocket K's of Anh Van Nguyen. He was followed by Jamin Stokes who lost the balance of his stack to Nick Maimone, courtesy of the Ace kicker belonging to Nick. Right now, it seems that the initial pace of eliminations on Day 6 is the same or probably a little faster than Day 5. Time will tell, and we will tell you!

12:59 PM -- James Akenhead just lost half of his 2.7 million chip stack on one hand to Steven Begleiter. Jordan Morgan is no longer at the tables, he is currently collecting $36,626 for his 173rd place finish in the Main Event.

Main Event champion Joe Hachem who began Day 6 with 540,000 chips is still in the game and making a focused attempt for a second bracelet.

1:45 PM -- Players count right now is 157. The top 6 players with chip counts at this point are:
  1. Warren Zackey -- 5,100,000
  2. Kasper Cordes -- 4,352,000
  3. Darvin Moon -- 4,100,000
  4. Charlie Elias -- 3,500,000
  5. Billy Kopp -- 3,350,000
  6. Tom Schneider -- 3,168,000
2:30 PM -- No longer in this tournament are Craig Crivello, John Monnette, Chris Bjorin and Eracles Panayiotou. Play has moved up to level 22 in the second level of the day with 45 players gone in the first hour.

3:32 PM -- Blair Hinkle was crippled by a previous hand down to 33,000 chips. Next, he was gone after he went all-in with Q J and lost to the paired 8's of Hac Dang. Also no longer at the tables are Jose Rosekrantz, Nasr El Nasr, Theirry Van Den Berg, Alex Prendes, Robert Allen and Ian Woodley.

4:39 PM -- Currently there are 120 players left in the field. At this rate they may not play a full 5 levels today. Also joining the departed are Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier who had as much as 1.8 million chips, Theo Tran and Eric Cloutier. Grospellier really had a hard time starting his engine today, and chips continued to leak everywhere no matter what he did.

But Peter Eastgate continues to hold on with a present 700,000 chips. Joe Hachem is also still at the tables. And Fabrice Soulier continues to hammer his way to the top and is sitting on a little over 3 million chips. In a few minutes, play will be moved to level 23 with blinds at $12,000/$24,000 and a $3,000 ante.

5:20 PM -- Ludovic Lucay hit a huge pot and brought to himself another 1.9 million chips. And ESPN has done a lot of filming of Dennis Phillips and Peter Eastgate playing at the featured table. This is reminiscent of 2008 when both players competed at the Main Event final table. David Benyamine is no longer in the running as his all-in with pocket A's failed when his opponent hit a set of 3's on the flop.

6:02 PM -- 2005 Main Event champion Joe Hachem has been eliminated from the tournament! Joe had been losing chips fast and on this hand he moved his last 117,000 preflop to the middle. His J 9 of clubs gave him many outs after the flop, but in the end the pocket 4's of Billy Kopp prevailed. Hachem finished in 103rd place and will take home $40,288 for his efforts.

But Phil Ivey has reconnected with the poker gods and is up to 2,680,000 chips. Many consider Phil Ivey the most dangerous player on earth. Grrrrr baby, very grrrrr.

7:06 PM -- A lot of chips have changed hands in huge amounts. Here are the top 6 players at this time:
  1. Darvin Moon -- 5,700,000
  2. Antoine Saout -- 5,281,000
  3. Billy Kopp -- 5,180,000
  4. Hamid Nourafchan -- 4,534,000
  5. Charlie Elias -- 4,370,000
  6. Wesley Ismay -- 4,200,000
There are 101 remaining in the field and they have just went to dinner break for the next 90 minutes.

8:35 PM -- Players have returned from dinner break to level 24 action which has the blinds at $15,000/$30,000 with a $4,000 ante.

9:01 PM -- Earlier at the ESPN featured table, J.C. Tran lost the balance of his chips to Dennis Phillips after Phillips managed to pair his 10 card verses the A 6 suited for Tran. He received a round of applause from the crowd and wished the players good luck before leaving.

Meanwhile at the table where Phil Ivey is seated, Ivey busts another player to put his stack at over 3 million (3,260,000 to be exact). In a hand with Hac Dang, both players go all-in and Dang turns over pocket Q's and Ivey pocket J's. Another Jack came on the flop and Ivey takes another step in the right direction.

9:34 PM -- Noah Boeken is railbound after he lost it all on the set of 10's made by Hung Pham. Noah finishes in 96th place. And Kasper Cordes who has been on fire had a tanker full of water dropped on him and is no longer in the tournament. On his final hand Cordes held A K to the set of 8's made by Scott Cook.

10:42 PM -- Kenny Tran is gone from the tables when the A 5 suited he held lost out to the pocket 8's of Joseph Cada. Cada now has over 2.5 million chips. Also the last level of the night will start after break. Level 25 will have blinds of $20,000/$40,000 with a $5,000 ante and last 120 minutes. The average stack is 2.4 million and player count is currently 82.

11:27 PM -- Darvin Moon has been building a lot of momentum as he now sits on 7.5 million chips. Moon won a mountain of them from Christopher Bach after Bach went all-in with pocket K's, only to meet the pocket A's of Moon. None of the dealt cards helped and Bach took the walk to the cashier's cage.

And also, Peter Eastgate unfortunately busted out of the Main Event. He was in a 3 way hand with Billy Kopp and Dennis Phillips preflop. After the cards were dealt, the heart flush made by Kopp ruled and Eastgate who performed very well finishes in 78th place. The top 6 players right now are:
  1. Darvin Moon -- 7,500,000
  2. Ludovic Lacay -- 6,100,000
  3. Antonio Esfandiari -- 5,600,000
  4. Antoine Saout -- 5,050,000
  5. Phil Ivey -- 5,000,000
  6. Billy Kopp -- 4,750,000
12:49 AM -- Bobby Law was taken out by Antonio Esfandiari when he made a lower straight than the Broadway straight Esfandiari ended up with. Matt Affleck lost a hand and the rest of his 870,000 chip stack after Nick Maimone squeaked by with his Queen kicker. Owen Crowe who played fantastically was sent to the cashier's cage via the rail after he lost a hand with Fernando Gordo who ended up with two pair (A's and K's) by the river.

Nichoel Peppe lost her bid to win a Main Event bracelet when her under the gun all-in move with J 4 suited met with the pocket A's of Adam York. Nichoel Peppe finishes in 75th place. With her gone there is only 1 woman left in the field, and her name is Leo Margets. And Phil Ivey continues his assault with a chip stack at 6.2 million to prove it. Right now there are 64 players left in the field.

1:27 AM -- The end of level 25 has been reached and the 64 remaining players will bag their chips, get some sleep and come back tomorrow to continue until 27 players are left.

NOTE: Our information was bad here as we said Christopher Bach was busted by Darvin Moon. Bach is in the top 50 and still in the game. We apologize.

Here are the top 50 in the field:

Day 6 Chip Leader Darvin Moon
Day 6 Chip Leader Darvin Moon

  1. Darvin Moon -- 9,745,000
  2. Billy Kopp -- 8,245,000
  3. Phil Ivey -- 6,345,000
  4. Steven Begleiter -- 6,315,000
  5. Lacay Ludovic -- 5,965,000
  6. Antonio Esfandiari -- 5,610,000
  7. Tommy Vedes -- 5,430,000
  8. Antoine Saout -- 5,195,000
  9. Ben Lamb -- 4,975,000
  10. Nick Maimone -- 4,900,000
  11. Hieu Luu -- 4,755,000
  12. Jeff Shulman -- 4,745,000
  13. Charlie Elias -- 4,190,000
  14. Jeff Duvall -- 3,935,000
  15. Joseph Cada -- 3,880,000
  16. Luis Nargentino -- 3,825,000
  17. Kevin Schaffel -- 3,685,000
  18. Leo Margets -- 3,650,000
  19. Adam York -- 3,515,000
  20. Marco Mattes -- 3,470,000
  21. Steve Sanders -- 3,360,000
  22. Jesse Haabak -- 3,345,000
  23. Adam Bilzerian -- 3,305,000
  24. Eugene Katchalov -- 3,300,000
  25. Miika Puumalainen -- 3,200,000
  26. Andrew Lichtenberger -- 3,190,000
  27. Scott Cook -- 3,095,000
  28. John Martin -- 3,080,000
  29. Fabrice Soulier -- 3,025,000
  30. George Saca -- 3,020,000
  31. Ryan Fair -- 2,940,000
  32. Marc Etienne McLaughlin -- 2,895,000
  33. Jamie Robbins -- 2,895,000
  34. Tom Schneider -- 2,895,000
  35. Jason Brice -- 2,825,000
  36. Christopher Bach -- 2,765,000
  37. Jonathan Tamayo -- 2,680,000
  38. George Caragiorgas -- 2,670,000
  39. Joseph Ward -- 2,575,000
  40. Eric Buchman -- 2,495,000
  41. Thai Tran -- 2,495,000
  42. Bradley Craig -- 2,445,000
  43. Dennis Phillips -- 2,305,000
  44. Blair Rodman -- 2,130,000
  45. Francois Balmigere -- 2,025,000
  46. Ian Tavelli -- 1,985,000
  47. James Calderaro -- 1,810,000
  48. James Akenhead -- 1,655,000
  49. Mark Ader -- 1,610,000
  50. Benjamin Jensen -- 1,553,000