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Bellagio Cup V WPT Season 8

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Bellagio Hotel and Casino
July 13 - 19, 2009

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Day 1A

The Bellagio Cup V tournament had a few players mosey on over for this tournament from the World Series of Poker. A total of 79 faces were at the tables. But this was not a tournament for so-so players, because Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Tilly, Erik Seidel, Chau Giang, Dan Shak, Todd Brunson and other top names could have been at your table and possibly made life rough for you. Unless you like paying $15,000 just so you can tell your friends who you hung out with.

Last year this event attracted 448 players, but some feel this year will be smaller after Day 1B is finished. Participants went at it for 5 levels and gone from this event were Barry Shulman, David Chiu, Shaun Deeb, Phil Laak and Ryan Hughes. Day 1B will begin at 12 noon.

  1. Alec Torrelli -- 306,675
  2. Andrew Cimpan -- 256,375
  3. Ray Taylor -- 181,150
  4. Jeremiah Vincent -- 175,450
  5. Adam Geyer -- 157,600
  6. Mike Mustafa -- 144,200
Day 1B

Another 188 players signed up to take part in a WPT Season 8 event that built a prize pool of $3,899,400! This made a total of 268 who will particpate, but only 27 will see any cash. Names in this tournament include Sam Farha, Justin Bonomo, Maasaki Kagawa and Michael Kamran. Here is the payout schedule for the final table:
  1. $1,187,670
  2. $774,780
  3. $464,870
  4. $271,165
  5. $203,285
  6. $164,640
Those who will not see any money for their high end entry fee are Doyle Brunson, Brock Parker, David Benyamine, Theo Tran, John Juanda and Steve Billirakis, because they busted out. Day 2 will begin tomorrow.
  1. Vijayan Nagarajan -- 256,775 chips
  2. Resvetou Patel -- 178,225 chips
  3. Josh Schlein -- 172,725
  4. Jamie Rosen -- 153,800
  5. Matt Graham -- 140,000
  6. Bertrand Grospellier -- 138,000
Day 2

Day 1A and 1B survivors met in the Fortana Lounge at the Bellagio for Day 2 action. Busted and railbound were Vitaly Lunkin, Brandon Cantu, Hevad Khan and Howard Lederer. More details will be posted as we get them.

In all there were 97 players that will see a seat at the tables for Day 3. Here are the top 6 players with chip counts:
  1. Alec Torrelli -- 590,200
  2. Vivek Rajkumar -- 494,400
  3. Ray Henson -- 387,900
  4. Adam Geyer -- 380,700
  5. Kevin Saul -- 366,400
  6. Men "The Master" Nguyen -- 258,000
Day 3

With not that many players and three days of event left, it will be interesting to see how tournament officials handle this situation. It still seemed that some Main Event anxiety was present as many all-ins took place with the short stacks even though some were not that short. But some big plays did happen. For one, Faraz Jaka cracked the pocket A's of another player to send him up over 1.8 million in chips. But then he hit quads twice to end up with over 3.2 million chips. Mike Watson who won this event last year was sent to the rail, so a repeat performance ain't happenin'. Anthony Spinella also earned his way to Day 4 with over a million chip to prove it.

Others who will see action tomorrow are Freddy Deeb, Hoyt Corkins, Alexander Kravchenko, Mimi Tran, Alexandre Gomes and Ray Henson. After five levels of play, there werea total of 31 that will go into Day 4. Here are the top 6:
  1. Faraz Jaka -- 3,214,000
  2. Anthony Spinella -- 1,249,000
  3. Ray Taylor -- 775,000
  4. Christopher Sonesson -- 717,000
  5. Pavel Reshetov -- 710,000
  6. Alec Torelli -- 703,000
Day 4

Action continued with a few players taking home some cash when the bubble was breached after the 28th bust occurred. Some who went away happier with cash include, Freddy Deeb in 26th place $23,245, Hoyt Corkins 23rd place $23,245, Claudio Baptista 12th place $46,485 and Kevin Saul 25th pocketing $23,245.

The field has been narrowed down to 10 players who will get together and eliminate four more in order to have the televised final table. Here are the top 6 with chip counts:
  1. Faraz Jaka -- 3,299,000
  2. Justin Smith -- 2,620,000
  3. Alec Torelli -- 1,919,000
  4. Erik Seidel -- 1,799,000
  5. Alexandre Gomes -- 1,713,000
  6. Ray Taylor -- 1,085,000
Day 5

Starting at noon, the round to determine who would make the televised final table began. In 10th place was Pavel Reshetov who went out on the first hand of play. Playing in a 4 way hand, Reshetov eventually lost to the 7 kicker of Alec Torelli. Next to go was Sam Stein in 9th and Ray Taylor in 8th on the same hand! Getting together for a 3 way hand with Faraz Jaka all-in preflop, Stein showed Q 9, Taylor had pocket K's and Jaka turned over A 9 of clubs. By the river Jaka had the other 3 clubs needed for a flush, ending up with a pile of chips around 4.7 million.

Last one out was Mimi Tran in 7th place. With blinds at 12,000/24,000 and a 3,000 ante, Tran pushed 386,000 chips to the middle with pocket J's and was called by Jaka with A Q. By the turn Jaka had two pair (A's and Q's) which was good enough to encourage Mimi to take a graceful exit. Here are the final table players:
  1. Faraz Jaka -- 5,041,000
  2. Justin Smith -- 2,992,000
  3. Alec Torelli -- 2,623,000
  4. Erik Seidel -- 2,170,000
  5. Christopher Sonesson -- 1,671,000
  6. Alexander Gomes -- 1,586,000
Day 6 Final Table

These players were very careful about how their hands were played. In fact, it took 4 hours before the first bust happened. Erik Seidel finished in 6th place after his King high flush draw lost to the pocket 9's of Justin Smith. Christopher Sonesson was the 5th place finisher when his all-in move with pocket 4's met up with the paired Queens of Alexander Gomes which he made by the river. Picking up a nice payout for a 4th place finish was Alec Torelli. The pocket 10's of Gomes held up to the river, sending Alec over to the cashier's cage. In 3rd place was Justin Smith, taking home $464,870 after losing to the pocket K's of Faraz Jaka.

The heads up began with Alexander Gomes having 8,375,000 chips and Faraz Jaka with 7,715,000 chips. After back and forth action for about 1 1/2 hours, the final hand came for the two warriors. Jaka moved in preflop with A 7 and was called by Gomes with A J. The board was a total blank with none of the cards dealt helping anyone. So Alexander Gomes can now go back to Brazil with a WSOP bracelet and a WPT championship title to his name!
  1. Alexander Gomes -- $1,187,670
  2. Faraz Jaka -- $774,780
  3. Justin Smith -- $464,870
  4. Alec Torelli -- $271,165
  5. Christopher Sonesson -- $203,285
  6. Erik Seidel -- $164,640

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