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Legends of Poker WPT Season 8

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The Bicycle Casino
August 22 - 26, 2009

All linked player names have free bios, courtesy of FullTiltPoker

Day 1
A smaller field than last year came out for this WPT event with 279 players paying the $10,000 entry fee. Last year in 2008, there were 373 that showed up to the tables. None of the former winners such as Mel Judah, Doyle Brunson, Dan Harrington and Joe Pelton came to this party. So with the smaller number the split of Day 1 did not take place. Legends of Poker will be played over five days instead of the planned six.

But top names were in the field such as Kathy Liebert, Carlos Mortensen, Ali Eslami, Michael Binger, Tim Phan, Nenad Medic, Jimmy Fricke, Daniel Negreanu, Vannesa Rousso, David Williams and Main Event final table players Kevin Schaffel and Steven Begleiter. All started with 30,000 in chips and will play 6 levels. Mortensen busted early as his chips seemed to just walk away from him. He lost the balance of his chips to the Ace high hand of his opponent. Following Mortensen was Joe Sebok who lost to a flush hand made on the river. Steven Begleiter took out Tim Phan with pocket Kings and finished the day with a run away amount of chips as chip leader. Here are the top 6 finishers:

  1. Steven Begleiter -- 235,275
  2. Alex Golshanara -- 135,025
  3. Tommy Vedes -- 124,725
  4. Eugene Katchalov -- 124,150
  5. Sam Stein -- 112,250
  6. Markus Gonsalves -- 108,600
Total amount of the prize pool reached $2,625,500 with money going to the top 27 finishers. Here are the final table payouts:
  1. $1,009,000
  2. $471,670
  3. $231,300
  4. $144,260
  5. $116,225
  6. $89,220
Day 2
Day 2 began with 183 survivors from yesterdays round of play. Alexander Gomes was busted in the first 30 minutes of action after losing a huge portion of his chips to the straight made by Josh Schlein. Sergei Veyster won a large pot from Jeff Madsen after making a royal flush of clubs. (Now that is what you want to do in a tournament!) The pace is pretty strong at the Bicycle today with players going out left and right. Prahlad Friedman won a number of sizable hands to end the day close to the chip leader. But the November Nine finalist Steven Begleiter once again rose to dominate the field, finishing the day as chip leader.

Joining the ranks of the fallen on Day 2 were Justin Scott, Chad Bautista, Matt Stout, Adam Junglen, Vanessa Rousso, Jonathan Aguiar, Danny Wong, Kenna James, David Pham, Freddy Deeb, Scott Clements, Jeff Madsen, Gavin Griffin, Nick Cassavantes, Mark Seif and David Oppenheim. In all, there were 74 survivors who will see a table seat on Day 3.
  1. Steven Begleiter -- 426,100
  2. Prahlad Friedman -- 382,700
  3. Thuy Doan -- 254,400
  4. Mike Krescanko -- 248,500
  5. Bryan Devonshire -- 230,200
  6. James Mackey -- 212,500
Day 3
Play got underway at 3:00 PM with blinds at 1000/2000 with a 300 ante. An early departure happened to Daniel Negreanu who lost his chips to Bryan Devonshire when Bryan made a larger full house than the one "Kid Poker" made. When the field reached 34 players, things slowed down considerably as the money is there only for the last 27 players. Scotty Nguyen missed the money in a bad way. Involved in a 3 way hand, Scotty went all-in with pocket Q's only to see the other two players call both with pocket A's! The other two players split the pot and Scotty split from the tournament baby! Todd Terry removed Bryan Devonshire from the field when he made the Ace high nut flush against the flush that Bryan ended up with.

The trail of the busted had these players on the side of the road on Day 3, Dwyte Pilgrim, Lee Markholt, Van Nguyen (wife of "The Master"), Greg Mueller, David Sands, Allen Kessler and Michael Kamran. Now Men "The Master" Nguyen busted in 28th place and was so angry that he heavily F-bombed the dealer in English and Vietnamese. The dealer called an official, but there was nothing that could be done seeing that Nguyen was already out of the tournament. There were 24 players left at the end of today's action. Come back to see who makes the WPT televised final table!
  1. Todd Terry -- 850,000
  2. Kevin Schaffel -- 728,000
  3. Steven Begleiter -- 617,000
  4. James Mackey -- 609,000
  5. Eugene Katchalov -- 592,000
  6. Bob Lauria -- 534,000
Day 4
A late notification came out that Steven Begleiter was given too many chips and will start the day at 527,000 in his stack. Action began at 3:00 PM with blinds at 4000/8000 and a 1000 ante. The first bust of the day found Richard Sciuto at the stinging end of the pocket A's belonging to Carter King. Richard walked away with $18,285 for a 24th place finish. At the next level having blinds of 5000/10,000 and a ante of 1000, Begleiter moved over the 1 million chip count when he dispatched David Demanski after Begleiter's pocket Queens held giving him 1.1 million after the win.

Begleiter's steam roller was halted in 9th place when lost to Todd Terry. The A Q suited of Terry held to the river and put a finish to a strong performance by a WSOP November Nine finisher. But Kevin Schaffel who also made the final table will be at this final table as chip leader. With noted players such as Prahlad Friedman, Mike Krescanko, Sam Stein and Toto Leonidas, this should be an exciting finale to watch.
  1. Kevin Schaffel -- 2,234,000
  2. Todd Terry -- 2,219,000
  3. Prahlad Friedman - 1,400,000
  4. Mike Krescanko -- 1,209,000
  5. Sam Stein -- 743,000
  6. Toto Leonidas -- 580,000
Day 5
Action picked up with just a few minutes left in level 21 having the blinds at 12,000/24,000 and a ante of 3000. On the first hand, Mike Krescanko took a hard hit to the stack from the A K of Sam Stein, which enabled Prahlad Friedman to send Mike to the rail in 6th place with pocket K's that turned into a set on the flop. Stein was next to go in 5th after meeting the full house of Kevin Schaffel (7's/2's). In 4th place was Toto Leonidas who put his chips to the middle on a flush draw that came on the flop against Friedman, but never completed. Todd Terry finished in 3rd after his pocket 4's lost to the two pair (Q's and K's) of Friedman. This put Friedman just under a monstrous 7 million chips.

With the blinds now at 50,000/100,000 and a 20,000 ante, heads up between November Nine player Kevin Schaffel and Prahlad Friedman would be an all out war. Kevin had 1,850,000 chips to the 6,605,000 of Prahlad. Kevin played carefully and doubled up to 3,900,000 in the next 30 minutes, but after a lengthy break it was over on the next and final hand. After a reraise by Prahlad, Kevin decided to move all-in preflop of which Prahlad called. Kevin revealed Kh Jc and Prahlad showed Ah Qs. The table showed 10c 3h 2h 4d 9h which allowed Prahlad to win the WPT title and become an instant millionaire by an Ace high hand.
  1. Prahlad Friedman -- $1,009,000
  2. Kevin Schaffel -- $471,670
  3. Todd Terry -- $231,300
  4. Toto Leonidas -- $144,260
  5. Sam Stein -- $116,225
  6. Mike Krescanko -- $89,220

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