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Festa Al Lago at the Bellagio WPT Season 8

Bellagio Cup V | Legends of Poker | Borgata Poker Open | Festa Al Lago
Foxwoods World Poker Finals | Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic
Beau Rivage Championships L.A. Poker Classic Bay 101 Shootout Star Championship
Hollywood Poker Open World Poker Tour Championships

Las Vegas, Nevada
October 20 to 26, 2009

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Day 1
Festa Al Lago tournament officials added a new twist to the start time, (players could sign up till the end of level 8), and there were still 244 on day 1 who came to the tables. Many thought just a few would trickle in for Day 1. In the field were Jennifer Tilly, Phil Laak, Chau Giang, Eugene Katchalov, Lee Markholt, Brandon Cantu, Nick Schulman, Scott Clements, Eli Elezra, David Chiu, Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier, Erik Seidel, Barry Shulman, J.J. Liu, Barry Greenstein, Hoyt Corkins, Kathy Liebert, Gavin Smith, Allen Cunningham and David Singer. And that just names a few of the top names here. Everyone started out with 60,000 in chips for 5 levels of play. All levels will last 90 minutes and blinds started out at 50/100.

Well with blinds being so low, not much happened especially with the late sign up time. Busting out were Daniel Negreanu, Robert Mizrachi, David Benyamine, David "Devilfish" Ulliott, Joe Sebok, Soheil Shamseddin, Justin Smith and Michael Mizrachi. At the end of the day there were 213 that will see a seat on Day 2. Here are the top 6 players with chip counts:

  1. Mike Matusow -- 224,200
  2. Mark Seif -- 222,425
  3. Jason Somerville -- 213,350
  4. Joseph Elpayaa -- 195,000
  5. Jason Lavalee -- 187,325
  6. Phil Laak -- 185,850
Day 2
When the money from all entrants was collected, the prize pool came to a whopping $4,001,250 that will go to the top 27 in the tournament. Busted on Day 2 were Howard Lederer who had his pocket J's beaten into the felt by a player with pocket K's, WSOP Europe Main Event champion Barry Shulman, Ted Lawson, Jennifer Harman, Hoyt Corkins, Allen Cunningham, Nick Shulman, Men "The Master' Nguyen and James Van Alstyne. Phil Hellmuth also went to the rail after his all in with A K was decimated by the pocket J's of player Dee Loung. Kenny Tran lost the balance of his chips to the full house (7's/2's) belonging to Steve Gross and was eliminated. John Juanda was busted after his flush hand with 7 6 spades was overcome by the higher flush belonging to Jason Somerville.

The signups did continue until level 8 as was stated yesterday, so we have a final table winners payout for you. More players were sent to the sidelines, but still in the game are Lee Markholt with 273,800 chips, Matthew Glantz with 251,500, Chau Giang 210,700, Eugene Katchalov 225,400, Mike Matusow 183,800, Freddy Deeb 144,800, Andy Bloch 112,200 and Todd Brunson with 105,900. There were 98 remaining in the field that will move on to Day 3. Here are the top 6 with chip counts:
  1. Jason Somerville -- 557,000
  2. Mark Seif -- 473,200
  3. Russell Boyd -- 453,800
  4. Chad Batista -- 425,000
  5. Corwin Cole -- 406,500
  6. Richard Sciuto -- 403,100
Final Table Payout information:
  1. $1,218,225
  2. $795,150
  3. $477,090
  4. $278,300
  5. $208,725
  6. $129,210
Day 3
Action began with blinds at 1200/2400 and a 400 ante for the 98 who made the Day 2 cut. Early busts included Todd Brunson, Justin Bonomo, Marco Johnson, Eugene Katchalov and Haralabos Voulgaris. Phil Ivey who was making a nice comeback, was beaten down badly by Kathy Liebert after she paired her 9 card. Ivey soon lost to a player who paired his 2 card and was eliminated from the tournament. Barry Greenstein was busted after seeing the full house (5's/3's) of James Mackey. Russell Rosenblum fell to the weight of quad 8's made by Jonas Entin. Entin soon afterwards took out Mike Matusow with a set of 7's.

Scott Clements was punished by the pocket A's of Freddy Deeb and soon left the tables. Adam Geyer had his pocket Q's lose to the paired Aces of Dee Luong. Also going to the sidelines were Hasan Habib, Dan O'Brian and Mikael Thuritz. At the end of the day there were 37 who will compete on Day 4. Included in the group are Lee Markholt with 273,500 chips, Chau Giang 293,500, Markus Gonsalves 187,500, Andy Bloch 320,500, Brandon Cantu 414,500 and Kido Pham 401,000. Here are the top 6 in this field:
  1. Corwin Cole -- 996,000
  2. Jonas Entin -- 985,500
  3. Jason Lavalee -- 833,500
  4. Dee Luong -- 771,500
  5. Mark Seif -- 759,000
  6. Jason Somerville -- 669,000
Day 4
Cliff Josephy was the first to go after his pocket Jacks were broken by the paired Aces of Kido Pham. Dan Shak also went out the hard way after his set of Kings were dominated by the Broadway straight of Tommy Vedes, vaulting Vedes over the 1 million mark in chips. Chau Giang busted on the bubble in 28th just missing the money as his all-in with A K was swept aside by the two pair (J's and 4's) belonging to Prahlad Friedman. Andy Bloch who paired his Queen card on the flop could not overcome the set of 10's made on the river by Jason Burt.

Then Mark Seif sent Brandon Cantu to the sidelines after his two pair (9's and 2's) stopped the desperate all-in move by Cantu with A 8 offsuit cold. And a very cute Dee Luong also had to leave her seat after her pocket 6's met the paired Aces of Jason Lavalee. At days end, there were 11 players left that will come back tomorrow, hoping for a seat at the televised final table.
  1. Jason Lavalee -- 4,063,000
  2. Freddy Deeb -- 2,319,000
  3. Shawn Cunix -- 2,189,000
  4. Kido Pham -- 1,500,000
  5. Tommy Vedes -- 1,437,000
  6. Jason Burt -- 1,194,000
Day 5
Larry Berg left in 11th place after meeting the Queen high flush of Tommy Vedes. Then Vedes eliminated Chris Bjorin in 10th with pocket Q's. Richard Sciuto finished in 9th when his all-in move with pocket 9's was called by pocket K's that held to the river belonging to Jason Lavalee. In 8th was Kido Pham who lost to the Queen kicker of Shawn Cunix. Then setting the final table was Aaron Jones in 7th place when he could not win against the pocket J's of Craig Crivello.

Here are the final table players:
  1. Tommy Vedes -- 2,990,000
  2. Jason Lavalee -- 2,045,000
  3. Craig Crivello -- 2,570,000
  4. Freddy Deeb -- 3,840,000
  5. Jason Burt -- 1,375,000
  6. Shawn Cunix -- 3,670,000
Final Table
Action began with blinds at 40,000/80,000 and a 5,000 ante. First to go in 6th place was Shawn Cunix courtesy of the flush hand made by Craig Crivello. Next in 5th was Jason Burt after losing to the paired Queens of Freddy Deeb. Then Deeb was dispatched in 4th, losing to the pocket 6's of Tommy Vedes. Claiming the cash for 3rd was Craig Crivello, when he could not win against the two pair (10's and 9's) belonging to Jason Lavalee.

Going into the heads up, Jason Lavalee has 7,300,000 in front of him and Tommy Vedes sits with 9,190,000 across on the other side of the table. Blinds are at 60,000/120,000 with a 10,000 ante. Lavalee managed to grind down the stack of Vedes, having him at 5.5 million at one point. But then Vedes managed to gain some ground. One huge hand which turned the tables in favor of Vedes came when Lavalee put Vedes all in with pocket 4's and Vedes called with pocket 5's. The 5's held up and Vedes was surrounded by over 14 million chips! The next hand saw a frustrated Lavalee move in with 8 6 of hearts and was called by the K Q suited of Vedes. Two more Queens on the turn and river sealed the WPT title for Tommy Vedes.
  1. Tommy Vedes -- $1,218,225
  2. Jason Lavalee -- $795,150
  3. Craig Crivello -- $477,090
  4. Freddy Deeb -- $278,300
  5. Jason Burt -- $208,725
  6. Shawn Cunix -- $129,210

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